ATN Introduces the X-Sight Night Sight and BinoX

I think it’s safe to say anyone who loves to shoot also enjoys night vision gear. The only problem up until now has been the sometimes prohibitive cost or if you could afford a night vision rifle scope or binoculars the quality was usually pretty bad and required auxiliary lighting.

These new products from ATN just changed that! With the new ATN consumer orientated BinoX and X-Sight most of us can afford to purchase a quality set of binoculars or a night vision scope without breaking the bank. Unlike the video I’ll tell you the MSRP for both. The BinoX runs just under $500 while the X-Sight runs right at $535. I won’t say that is cheap but compared to previous products available to consumers they certainly are reasonably priced especially considering the features of both products.

This video shows you some of the features and provides a general outline of both the rifle sight and binoculars.

When I received the email with information on both products and the attached movie I could hardly believe all of the features that come with both optics. Let me list a few for you.

1. Built in Wi-Fi which allows uploading to You Tube or a live view on your smartphone or IPad. All settings can be set from your phone or IPad. You can also get a live view on your device of exactly what the shooter is seeing.

2. Still photo as well as video capable.

3. Day or night vision option.

4. 9 reticles to choose from and set from the device or your phone/tablet.

5. Geo-Tagging your video and or shot.

6. Live compass reading.

7. Auto zoom on the rifle scope and binos.

8. GPS



Under the hood

Under the hood


The X-Sight comes in 3-12 and 5-18 power. The 5-18X does have an MSRP of $699. After you watch the videos I think you’ll agree these two night vision products are well worth the price.

ATN American Technologies Network

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Dogthecynic

    I wonder what the FOV on the binos are. I’ve actually been experimenting with NV stuff for astronomical purposes (you can adapt the NV stuff to fit into a telescope eyepiece), and it’d be fun to give these binos a run for that. Guess I’ll wait for some reviews to come out.

    • You shouldn’t have to wait long. I’ve ordered one of each for review:-)

      • Dogthecynic

        Well, if you get any astronomical viewing in the binos as well, I’d be much obliged :).

      • nova3930

        Can’t wait. Interested to see how this stacks up. The Digital NV I’ve played with prior has been lackluster in it’s performance.

  • Scotty

    What gen of NV is it? Does it project any light, or is it passive only? And what range is it supposedly good to?

    • RocketScientist

      It requires an IR illuminator. It is supplied with one, though most of the reviews I’ve read mention it is only good out to about 100-150 yds depending on ambient conditions, and reccomend getting a separate quality IR illuminator.

  • Annika R

    Hm now if we could get the X-sight without the wireless connectivity for, say, $100 less, that would be nifty.

  • Kevin Craig

    Is the listed zoom range optical, digital, or optical + digital?

    I ask, because 1080p isn’t really HD any more, especially if you lose resolution through digital zoom.

  • Hyok Kim

    Just checked, made in USA.

  • gunsandrockets

    That is one hell of a price. Verrrry interesting.

  • JP

    That is some seriously cool stuff!

  • jim

    Are these new, or a new generation? The title says “introduces” but it seems the xsight scope and binos have been on the market over a year?

  • fmike15

    I bought one last year and had to return it immediately. I couldn’t get it to focus. After a little research I found out none of them would focus and everyone had to return them. Maybe they have all been fixed now but that’s pretty lame quality control. Yes you need a LOT of IR light at night. This is one of those things you spend several hundred bucks on and later say, “I wish I had saved more and bought a real NVD.” I’m glad I was able to return mine, it’s just too gimmicky.

  • Ben Pottinger

    I’d say we are going to need 4k or better for true “glass-like” quality. I say that from experience with the Oculus Rift virtual reality stuff. When you put your eye right up against a screen you need very high resolution to no notice the individual pixels. Thankfully cell phones have pushed pixel display density way up recently so we should start seeing tech like that reasonably soon.

    The little non-NV features are really exciting uses of a digital scope in my opinion. The neat way zero the scope was awesome for example. Honestly the scope is only a few cheap sensors and a better CPU away from a trackingpoint style function. I suspect the tracking point style scopes will become vastly more common and cheaper very very soon.