Coonan Expands into .45 ACP Pistols


Coonan Inc., announced the company will start building 1911 pistols chambered for the traditional caliber: .45 ACP.

Coonan made its name in manufacturing 1911-style pistols chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge. When the .357 Magnum guns were re-introduced, they generated a fair amount of excitement by the shooting public. Since then, the company expanded the line to include a compact version of the pistol and a model with a compensated barrel.

The new .45 ACP handguns will feature “Coonan Difference Improvements” that consist of:

  • a linkless barrel
  • an external extractor
  • a pivoting trigger

The company states it has gone with these changes to increase accuracy and improve reliability in the platform. For example, Coonan states the linkless barrel reduces feeding problems while the external extractor improves both cycling and ejection.

The guns will have a 5″ barrel and smooth walnut grips. Standard sights will be Novak-style. These guns will not have an accessory rail. A single 7-round magazine will ship with each firearm.

The suggested retail price of these new pistols is expected to start at $1,375. Custom options will, of course, drive that price up. Among the options available are night sights, different grips and additional 7- and 8-round magazines.

The company is currently taking pre-orders on the pistols. The company is offering a $500 voucher for anyone jumping in early with a pre-order. The shipment is expected to start in the second quarter of 2016.

Richard Johnson

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  • M.M.D.C.

    I would have thought “expansion” implied 44 Magnum. Too crazy?

    • Burst

      LAR Grizzly didn’t think so. But then, they didn’t exactly make a mint on them.

  • Giolli Joker

    No 45WM, 460 Rowland?

  • Surf

    How about a 10mm, 10mm Magnum or even a .45 Winchester Magnum?

    • Anonymoose

      No .44 Mag?

    • 10mm Norma would be easy on the .45 ACP frame. The .357 Mag model would only need a new barrel and magazine for 10mm iAi Magnum. The breechface is close enough as is. Coonan had previously played with a rimless .41 Magnum wildcat, but never released it.

      I would be curious to know if a LAR Grizzly Mark I magazine would fit into a Coonan magazine well. Obviously it wouldn’t be long enough for the full size Coonan frame, but it might actually latch in the Compact variant. My worry is that there wouldn’t be enough mass in the barrel and slide to handle the .45 Win Mag.

      Anything with a rim or body fatter than the .45 Win Mag would be out of the question without modifying the frame and slide.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        I just checked. No, the LAR-mag does not fit into the Coonan. It is too long (front to back). The width is ok and even has a tad play. Also like you said, it is too short and wouldn´t latch anyway.

  • Joe

    Looks like the .460 is at a higher pressure than .357 (35,000 vs 40,000).
    If the extra 5000 PSI is within the design specs, I would have released it in .460 with backwards compatibility in 45 Super and 45 ACP.

    • Jwedel1231

      Now, that would have been a great idea!

    • Came here to say this. If it’s not a magnum it’s not a Coonan in my opinion.

    • Anon. E Maus

      .45 Super has the same dimensions as .45ACP, if they made the barrel to eat Super and then included a spring in the box for you to shoot .45 Super if that’s what you want, I think we’d be looking at a very nice package.

      I’ll say that the Coonan looks very slick with Novak style sights and a brushed steel finish.

  • Rog Uinta

    Idiotic. A 1911-“like” gun chambered in .357 Magnum actually brings something new to the party. A Coonan in .45 ACP brings only a bunch of parts incompatible with the VAST selection of 1911s out there.

    I predict this will die in short order, and Coonan’s business will suffer for it.

    • Vitsaus

      I think you’re correct here. They are going backwards rather than forwards. Jumping from a mostly successful niche into an overcrowded sea seems like some one is listening to the accounting department instead of R&D.

    • Jwedel1231

      I second your prediction.

    • Paul White

      are they not compatiable with other 1911 parts?

      • Cymond

        The linkless barrel, pivoting trigger, and external extractor all point to “incompatible”.

    • Swarf

      I’m agreed.

    • Anon. E Maus

      You’re probably right, there’s so many nice 1911 pistols out there to compete with, and yeah, this one has a lot of unique parts.

      This is just another .45, at the least it should be compatible with .45 Super or come with .460 parts

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    No 10mm? 🙁 I have a sad.

  • Don Ward

    I guess this is a low hanging fruit announcement. As others have said, we love you for your wild and crazy ways Coonan. Be yourself. Don’t try to imitate all of the other 1911 .45 acps.

    • BattleshipGrey

      My guess is that it’s a way to catch the “traditional” 1911 buyers to help fund normal operations providing arms for less traditional 1911 buyers. Making .357 mag 1911s and FAL receivers is awesome, but that really limits your market. I’m not surprised they’re branching out to the .45 acp.

      • Paul White

        If they weren’t 1k plus I’d love one of his .357 mags. but they are so not happening

        • BattleshipGrey

          Same here. I’ve wanted one for a long time, and then really wanted one when they introduced the CCW model. But there’s no way I can meet that price for a handgun. I barely met it for my AR.

        • Swarf

          Yup. I LOVE the idea and would love to have one, but not at that price.

          For Coonan money, I’ll buy three revolvers and just throw one at the bad guy while I’m drawing number two.

      • Don Ward

        You are most undoubtedly right.

      • Cynic

        Means they can do things like 45 super and 460 Rowland off the 45 frame and slide also.

        Maybe one day il have my he’ll sing 1911 in 454cas

  • livingonenergydrinks

    Let me know when they come out with an 1911 that shots 50AE or 500SW.

    • Nashvone

      I hope you’re quick enough to dodge the pieces of the slide coming back at you.

    • Anon. E Maus

      I think LAR made something based on the 1911 (but way built up) that fed .50AE
      But I doubt you could realistically fit .500S&W in a 1911 size gun without some kind of gas system.

  • gunsandrockets

    Interesting. But how about one chambered in 9x23mm Winchester as well?

    I like the frame of the 1911 because it fits my hand so well. I imagine the .357 Coonan would be a bit of a stretch for me (the price even more so!).

    I like that Coonan is not afraid to tamper with 1911 fundamentals. But why not go even farther? Like eliminating the grip safety? And adding a captive recoil spring and takedown lever? Or is that too much for the market they are trying for?

  • Cal.Bar

    I have to concur with everyone else here. The ONLY reason any of us care about Coonan is because they were DIFFERENT – or at least fired different calibers. Why jump into the pond with literally DOZENS of already established competitors? I’s jump on a .45 Win Mag Coonan much sooner than ANOTHER .45 ACP.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      It is a different design though. East-German manufacturer Peters Stahl made linkless designs way back, and those were great handguns. I just hope Coonan really pays attention to details and that the fit is tight.

  • Burst

    Full length dustcover, and ducktail safety gets massive ups from me.

    I already like it better than 9/10 of 1911s.

  • greasyjohn

    Jeez, everybody’s shooting for the moon, I’d just take a .38 Super.

  • INFI


  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Kinda cool with a linkless barrel 1911. Remember Peters Stahl?

    I´d rather see Coonan release a .44 magnum though.

  • DW

    Dear Coonan:
    we expected your .45 1911 to be at least a .45 Win Mag., Not a .45ACP Hi-Power with 1911 controls and styling.

  • Y K

    Coona’s are nice, but the only reason to buy a Coonan is for the .357 caliber