New Leapers UTG Optic

Not everyone can afford to spend $500 on optics.  Fortunately, for those in search of lower priced reflex sights, there is a plethora to choose from.  The challenge is sorting out the quality gear in this expansive category.

Love them or hate them, UTG optics seem to be popular with people looking for functional products at affordable prices.  If history is an indicator, the company’s newest TD series of 1X sights should sell well.

Leapers sights

The UTG TD series affords shooters two, parallax free sight pictures to choose from: a T-Dot reticle (TDQ Model) and a single 4 MOA dot reticle (SDQ Model).  Both models offer selectable red and green reticles to allow for maximum visibility in a variety of conditions.

Based on UTG’s 38mm objective chassis, the TD series features integral sunshades front and rear.  Adjustments are made easy with premium locking turrets and a quick disconnect lever allows users to adjust game plans on the fly.

Leapers/UTG offers a wide range of gun accessories including stocks, lasers, lights and optics. Earlier this year, Leapers introduced a new handgun scope suitable for hunting. The company also brought out an interesting rifle stock called the Pro S2 Recon. The stock has an attractive look and a reasonable price.

Richard Johnson

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  • Chriss Kyle

    Where’s it made?

    • thedonn007

      With a MSRP of $75, I am sure that it is made in China, along with the rest of these type of optics in the same price range.

  • Griz

    I will be honest, I have never used UTG, Sun Optics, or sight mark. I have a Bushnell TRS25, and a Vortex strike fire. I paid less than double for the vortex and I think it is worth 5x the Bushnell. The Vortex’s warranty makes it worth the extra $75.

    I hope anyone that buys these has good luck with them.

  • Cal S.

    I can’t even…

    At least it’s that cheap, but I just gotta ask why it has to be so friggin’ huge?!

  • nobody

    As someone who used UTG and NCstar scopes when I first go into shooting, you’re be better off with iron sights than dealing with that garbage.

  • Vitsaus

    Nearly anyone can afford quality optics, its just a question of how long a person is willing to wait, and save for it. Quality optics are investments, treat them like that and you’ll learn patience.

    • Phil Hsueh

      But not everyone really needs $500 optics, most of are only going to take their guns out to the range for a little plinking and not going out to the deserts of Nowhereistan to take members of Isis, or even anything close to that. For most people, saving or not, your Tier 1 SpecOps unit optic is just way overkill and the money save on a lower cost optic could be used for other things like more ammo.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        How dare you suggest that somebody might not need something they saw in a movie once. Youre going to tank the entire AR-15 market.

        • ruinator

          In a movie….or a video game

        • Squirreltakular

          I mean, to be fair, everyone should have a quality fighting rifle with a good optic, even if they never use it.

          • BrandonAKsALot

            My rifle only fights me when we’ve been drinking. Why would I want to give it the upper hand by letting it have a nice optic?

      • Dan

        Well said. If all you all your intended purpose is range time or occasionally going out to hunt then there just isn’t a need to break the bank for optics. If you have a heavy recoiling gun or plan to use it for anything more then start saving your pennies. My AR wears a strike fire. My .338LM and 50bmg wear nightforce. All about intended use.

      • USMC03Vet

        Bro, you don’t even know how many fictional gun fights and counter-terror plots I’ve lost because I don’t have a Trijicon RMR on my conceal carry piece.


        • TheNotoriousIUD

          I saw some terror going down the other day and didn’t even bother because all I had was a carry handle M4 with an old colt 3x scope.

    • Cal S.

      “Quality optics” like Eotech, for instance? Even amongst over-priced optics, quality and overall goodness of product aren’t necessarily a given. I happily operate a Strikefire II. I’ve put it through the ringer and it’s still trucking along.

      I’ve been around too long to judge quality by price. I mean, for real, just look at your average Apple product.

    • Todd

      But Marge! I need…. estrogen.

    • Edeco

      Yeah, but I mean, money is fungible. And ACOGs are pretty funging expensive.

  • Lance

    1x too bad. Would have looked good as a 4x optic though.

  • MacGyver

    I have a TRS-25 for the money I paid, this is by far the best cheapie Optic I have ever owned. I like to think that the Chinese people that made my TRS were better feed that day and on the first hour of a days labor the day they assemble it together.God bless there souls.may one day they will bring down the commies.

  • ClintTorres

    I think it’s all about expectations. For the price range of an UTG, I only expect it to light up and hold zero(and perhaps only temporarily). The one I have on one of my AR does both of these things so I’m satisfied.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I consider UTG only a slight step up from NCstar and I had an NCstar red dot break on an air soft gun long ago. From use. On air soft.

  • Treyh007

    Not something I would use but I understand people that would buy this! The fact is there is a huge market for this type/category of optic, most people don’t spend $200-$1200 on optics, they just want something that works and looks “tacticool”! They go to the range every now and then and they are happy with their $100 optic. I was that way when I first got into AR’s and AK’s.