Full Auto Glock vs. Ballistics Gel

In his latest video, Andrew at GY6vids fires a Glock 17C (compensated Glock 17), which has been converted to a fully automatic machine gun, at a torso shaped block of ballistic gel. By the looks of things, he gets all 30 rounds on target.

I have to admire Andrew’s machine pistol skills. The last time I shot one, an original Glock 18C belonging to GLOCK USA,  I was all over the place to the point where I would have done far more damage in regular semi-auto against any adversary smaller than a barn door than I would have done on “fun mode”. There is no substitute for training and I plan on getting Alex C., our machine gun expert, to give me some lessons soon on how to shoot machine pistols.

I can guarantee you that for the next six months after posting this, I am going to get emails from people asking how to convert their Glock 17 into a machine gun. This happens Every. Single. Time. after writing blog post about fully automatic Glocks.

The emails usually start with “I know it’s illegal but….”. Hilariously, they often use their work email address. I don’t know what a middle manager of a Malaysian engineering firm plans to do with an illegal Glock 17 machine gun, or why he thinks it makes for a better gun than a semi-automatic version.

Steve Johnson

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  • Steve

    From that distance, I’d hope he got all shots on target.

  • Tassiebush

    Interesting observations about full auto glocks vs a semi. It’s an interesting question of what size platform is it that full auto has a practical benefit and when is that best used?

    • Bill

      The size of platform that comes with a bipod, tripod or pintle mount 😉

    • The Stetchkin is a pretty useful machine pistol due to it’s lower recoiling 9×18 ammo and internal rate reducer that keeps it down to 700 rpm, vs the 1000+ of the G18.

      I think a modern Stetchkin in 5.7×28, designed for 3 round bursts, with a 21 round magazine would be very handy.

      Other than that though you have to move up to PDW’s like the PP-2000, B&T MP9, or MP7 before full auto becomes controllable and useful.

      • Ed Forney

        Lower recoil in a 9×18? My little Mak kicks much harder that my Glock 17

        • Steve Truffer

          The mak is straight blowback. The Stechkin had a few recoil-reducing features, among them its overall weight, heavier slide, buffer, and something else I’m forgetting.

          • Ed Forney

            The first time I put 25 rounds through it, the web of my hand was bleeding. Wear gloves now.

        • Likely due to the polymer frame absorbing/cushioning recoil, and by virtue of the Mak being a smaller pistol that’s inherently less comfortable to fire.

          I’ve never fired one, but the Stetchkin is considered one of the most controllable machine pistols ever produced.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    So, how do I convert my Glock?

    • Giolli Joker

      You can contact an Imam.
      Surely circumcision will be required.

      • Martin Grønsdal

        I’d prefer my rabbi:)

    • JK

      Let’s see… lamb’s blood… candles… incense…

  • claymore

    Well somebody in the US G liked them enough to give them to Case officers in our intelligence agency. They were issued with a holster for the skimpy stock that was issued with them a shoulder rig that had the stock and extra mags on one side and the pistol on the other.

    One thing full auto fire in a handgun is good for is breaking an ambush of protected dignitaries then run like hell.

    The one obvious reason he hits what he is aiming at is what I have been recommending. A VERY aggressive forward lean that puts your body weight forward of the pivot point of your body

    Almost like you are falling forward and the only thing holding you up is the firearm’s recoil. Your body forward of your knees.

    • Bill

      I didn’t know that. Typically I’ve seen GLOCK 19s, Makarovs for NOCs and whatever was ubiquitous for their AOR, the original Skorpion or Krinkov being examples. I confident it’s better for their DA people, but the average IC drone got next to no weapons training, at least prior to 9/11.

      The 18 I fired was essentially useless as a fighting tool. It would have benefitted from a slower cyclic rate and a fore grip like the Beretta 93R or even an add-on, but I’m not sure that the 18 I shot had rails. It was definitely fun though, and with a normal capacity mag I could see keeping every round in a reasonable area, with the fun stick, not so much. Maybe this is where a pistol compensator would be useful.

      You are spot on about that aggressive lean – that’s how competent subgunners get 30 rounds in one ragged hole.

      • Miguel Raton

        Proper application isn’t by draining the magazine. Short bursts. Tap the trigger [3rds or so downfield], reacquire target, tap, reacquire, rinse-lather-repeat.

  • Matrix3692

    As a Malaysian, I read the article until the last paragraph and……

    ……what did you just say?

    • JK

      He doesn’t know what one of your middle managers plans to do with a full auto Glock. From the looks of the ATF letter, it’s a modification to the rear slide cover.

      • JK

        For the record, I plan to shoot up some surplus Halloween pumpkins.

  • Captain Obvious

    Full auto Glocks are good for massed Zombie attacks.

    • Jwedel1231

      No, they are the worst.

    • Zebra Dun

      I’m thinking something in .30 cal. rifle power, water cooled in a belt fed on a tripod aimed at the knee levels would be the best weapon.
      The zombies cannot walk without legs.
      They cannot chase you very fast while crawling.
      No I have never faced a zombie mass attack.

      • MR

        Though I think you would have trouble running very fast with a water cooled setup. Maybe vehicle mounted, or a fortified, fixed position. Slow them down with the beltfed, then finish them off with a semi auto.

        • Zebra Dun

          Manila John Basilone picked up his water cooled Browning and laid waste to a lot of Japanese one hot steamy night on Guadalcanal.
          I know not many of us are of the caliber and fighting ability of Manila John though.
          OOHHRRAAaaa! Your comment did motivate the hell out of me though!

  • BattleshipGrey

    Full auto debate aside, I was surprised how little penetration those rounds had. I’m not convinced the FBI 12″ is always the magic number, but typically most SD rounds boast that they can match it these days.

    • gunsandrockets

      looks like some special no-lead lightweight copper bullet. A lightweight pill like that would also help a lot in controlling the burst from a full-auto Glock.

  • iksnilol

    Can he do that again just with a vest over the torso?

    Pretty please?

    • Zebra Dun

      And Denim! don’t forget the denim!

      • iksnilol

        Do people wear denim vests as well? I thought that died in the 80’s or 90’s?

        But sure, I am interested in seeing how much the torso would be deformed in spite of the bullets being stopped.

        • Zebra Dun

          At one time denim was used to cover ballistic gel to mimic clothing since many Hollow Points of the era would clog up on denim and not expand,turning into a FMJ basically. Realist would state shooting naked gelatin was the same as shooting a nude person.
          It was used to test whether whizz bang new Hollow point would work on a clothed person as well as it did on a naked one.

          Before the cry was to shoot into a denim clothed gel torso, Now days the cry is to shoot into body armor just to make it more real.

          I was just being sarcastic really LOL but the denim scenario was true.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I dont give a sh-t if its useful or not I want one.

  • Dylan

    Is the Glock 18 still even made? Most of the full-auto Glocks we see here in the U.S. are always converted. But I can understand that even for those who have the SOT it can be a pain to get a actual Glock 18 than just converting a Glock 17.

    • AR-PRO

      I run into used G18s once in a while, some are reasonably priced for post 86 dealer samples, others are so overpriced is not worth considering. But they are still out there.

  • James

    I’m sort of at odds with this video… on the one hand there’s a bad ass full auto Glock, but on the other hand they mention G2 “research” ammo. (which is overpriced gimmicky bullshit)

    All in all the slow motion G17 in full auto was pretty cool.

  • AR-PRO

    Interesting video. I own a converted G19 and no problem controlling it. Yes I am an 02 SOT and yes, the pistol is legal. I’ve been toying with the idea of converting a G17L, I think now I will just to make a comparison.

  • BigFED

    “… plans to do with an illegal Glock 17 machine gun…” Nit picking = Some of those folks asking may have enough “juice” AND money to get/own one of these. AND, It may NOT be illegal where some of those folks live! AND, it is a SUB-machine pistol, not a machine gun.

    The only thing that keeps anyone in the USA from having one is the “Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986” signed by then POTUS Reagan that changed the rules on the transfer of certain weapons to civilian ownership.

    • JK

      If the e-mail starts, “I know this is illegal, but…”, then the person asking probably doesn’t have the juice, money, or pull to legally get/own one of these, and at least “common knowledge” would place them in the illegal category.

      • JK

        And the ATF has jurisdiction where Mr. Johnson resides most of the time, and they call it a “machine gun”. Elsewhere it could be classified as “unicorn farts”, for all I care, here it’s legally classified as a “machine gun”.

  • Zebra Dun

    Where there is a need there is a tool.
    Where there is a tool there are those who seek to wield it.
    This tool is specialist for a special tactical situation.
    Like a ball peen hammer it would work to drive nails but it is not the tool suited to the purpose.

    And Vice Versus.
    Yes I have no need but….I want one.

  • Craig Chambers

    So where did you get yours? You can own full auto firearms, but it has to be registered and pay around $200 a year to keep it. Plus anytime you leave your home with it, you have to let police or maybe it is the FBI, where you are going with it.