Two Barrels, One Pistol: Arsenal AF2011 Double 1911 vs. Flatscreen TV (and Review)

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the Arsenal AF2011 Double 1911. Sure, it’s a novelty, but is it worth the $6,000 price tag?  The Arsenal AF2011 can be purchased from Arsenal’s exclusive importer, Sooner State Arsenal, at

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(peppy music) (static) – What the f*ck man.

Come on.

(gunshots) (slow motion gunshots) Now, that’s what I call must see TV.

(laughs) Do you have infinity dollars? Are you a drug kingpin? Would you drive a Lamborghini school bus? Could you afford a Lamborghini school bus? Do you have $6,000, and do you want to spend it on two guns welded into one gun? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I’ve got the gun for you.

The Arsenal Double 1911.

That’s right, I’m reviewing the Arsenal Double 1911 for TFB.TV.

It sounds like I’m making fun of it, but it’s actually a pretty cool gun.

Now granted, I’m gonna say this moving forward, so we just get it out of the way, there is literally no practical purpose whatsoever for this gun.

This is a gun you buy for fun.

This is a gun that costs $6,000.

This is a gun where if you want to shoot something cool, hey, it really is cool to shoot, but for guys like you and I, we’re probably not going to be able to afford it.

Relax, watch the video, enjoy it, don’t forget to subscribe.

Arsenal’s Double 1911 is formally designated the AF2011-A1 double barrel pistol.

Arsenal claims this came about after Swiss armor Vivian Mueller put together two SIG P210’s about ten years ago.

Arsenal said, inspired by this feat, on the 100th anniversary of the 1911, decided to make the 2011.

They claim that this is a true industrial market ready double barrel.45 caliber pistol that they assembled in only six months after what they call intense round the clock 3D designing, modeling, and machining.

Now, whether or not a $6,000 gun is actually a market ready pistol, is up for debate, however, one thing that’s not up for debate is the fact that this double 1911 actually works as described.

In any case, they claim that it’s very pleasing, accurate, and great fun.

There’s no question that it’s a relatively accurate gun, it’s got a great trigger, and it is great fun.

Now whether or not it’s pleasing is also questionable because recoil is pretty severe from this gun.

– [Mark] Jeez! – [James] Yeah.

– [Mark] That kicks.

– [James] Yeah, no shit.

– [Mark] Ah, it knocked my contact out.

– [James] (laughs) Knocked your contact out? – My contact flew out.

– [James] (laughs) – All right, I think we’re back in.

(gunshots) – [James] Arsenal goes on to promote, the what they call tremendous stopping power of the AF 2011.

Going out of their way to point out that two bullets is a total of 460 grains impacting one to two inches apart, while the entire payload of 18 bullets exceeds 4,000 grains.

This is interesting because I cannot conceive of a situation where somebody is going to be using the Arsenal 2011 in a self-defense situation, but hey, it’s fun to think about, isn’t it? As to the technical specs, they say this is a geometric lock semiautomatic double barrel pistol.

It’s got a short recoil 1911 action and they make it in.45 ACP and.38 super auto.

And yes, while the AF 2011 does have two triggers, pulling one trigger is sufficient to discharge both barrels as the gun has a single hammer that hits both firing pins.

That said, the trigger’s excellent, just as you’d expect from any high-end 1911.

As you can see, you basically have two 1911 magazines put together, and you load them alternatively.

I believe you.

Hold on, action on.

I have had problems today with the last round, the last round out of these magazines failing to feed.

Oh, it f*cking jammed dude.

– [Mark] I thought it was empty.

– [James] And as you can imagine that can be kind of disastrous if you need to clear them, I mean it’s almost funny to even talk about this gun in the hypothetical defense situation because I would certainly hope nobody would rely on this as a self-defense gun.

I’m also finding that if you do need to clear a malfunction, it is very difficult because you’re basically trying to clear two guns at the same time.

On, don’t mess with it, don’t mess with it dude.

One more time will you make sure I’m in this shot and that one? Before I shoot.

– [Mark] They should really make one of these with tons of rounds.

– It does, but please, can you just f*cking tell me if I’m in the shot? – [Mark] Yes.

– And what about this one over here? – [Mark] Ah, that’s a picture.

Oh, no it’s not, you just have a weird f*cking look on your face.

– Am I in the shot? – [Mark] Yeah, you’re in the shot.

– Okay. That’s a picture.

(gunshots) Hold on.


– [Mark] You gotta yell like action or something.

You didn’t yell action, I don’t know.

– It’s been action.

Action has been happening.

– [Mark] You didn’t say action.

– [James] I did try to fire the AF 2011 with only one round chambered, and as you would imagine, of course, it didn’t even extract the round.

That of course is a positive sign because had the 2011 actually extracted the round, then that means that the recoil compensation system for the AF 2011, would be awfully light.

The sights are interchangeable, and they come in fixed and adjustable versions, and this all steel monster weighs just a hair over four pounds, unloaded.


As you saw, the Arsenal 1911 comes in this fancy aluminum locked case that’s velvet lined.

Very appropriate if you’re going to be dropping this kind of cheese on a double 1911.

And unsurprisingly, the recoil is a little bit harder on this 1911 because you are kinda shooting two guns at once.

While there’s a substantial amount of weight behind this 1911, or these 1911’s? Is that how you say it, I dunno.

While there’s… they’re weighty, it still doesn’t do much to sap up the recoil.

There is quite a bit of kick, and what I found is taking a grip instead of, instead of trying to get a full grip under that tang get as much thumb as you can underneath it and then thumb on top of thumb, but you can see and I definitely flinched too, I’m gonna own up to that, but you can definitely tell, a little red on the hand.

Now this obviously isn’t made for tournament shooting, it’s not made to concealed carry, that would be awesome, it’s not made for hunting, it’s not made for really any other purpose except novelty.

And chances are if you’re looking at this and you wanna buy this, you know what you’re getting into.

This is a novelty gun.

I checked the web, tried to find a few of these for sale and it looked like they’re going for around just shy of six grand for the blued version as I’m shooting here today.

So they’re definitely pricey and you need some cash to blow if you’re going to go double 1911.

As far as the trigger goes the trigger’s pretty good.

The triggers, one of the questions that I get asked the most about this gun, is, you know, what happens when…

how do the triggers work? Are you firing one barrel at a time? Do you need to pull both the triggers at the same time? And that’s not the case.

All you need to do is pull one of the triggers.

One of the triggers will trip the other trigger, and it’s a pretty light trigger pull.

For a 1911 it’s heavier than usual, but that said, we’re still talking, I mean three, four pounds.

It’s still pretty light, and that’s for both triggers.

As I referred to earlier, I found the best approach when you’re shooting this double 1911 is to, I’m right handed, stick to the right trigger, just pull the right trigger, and just shoot it as if you’re shooting a normal gun.

Don’t try to get, don’t get too little hand behind that grip.

Don’t try to get both of those triggers, you’ll probably end up hurting yourself.

Just pulling one trigger is sufficient, and you can even see the hammer is one piece.

So to conclude my review of the AF 2011, first a big thank you to Sooner State Arsenal for sending me one to review.

This is an expensive gun, they let me have it for a long time, I really appreciate it guys.

And if any of you are looking for one of these, I’m going to put Sooner State Arsenal’s contact information in the description of the video so you can get one from them.

So vis-a-vis the gun, why would you want to get one of these? Now, like I’ve said in the video, this isn’t made to appeal to the masses, this isn’t a concealed carry gun, it’s not something you keep in your truck, this is for you guys, you Desert Eagle collectors, you people who want something really fun, really unique, maybe a little flashy, this is right up your alley if you’re not worried about spending a few grand to get it.

All that said, for the concept, I mean this is a double 1911, for the concept it’s pretty well executed.

We did have problems occasionally feeding the last round in the magazine, but that seems like a magazine issue rather than a gun issue.

And that might be something that’s easily fixed, but I don’t know.

Since you’re not going to be using this for self-defense, it seems like that last round reliability isn’t of upmost importance.

You’re probably buying this for your collection or just for fun.

And I know a lot of you guys are going to be ragging on this gun in the comments, but this gun isn’t for everybody.

For those of you looking for something fun, something unique, something out of the ordinary, and you got six G’s to blow, I think you’ll be happy with it.

Thanks again for watching guys, I really appreciate it.

Don’t forget to subscribe.

See you next time.

And I know since some of you guys are probably curious, here’s what the back of that TV looks like after shooting it with.45 ball ammunition.

Not necessarily the cleanest exits, but your.45 definitely has enough oomph to get through a TV, then some.

As you can see though, not all the.45 actually made it all the way through the TV.

There are quite a few divots, and I’m sure there are some.45 slugs rattling around inside that TV right now.


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  • Martin Grønsdal

    is this a machinegun, in ATF eyes?

    • Robert Powell

      If I remember correctly, that very question held its release to market a few months. It seems to have been determined that it was not a machine gun since there are two triggers, two sears, etc.

  • The Bellman

    2x.45? More stopping power than the Highway Patrol!

    • smitty26

      Have seen a video of a double 1911 more than six months ago on you tube.
      The shooter was that guy Jerry the fast shooter.
      So nothing new ..

  • ostiariusalpha

    Wow, Mark, this was quite possibly the most entertaining review video you’ve ever done. Kudos, man. It really was the perfect, relaxed tone this gun called for, and your delivery was spot on. I almost want to buy this thing(s), you made it look like a real goofy/charming fun gun. I won’t dock you any points for not showing how much work it might be for general disassembly and maintenance of the gun, I almost didn’t notice you left that out.

    • Nashvone

      I’ve wondered about the disassembly since I saw the first picture of one. I have yet to see a video of someone even try to take one apart.

    • James R.

      Thanks, man! To be honest, I didn’t want to disassemble this one because it seemed pretty complicated (obviously) and the vid was already running long. The last thing I wanted to do was break down a $6k gun and not be able to get it back together, anyways. Glad you liked the vid.

  • wetcorps

    Now someone just needs to do the same with .50 AE Desert Eagles.

    Good review as usual, keep them coming 🙂

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      You mean the .50 AE, 14-inch barrel one, right?

      At least Arsenal contributes to the global shooting community by showing off something FUN, not necessarily “tactical”. Crossing my fingers for more outrageous ideas like this!

  • That was a very fun and satisfying review.

    • James R.

      Thanks, Mark!

  • Cattoo

    I’ll wait for a .22lr NAA auto version for like $350 because that’ll happen well before I’ll have the minimum 6 large needed for that bad boy.

  • Cattoo

    Cool video and I was thinking the impacts would be side by side kinda horizontal like but it seemed to put one higher than the other. Perhaps his hold or hand squeeze due to it being a larger grip area and his finger tip pressing only the right side of the trigger. Love the slo-mo impacts.

  • Don Ward

    Watched Spectre this evening and the baddie henchman was armed with this atrocity. I suspect it won’t be the last time this abortion of a handgun is portrayed in a feature length film. Lookout Desert Eagle. The Arsenal Double 1911 is coming for ya!

    • James R.

      I 100% agree that this is going to be in a LOT of movies.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      But why stop there? Desert Eagle in one hand, and Desert Eagle in the other! F*ck it, let´s make them both run full auto 😛

      Gotta give it to Arsenal, at least they are honest about the (lack of) purpose of this gun…

    • gregge

      Would be be perfect for extra large guys like Pitt and Franks to use in Monster Hunter International. Take down the unnatural and the undead twice as quickly by delivering two .45 silver slugs per shot. 🙂

  • TJbrena

    Excellent video, had me smiling throughout and chuckling a few times. I like some showmanship to go along with my reviews, so long as they don’t hurt the actual review.

    I’m glad you mentioned the Desert Eagle, because the AF2011 seems like it might end up being be the Deagle’s spiritual successor. And I’m not just saying that because I think it’d be fun to use in my vidya gaems.

    It defies the current trend of ergonomics, rails, accuracy, and general “tactical” features. In doing that, it rejects the association with the MIL/LEO communities in general that lots of companies have leveraged to sell guns. I’m not just talking about military SOF (CAG, SAS, GROM) and the more tactical LEO units either. The ubiquity of Glocks, SIGs, H&Ks, S&W M&Ps and Beretta 92s in service with regular police officers and military personnel worldwide has probably helped their brands as much if not more than an elite unit adopting them, because they’re more visible and imply practical as much as tactical. The AF2011 implies neither, bucking the current trend.

    In the same way, the Desert Eagle defied the trend towards lighter and higher capacity automatics (wondernines especially) that took off in the late-70s, 80s and 90s. Both the Deagle and the 2011 are heavy, high-recoil, not too accurate, not too reliable, expensive, powerful, and overall impractical.

    Deagles became famous because of their ubiquity in movies and video games. The 2011 could be the same.

    • James R.

      Thanks a lot! Great analysis, I totally agree with you, word for word.

    • iksnilol

      The Deagle seems accurate to me, good scope mounting options and fixed barrel. How easy it is to shoot is another matter entirely.

  • Devil_Doc

    Hey James.. I’m curious if you’re aware that you can buy shirts in adult male sizes? Great video though, best I’ve seen in a while. 🙂

    • James R.

      What? I buy the ones that are size ‘M’ for ‘male’. Not the ones that are size ‘L’ for ‘lady’ or ‘S’ for ‘senior.’ Not my fault that they make ‘extra-senior’ (XS) and ‘extra-lady’ (XL) sizes, but no ‘extra-male.’ Kind of weird if you ask me. Between us, I have worn a size Lady before and it seemed bigger than the size Male.

  • Patrick M.

    If you have that kind of money to throw around on a toy then why not? Definitely a really unique and cool piece

  • Giolli Joker

    Cool video!
    Informative and fun!
    (I just don’t get the tag “Russia” for an Italian gun)

  • Dan Atwater

    Wtf were you watching on that TV? Weirdo.

    Btw one of the best youtube gun reviews I’ve seen lately, keep it up

  • Nashvone

    Thanks. I was wondering about the bushings.

  • gregge

    It can be very accurate. Watch closely and you’ll see the second pair of shots went precisely into the holes made by the first.