PSA: Choose Competent Firearm Instructors

Recently some of my firearm instructor friends have been sharing this group’s information as an example of what not to do. The group is called Voda Consulting and some of their methods of teaching are irresponsible and dangerous.

In the video below, he is instructing his clients to pull a gun and point it into someone’s chest and “blow them away” because they are going to rob them.


Lets set aside how that is not good advice and just focus on the fact that they are both holding real guns and pointing it at each other. The instructor points his gun into the student’s chest. When questioned about this and why not use blue guns, Voda consulting responded that they “do not play with toys and that they shoot people not just poke holes in paper.”


Voda 1


Here is a promotional video of the instructor demonstrating his so called “skill”. Not sure why he is wearing an elevation mask. It would make more sense if he was wearing a mask to filter out the lead in the air. Also the excess search and assess is a bit much.


There are a lot of firearm instructors out there and a lot of information. You should look into their credentials. If they break the firearm safety rules on purpose, you should question their teachings. There are many resources to find good instructors. The NRA has a website just for NRA Instructors and you can find NRA Certified instructors.

Nicholas C

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  • nooky

    at 0:40 you can see the guy getting his hand right in front of the barrel after racking the slide.

  • USMC03Vet

    A “non profit corporation”.

    No wonder he keeps looking behind him after shooting, he’s checking for the police.

    • Anonymoose

      All “non-profit corporations” are for-profit to themselves. They only get to pretend to be benevolent because they are not owned by an external group of shareholders (ostensibly).

      • Mike Chambers

        I agree.

    • Tritro29


  • Ironic

    The irony in this post is that the person on Facebook calling out VODA is the lawyer for James Yeager and John Willis.

    • Jwedel1231

      I don’t know if that is irony, or the point.

    • Rick5555

      Yeager will definitely need an attorney one day. And I mean a criminal defense lawyer. As for Willis….well he’s already used the services of a criminal defense attorney. And most likely will need their services again.

    • KoyoteTan

      James Yeager is the first name that came to mind. Unsubbed him a while back, because he is just irresponsible.

      • Aim-At-Me-I-ShootBACK

        He’s light years from this guy but just a plain run of the mill idiot. YODA or VODA, whatever, wants you to die on the first day.

  • tony

    reminds me of that DEA brother that shot himself in the leg with a glock fortay

  • Carl

    Holy Search and Assess Batman. Maybe he’s checking to see if he s*** his pants because he went full tactical, and you almost never go full tactical

  • manBear

    Epilepsy and firearms do not mix

  • Leonardo Padrino

    It hurt to watch that.

  • Kyle

    So what’s the over/under on how many days until he accidently shoots a student or a student shoots him? Would we be breaking rules by starting a betting pool here in the comments?

  • Bill

    I’m not sure that the “search and assess,” if that’s the hip and trendy way of saying “look around” is too much, but I doubt that he is actually “seeing” anything. Breaking tunnel vision and keeping an eye on the rest of the world is a good thing, but you actually have to look.

    Every year a couple cops die in training doing exercises with “unloaded” live firearms.

    • ostiariusalpha

      I’d just like to know what the tactical term for “dramatically splaying the fingers of one’s support hand” is, it just looks so operationally badass. I’ve got to keep up with the ninjas.

      • iksnilol

        Uh, I just do it because of my inflammed wrists… Am I an operator??

        • ostiariusalpha

          Well, you might need an operation, and if you do it on yourself then…

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Mall Team Six engage!

  • Mark M

    I literally can’t even

  • Martin Grønsdal

    he is checking whether his mommy has entered the room, or not

  • ruinator

    You could take that video and add Benny Hill music, then it would be perfect. I hope those ladies get real training. Their Facebook page has more horror videos

  • Jwedel1231

    Is it just me or did he draw a gun with an empty chamber? If anyone ‘instructing’ advocates carrying an empty chamber, stop listening to them.

    • Ben


      Just like the Israelis do!

    • typical conservative fudtard


      • Kivaari

        That is probably a good idea for police in NYC where not enough time is spent learning to safely use a pistol. Seriously this trainer needs some blue guns. There are too many negligent discharges at training facilities.

      • Mike Chambers

        I’m not Israeli. Besides, they do it in under a second. Anyway at the rage they are talking, I think bent elbow is the correct form. I have slapped more blue guns a busted more student knuckles than I can remember.

    • Mike Chambers


  • Dukeblue91

    Dang this guy is more dangerous then a thug.
    Did he really starting to hold the gun almost sideways ala gangster style or did I start seeing things that I didn’t want to.

  • Daniel

    People have pointed out the blue gun issue. How about the truly bad advice of putting a semi-auto up against somebody’s chest and shooting? Malfunction much? Also, advising closing with an assailant is also just plain bad advice, when one should be doing the exact opposite.

    • Bill

      Well, there are times when closing is a good idea instead of backpedaling, when you can trap an arm and follow through, but the general principle involves not going straight into the bad guy’s gun, but to one side. His way is what some trainers would call “not recommended,” or “self-correcting.”

      A lot of people think that guns fired at contact distance malfunction cause they get pushed out of battery. It’s usually because they get blasted full of bad guy goo and icky stuff that’ll really screw up the finish. But contact shots do make a mess on the inside, too, because not only is the bullet doing it’s bullet thing, the propellant gas gets injected into the body, so you’ll actually see tears and rips in the flesh.

      • stephen

        I don’t think the mother and grandma should ever be told to rush an assailant.

        Just saying.

        BTW can you post the links to the reports about how bad guy goo and stuff causes malfunctions? I think I missed that mass memo to law enforcement.

        Oh and doesn’t the “underwater” cups on the Glock firing pin assembly remedy this problem?


        • Bill

          I’v got the underwater cups on my GLOCK, I’ll shoot a canned ham and get back to you. Look up Vincent Dimiao’s (sp?) writings on contact gun shot wounds, and talk to your local ME and forensic firearms examiner.

          I don’t think you missed a memo – no one in LE that I know of promotes contact shooting.

    • Aim-At-Me-I-ShootBACK

      Or the legal concept caught on video where he advises to make them pay with their life instead of primary goal of defending a real threat to your life using deadly force. Let’s face it. We don’t have time to direct the stupidity.

  • Esh325

    How are they even able to teach if they are so irresponsible? No wonder there are so many cowboys in the USA.

    • DaveP.

      It was those cowboys that rode to Europe’s rescue twice in thirty years, and then spent the rest of the century underwriting Europe’s peace and freedom. Those cowboys (including two of my uncles) spent blood and treasure the Euroweenies were too weak to spend for themselves. So, little dude, when you say “Cowboy”… You say it with the humbleness of a debtor to the man he owes.

      • You may want to look up who killed most of the Nazis and Germans during world 1. It wasn’t the US.

        • DaveP.

          Without American bankrolling and supply the English would have been forced out of the war in the second year and the French would have had to come to terms after the Great Mutiny. English and French sources both admit that without active American entry into the war France would have had to make terms because they were running out of men and resources. And if Wilson’s negotiators had walked away from the table, there never would have been an Armistice and the fool Europeans would still have been killing each other into the ’20s.
          But I wouldn’t expect someone with a handle like “tootiredoftheright” to have read or understood any actual history.

        • No we usually took prisoners

      • Bill

        While you’re looking up that other stuff, look up who fought beside the US during the Revolutionary War. And look up the number of Americans who opposed going to war in Europe, both times. That “debt” may heave been paid – by us.

        …But there are a lot of cowboys in South America too. But they probably have a lot of guns also.

        • DaveP.

          Oh, tha old line again. Who sent money, weapons, advisors, the French Navy? Why, the King of France Louis XVI. What happened to our ally, who supported us and without whose support we’d have lost the Revolution? Why, he was beheaded and his family horribly murdered. Who by? Revolutionary France, What entity does modern France claim descent from? Why, those same murderers.
          What then do we owe, to the nation who murdered our benefactor?

          • Bill

            Our freedom, the Statute of Liberty and Washington D.C.?

          • DaveP.

            Freedom was the King, which I dealt with. The Republic murdered him- and his children. I’m sure you’re proud to take their side.
            D.C.? Thanks, a swamp. Did they giftwrap it? Since, y’know, it was actually not theirs to give, and all? Statue of Liberty? Cute. We’ll put something nice in their stockings- like freeing THEIR nation TWICE at a massive cost in American lives. Or should we just consider it a reparation for the American lives lost to the French in the French-Indian War or the Quasi-War?
            I also note that you didn’t actually respond to my point. But that’s okay- I didn’t think you could.

          • Bill

            DC as a city was laid out by French architects – If you have to blame them for something, make it not foreseeing the automobile and traffic congestion.

          • Bill

            I also don’t think I WANT to respond to you -xenophobes and bigots are people I generally try to avoid.

      • Dan

        Just ignore him before he starts in with everything he “knows” about America

      • mupps

        You need a hand down off the horse there chief?

  • mosinman

    you guys are just jealous because you can’t match his level of operational skills.

  • SnakeEater-0317

    Glad to see him getting the proper eye relief on his Burris Red dot.

    • Aim-At-Me-I-ShootBACK

      That allows him to get that amazing 18 inch grouping from 5 yards in the other range video where he’s scanning to see if the range employees are coming to remove his ass and the moronic bandana.

  • Rick5555

    WOW!!! Is this guy for real. Why would you pull your pistol and charge towards the perpetrator? I can’t believe there’s purported instructors like this guy, out there. I hope these ladies, get proper training. That one girl is pointing her pistol at the instructor. While he’s lecturing them. This guy is just dangerous. Appears like he was attempting to show off, as if he was in a movie. I think this dude has watched too many Steven Seagle movies.

  • whodywei

    I didn’t know Gecko45 had a brother.

  • DIR911911 .

    so are his mom and aunt his only “clients”?

  • Otm Shooter

    Is it me or does he sweep his support hand in front of the muzzle when he cleared that stove pipe in the 2nd video? Loss of motor skills from shaking his brain around checking his six. I do like the “shoot”, “check right”, “shoot”, “check left”, then the hokey pokey.

  • cons2p8ted

    Drop Instructor Zero and be with this hero…NOT! The Elevation mask is a just silly! If this guy is advocating control breathing exercise…obviously the word exercise” is lost in translation judging by his gut!

  • Don Ward

    Wait. Is someone with a rainbow unicorn as a FB avatar giving firearms advice? Am I the only one to notice that?

    • ostiariusalpha

      Nah, we noticed. It makes you think though, if Yeager’s Brony lawyer is telling you that you look goofy as hell, you should seriously reassess your life.

      • Don Ward

        So that leads to the next question. Is James Yeager himself a closeted brony? This being the Internets, the obvious conclusion is yes!

  • mike

    I often wonder how often the guys who look over their shoulders every other shot actually train themselves to actually “see” what is around them. Or are they just going through the motions. Would be interesting to sneak up behind them at point a gun at them and see if they actually “see” you there and react before they turn back to the front. Seems like they are actually training themselves to not expect anyone to be there.

  • stephen

    This is a prime example of stupid training the ignorant.

    The VODA guy’s example video is laughable. He keeps unclutching his support hand after each volley = changing grip is not good. I agree it looks like he flagged himself trying to clear the stovepipe, and what is with the looking after each shot? I highly doubt he is ‘seeing’ anything. His draw then chamber a round is laughable too – if the law states you can carry with one in the chamber, why waste time with an unloaded chamber? His use of real guns as they point them into the chest of each other is a recipe for stupid on an even grander scale.


    I think the reason he has an RMR is because iron sights are a bit hard for him. Anyway I have seen other videos from this guy and its only matter of time till someone gets hurt or killed. Of course the ignorant people, who know nothing (being redundant, I know), think this guy is awesome.

    A sad state of affairs indeed; and this comes when everybody and their brother wants to be a firearms instructor.

  • stephen

    I would love to see this guys what experience this guy has and his resume.

    I bet it sounds like Audie Murphy on steroids.

  • Mike Chambers

    Strictly Amateur

  • Aim-At-Me-I-ShootBACK

    Stupid and stubborn. I disastrous combination. always a couple of these con guys in the local firearm community wearing lots of laminated badges, patches and fake badges. Similar to stolen valor but much more dangerous. So I press my gun against the chest of some bum asking for my jewelry on the street and later show the courts the video of my training. Or I’m demonstrating something I learned in class and shoot a neighbor. Never mind spending 6 months learning the basics. Let’s shoot from a whistle with cartoon tactics on the first day you ever held a gun. This is criminally irresponsible.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    Certifications? Experience?
    Probably 0 judging by this.

  • Glock Guy

    A few things for this dumb@ss:

    – If he cannot understand firearms safety while instructing pupils, get out of the business.
    His license, certifications, etc. should be revoked ASAP. He should be banned from gun
    ranges as well, just to send him a message. What a meatball.

    – I cannot believe he would use a REAL gun in place of a blue/red practice pistol, and I
    don’t give a damn if its loaded or not!!! He’s insulting the students and gravely
    disrespecting the profession altogether.

    – I cannot believe the pupils were pointing their guns at the instructor??? BIG NO NO!

    – On the second video, WTF is he wearing a mask while practicing to shoot? Does he
    plan on robbing a liquor store or something?

    – If I owned a range, and saw this guy wearing a mask while practicing, I’d kick him out
    and tell him NEVER to return!


    1. Always treat a firearms as if its loaded!
    2. Keep Your finger off the trigger ’till you are ready to shoot!
    3. Don’t point the firearm at anything your not willing to destroy!

    4. Be sure of your target(s) and what lies beyond it/them.
    This guy is certainly going to wind up killing someone one of these days.

  • Nocternus

    5.11 tactical used to make a yellow plastic barrel insert that you used for training with your actual weapon. I bought a few on clearance a few years ago I am not sure why they never really seemed to take off. Weapon still holstered and functioned like normal just had a solid plastic yellow barrel.

    • Cymond

      Blade-Tech still makes some, including an AR-15 bolt. Brownell’s carries them.

  • Iblis

    Every video has been removed…..

  • Donald Darr

    No videos…

  • Donald Darr

    Found some on Youtube. This company is at the head of the class for stupidity. I can just hear it now: “BANG! Oh damn! I didn’t know it was loaded, call 9-1-1!”

  • Tothe

    Odd, the video links are dead. Seems like maybe someone got chewed out by too many people who actually know what they’re talking about?

  • CavScout

    Is there a training barrel in it? Even if not, we have to train just like that in the military. Pointing real firearms at each other, with or without BFA’s.

    Can it be done safely? Yes.