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  • thedonn007

    Well, I submitted a form. I hope this passes, but I will not hold my breath

    • Anonymoose

      I submitted mine too. Not like Marcia Fudge or Sherrod Brown give a f— what I think.

      • MR

        Yup. I wait with bated breath for my representatives’ form letter reply.

  • Phillip Cooper

    My representatives are James Clyburn (complete and utter blight upon politics) and Lindsay Grahmnesty (RINO if ever there was one).

    .. and Tim Scott, a good man.
    I give this a snowball’s chance in hell, but if I don’t make my wishes known noone will know them.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Me too. I always get a heartfelt form letter after I send Lindsey a note, so I know he really cares.

  • maine77

    Why was the form letter waffling between Suppressor and Silencer? I changed mine to reflect my views as a noise Suppressor not a silencer.

    • hydepark

      Oh god not this again. The terms are both correct and interchangeable. Inform yourself.

      • anon

        “Silencer” probably has stronger negative connotations to the lay person.

      • Phillip Cooper

        No, they are not both correct.
        Suppressors DO NOT silence a weapon. Period. They suppress, ie “attenuate”, the noise created. But it is still a damn far sight from being silent.

        • dshield55

          Sounds well thought out… but it’s hard to try to legalize “suppressors” when it’s “silencers” that are banned and they mean the same darned thing anyway.

        • iksnilol

          But they are called silencers, both in legislature and by, y’know, THE GUY THAT INVENTED THEM!

          • MR

            Yeah, but the guy that invented GIFs think they should be called “JIF”s

          • De Facto

            Making “jif” a correct albeit unpopular pronunciation. I prefer silencer but have no trouble referring to them as suppressors. Just as I call guns firearms and firearms guns, depending on my mood. Different terms, same devices. It’s not worth fighting over. Hearing protection devices of all kinds should be legal, no matter what they’re called.

          • iksnilol

            But he is stupid and doesn’t know the basics of his own native tongue.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Just call it a can.
      Or a magic quiet tube.
      Or a bullet soundy-stopper.
      Or whatever you want, it doesnt matter.

      • JK

        Uh-oh, you’re one of those people we shouldn’t associate with.

      • Edeco

        Texas dinner bell*

        *got the idea from Modern Drunkard Mag which applies the term to large hip flasks.

      • dbhm

        Timey-wimey bang noise transposer.

        It moves the bang back to the big one?

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      The legal term, I.E., the word used in the actual language of the NFA is “Silencer”.

      It’s acceptable to use legal terms when discussing legislation about those items.

    • Laserbait

      It’s much the same as Stainless Steel. It “stains less” than carbon steel, it’s not “stain proof”. No one, outside of Anti 2A people, COD players and Hollywood, claim that a Silencer is 100% effective.

  • Nerf McDermitt

    When you folks submitted the form, did the site acknowledge it was sent? It just sat there and did nothing after hitting the submit button…on two different browsers.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I think there was. I dont remember. I did get a confirmation email from my legislator.

      • Nerf McDermitt

        I’m guessing the system was just clogged up. I tried again and it went through.

    • Stuart Hunter Keough

      I had to expand the Senate section and fill in the subject line first.

    • Ethan

      The screen doesn’t change, but a inconspicuous line of text appears near the bottom of the screen confirming the submission.

  • ezmoney2884


  • Michael R. Zupcak

    I don’t think this bill has any chance of passing


    • Ethan


    • Phillip Cooper

      Have you considered decaf?


  • Guest

    Not even old enough to own a suppressor yet (they don’t know that), but the more people supporting it now, the more likely that when I do come of age I won’t have to deal with the paperwork to suppress *hopefully* 😀

  • Secundius

    According to “GovTrack . us / Congress / Bills. H.R. 3799, the Hearing Protection Act of 2015-16 has a 0% chance of passing…

    • dbhm

      Does it REALLY surprise you?

    • Ethan

      A defeatist attitude has NEVER led to victory. Contribute something useful to the conversation or please be quiet.

      We don’t surrender because there *might* be difficulty involved in winning.

      • Secundius

        @ Ethan.

        You KNOW How Stupid a Suppressed Hunting Rifle Sounds, When your ONE GROUP of Many Groups Hunting in the SAME WOODS. In 2002, a group of friends of mine and myself, Dodged a “Hail-Storm” of AK 7.62×39 Bullets. Shot from a IDIOT with a Suppressed AK-47, that HE had Modified to be Fully-Automatic…

  • Dave Parks

    Restrictions on suppressors amount to sex discrimination because suppressors are the only way for a pregnant woman to protect the hearing of her baby. From the CDC:

    “… pregnant women should not be routinely exposed to noise louder than 115 dBA. This is roughly as loud as operating a chainsaw. Areas that are very loud (more than 115 dBA) should be avoided during pregnancy as much as possible, even if you are wearing hearing protection.”

    • Kraeloc

      That is a really good point, which I had not considered before. Thank you for for pointing it out.

  • Ethan

    Submitted the form to me Rep’s. DO THE SAME!

  • Ethan

    Hey guys, Secundius says its probably gonna be tough to get this bill passed. I guess we should all just give up.. might as well repeal the 2ND amendment on our way out..

    Seriously? Since when do we run from a fight because it might not be easy?

    Man up. Get involved. Make a difference.
    If all you have to contribute is nay-saying, then please keep it to yourself.

  • MR

    Send it anyway. Keep pressure on them. Constant pressure is the only way that area of the country will recognize the Constitution again.