H&K 416 .22LR Pistol

I recently acquired this Umarex H&K 416 pistol. For only $299 from CDNN, it is a bargain for a Pistol AR in 22LR. Originally the HK416 pistol comes with a faux suppressor muzzle device and a rear end cap on the lower receiver that has a QD sling fitting.Aside from the faux suppressor, a lot of the AR style features are not real AR accessories. The trigger is built into a drop in pack so unfortunately it does not use standard AR triggers. The safety selector is proprietary as well. The forward assist and bolt catch/release are also fake but the dust cover is functional.


The faux suppressor is threaded onto an uncommon thread pitch. However, HKPARTS.net makes a threaded adapter. I got one so I could install my Spectre II suppressor.

HK416 Pistol 1

The next upgrade was to install some sort of brace/cheek rest. The Umarex HK416 lower receiver is not like a traditional AR receiver. It is similar to the VFC airsoft gun HK416 receiver. Here is a photo from the back of the .22LR receiver. Below is a photo I found of the VFC receiver.

HK416 Pistol 4 s-l1600

I thought it suspect when I saw that Umarex sells airsoft guns of the HK416. Particularly the HK416C which VFC also happens to make and sell. So I ordered a HK416C stock and modified it as a brace and can’t be shouldered. It installed without any modification. With the brace collapsed, it works rather well as a cheek rest.

HK416 Pistol 3


The final upgrade was to ditch the cheese grater quad rail. I looked into various rails and settled on the Midwest Industries HK416 9″ rail. It covers some of the suppressor but allows enough room to remove the suppressor. The MI rail installed rather easily. It was a simple matter of unscrewing the cross bolt in the Umarex rail, sliding off the rail and sliding the MI rail over the factory barrel nut. It is a perfect fit. Now I have a slightly longer sight radius, the handguard is smoother and narrower. It is MLOK so I can install rails if I need them. The HK416 pistol does not have a faux gas block/front sight like the rifle version. If it did, I would have to cut the sling loops off the gas block.

HK416 Pistol 2

I also modified a spare AR grip and swapped out the HK416 style pistol grip.

The HK416 pistol works great. I did experience a little gas blow back when cheeking the pistol close to my face and rapid firing. If I use the brace then I do not experience that problem. For $299 plus the minor upgrades, I am very satisfied with this setup for the cost. This has turned out to be a very fun plinker.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

Any questions please email him at nicholas.c@staff.thefirearmblog.com


  • TITAN308

    What do you mean so it can’t be shouldered? Yea that doesn’t look like it would fly with the ATF one bit…

    • TITAN308

      Just to clarify, when you openly state you used a STOCK, I don’t think wrapping some velcro straps around it and claming its a brace is going to work.

      • Sianmink

        If touching a pistol to your shoulder turns it into a short-barrel rifle, then chopping bits off of a stock can turn it into an arm brace.
        Fair’s fair.

        • TITAN308

          I don’t think you understand how it works. You don’t have to convince me, you have to convince the ATF. I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole without a tax stamp.

          • Sianmink

            If everybody thumbed their nose at the ATF like this, they wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.

          • MANG

            U THINK? The only reason that approach is KIND OF working for marijuana in some states is that there’s buy-in from a broad coalition of citizens, medical professionals, legislators and even law enforcement. There’s **nothing remotely like that** happening for NFA items and I don’t see it starting any time soon. “Everyone” who thumbs their nose at the ATF would never number more than the people who give a crap about SBR’s in the first place – not a lot. The numbers for your approach just aren’t there.

  • ChrisL

    Soooo. . . . just because you say “it can’t be shouldered” doesn’t mean that the thing isn’t a stock. So yeah, you can’t shoulder it when you put a strap on it and strap it to your arm. But the ATF is being clear that it’s the design, not the use, that determines if something is a stock or a brace. And I’d have to say that the thing you have is a stock by design. Adding a little strap probably isn’t enough to “redesign” it. I’d have to say you’ve got a SBR there unless you’ve got an ATF letter that states “we don’t consider this thing that you’ve designed to be a stock”. I’m speaking up about this because I think that the more people flout the intent of the law on forums like this, the more likely it is that what legal room we do have (with things like Sig and Thorsden braces, which ARE legal braces and not stocks) will be “interpreted away” by the ATF.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Every time I see these pistol/SBR deals it just pisses me off.
    Ill never buy one.
    Its like having a super hot girlfriend you can only kiss on the cheek.

    • Jeff Smith

      But…but…it’s on sale!

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I don’t get it.
        Great selling point: A rifle I can’t shoulder and a pistol I can’t hold in one hand.

        • nobody

          Get a single point sling and push the gun out against it like the SAS did with their MP5s, my groups only get about 2″ larger when doing that with my MAC 11 with a red dot sight when compared to my SKS at 75 yards.

          • nobody

            Seeing as TFB is apparently letting me post pictures now.

        • Cal S.

          Pistols are basically a company’s way of offering SBR’s to go for those that want to SBR it but still want to shoot it while they’re waiting for the paperwork.

          That and we all know what people do with them behind closed doors. “Never shoulder…Never forget.”

  • J.T.

    I really hope you convinced the ATF that that isn’t a stock before you put it on there or you just made an illegal SBR. Trimming a bit of plastic off and adding a Velcro strap doesn’t make something that was designed a stock into something other than a stock.

    • Nicholas Chen

      And shouldering a buffer tube doesnt make it a stock. It is all about intent.

      • TITAN308

        Yea and a buffer tube isn’t sold as a stock. A SIG brace isn’t sold as a stock. A shockwave brace isn’t sold as a stock. You bought a stock, trimmed some plastic and used a velcro strap. Good luck.

      • Ben

        Intent of the designer, not intent of the user.

        That was designed and sold as a stock, cutting a bit off doesn’t make it not a stock.

        • mig1nc

          Yeah, but he re-manufactured it into a brace, and that was his intent 🙂

      • Sgt. Stedenko

        Stick to posts bragging about your $4,000 SCAR with all the mall ninja accouterments.
        You’re advocating things here which will get people thrown in jail.

      • Cal S.

        So if I bought a pistol upper and slapped it on my rifle lower, so long as I didn’t ‘intend’ to shoulder it, then it would be legal?

        I don’t understand…

  • Jeff Smith

    This seems applicable.

  • Anonymoose

    Not sure what I’m looking at here.

  • INFI


  • Rex Krom

    Cool idea, but I wouldn’t keep it at my house, or shoot it, or be anywhere around it.

  • nobody

    >it works rather well as a cheek rest.

    I bet that’s not all it works well as with that 12″ length of pull.

  • Vitor Roma

    Man, as a foreigner, it is funny to see how afraid of the ATF americans are. It sounds like the ATF has agents hidden in bushes checking if people are touching their braces in their shoulders.

    • titan308

      Yea I mean, whats to be worried about, a felony weapons charge is just a walk in the park right?

    • Jeff Smith

      Overly cautious, maybe, but the threat of an automatic 10 years in prison, becoming a felon, losing all of your firearms/right to vote/job/etc. is nothing to play around with. In the case of the arm brace, I’ve read that the law has been enforced by local police in some cases.

    • Alex Agius

      The ATF has however flat out murdered americans for violations of the NFA, purposely pursuing violence when there was a much easier peaceful path. Take Randy Weaver, his wife and son were murdered by the ATF. The felony stuff is minor compared to an army showing up at your house and killing you and your family.

    • nobody

      When you’re risking up to 10 years in prison, up to $250,000 in fines on top of that, losing the ability to legally own guns on top of that, and it being hard to get a decent paying job after you’re out of jail because it’s a felony, it’s not worth the risk.

  • Tyson chandler

    OK, so everybody is on Nick’s ass about the stock modified into a brace, great. I guess everyone who reads these comments can consider themselves warned. I like the other mods, I have looked at these pistols and lamented the apparent lack of suppressor attachment. Thanks Nick for solving that issue as well as finding a good looking and functional forearm. I had no idea the MWI would work so well. Thanks to his efforts, I might have to take a second look into getting one of these pistols.

  • Ian McCollum

    Seems like if I wanted this, I could just register it as an SBR and use a real stock, or just get a 16″ barrel and a normal stock instead of a “pistol” configuration in the first place. It’s a .22 rifle; I don’t really understand the motivation to make it all super-tactical…

  • Cal S.


    That’s a nice…pistol…you’ve got there.

    Why, just why would you post pictures of it?

  • hami

    The ATF, not you, gets to decide what can and can’t be shouldered.

    • KestrelBike

      Then F___ the ATF. Shoulder away, imo. As soon as they can articulate how/why that makes someone dangerous and a true criminal, then I’ll start respecting them and their burden-on-the-law-abiding.

      Yes, yes, I know they’re the ones who can take away your supposed inalienable rights, but I’m talking about the principle, not the fact.

  • Al

    Nice mod. I frankly don’t see nor understand all the animosity toward Nicholas – ATF isn’t going to investigate or prosecute anything involved in the brace thing realm. No US attorney is going to approve any charges after ATF issued widely publicized conflicting rulings, and ATF can’t prosecute a case without US attorney approval.

    • Jeff Smith

      I think the problem is that it doesn’t take the ATF investigating. Say a local police officer sees the gun and thinks “I think this guy has an unregistered SBR.” You could be arrested on the spot. You would then have to go to court over the situation and defend yourself against the allegation.

      Now, here’s the second part of the problem – the item pictured is NOT an arm brace. It is a stock that has been modified. Every “arm brace” you see for sell comes with an ATF approval letter certifying that the specific item you were just sold was reviewed by the ATF and has been certified to be an arm brace, NOT A STOCK. I’m attached is the ATF approval letter that came with my Shockwave Blade arm brace. The item that Nicholas purchased was never approved by the ATF as an arm brace. In the eyes of the law, it’s still a rifle stock and installing it on a pistol creates an SBR. Whether or not the shooter shoulders the weapon, the device is STILL A STOCK.

      I’m not saying the law is fair, but it’s the law.

      • Jeff Smith

        Additionally, the conflicting ATF rulings were based on items that the ATF had previously stated were NOT stocks and were legal to shoulder. I agree with you that a court might not prosecute an individual for shouldering a Sig Brace (based on the conflicting rulings), but the ATF has been VERY clear on the legality of installing a rifle stock on a pistol.

  • Israel asskissing conservative


  • Israel asskissing conservative


  • mig1nc

    Nick, can you possibly put a VFC buffer tube, or order the Walther buffer tube, grind off the bottom rail, and attach a shockwave brace? Seems like it might be a better option since they come with an ATF letter.