Desert Tec releases Trasol

Desert Tec is releasing an app for Android and IOS called TRASOL, or Trajectory Solutions. The app is a ballistics calculator that appears to be extremely configurable for a diverse number of applications. In previous apps I’ve seen released from various companies, it appears that the apps are revolved around those particular companies to pretty much promote them. This doesn’t seem to be the case in that this app appears to be a legitimate, generic program for shooting. Price for the app is $39.99 on the app store.

From the app description-

In live-fire testing of TRASOL’s predictions (using .338 LM ammunition and strict manufacturer’s published data), the following results were documented:

– Within 0.1 MRAD up to 1400 yards
– Within 0.5 meters up to 1700 yards
– Within 1.1 meters at 2200 yards

Key Benefits of TRASOL:
1) Global Prediction Accuracy:
Our proprietary algorithms make TRASOL the most accurate trajectory prediction calculator in the world and users don’t have to tweak bullet parameters, our calculator uses bullet data published by manufacturers to provide better predictions without the need to tweak the bullet parameters.
2) Intuitive Interface:
TRASOL is easy to use; we are extremely passionate about accuracy but we understand that speed is just as important as accuracy, so we designed an intuitive, easy to use program that optimizes the necessary and eliminates the unnecessary, here are some key features in the design:
a. Single screen Ballistics entry point: This allows shooters to easily input, and verify, all variables have been accounted for in order to ensure absolute predictive accuracy shot to shot.
b. Visual Icons; to allow quick recognition and clarity of fields.
c. Large button layout; allows gloved use of the program.
3) Automation of advanced tools:
Users want the accuracy benefit that advanced tools offer but they don’t want to get lost in the details so we designed these features to automatically activate when the data needed to utilize each feature has been entered into the equipment and/or ballistics fields. Users can choose to deactivate the advanced tools if desired, the advanced tools include:
a. Automatic stability & spin drift calculation
b. Coriolis
c. Automatic Density Altitude Calculator
d. Multi-Wind Bands
e. Cant
f. Tracking of Cold Bore
g. Tracking of Zero Settings
h. Field condition zero profile tracking

Other Important Features:
¥ 3500 Meter Ballistic Calculator
¥ Trajectory Tables
¥ Scope true click value compensation
¥ Multi-Wind Inputs
¥ Drag Coefficient Input
¥ Cold Bore Tracking
¥ Save Multiple User tracks
¥ Save Multiple equipment tracks
¥ Track multiple zero’s when swapping calibers or installing suppressors.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    our calculator uses bullet data published by manufacturers to provide better predictions without the need to tweak the bullet parameters.

    Well… That’s exactly the problem. The “other” calcs allow you to tweak bullet parameters because the models and published data mean absolutely nothing for how that bullet behaves in YOUR rifle.

    The G1/G7 table ballistic calculations were developed on artillery shells. They are NOT perfect for small bullets. They are mean fit to be close.

    Coming out with an app and first and foremost saying “no need to tweak” tells me this is not the app for a serious shooter. It’s the app for an amateur that doesn’t want to understand the math, which there already plenty of apps that cater to.

    It’s like selling a racecar with the first bullet point – “This won’t win any races!”.

    • Mikie

      What apps do you recommend? Also anyone else who would like to answer that.

      • Macht

        This is honestly the best phone app available, from initial reviews. Shooter and Ballistics: AE are probably the best alternatives.

    • Macht

      That’s fairly ignorant and tells me you didn’t read up on the software. It uses Patagonia Ballistics’ ColdBore ballistics engine. That isn’t a PM solver. It takes G1 and G7 BC’s because that’s what shooters commonly have available, but the solution process is totally different.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Thats nice.

        But it still has no idea how a specific bullet shoots with a specific load out of a specific gun – and it never will.

        • Justin

          Well thank you for all that useful information. It was very helpful. I look forward to seeing your app when you release it.

        • 338shooter

          You don’t know crap about ballistics. There are two rifle attributes that affect a Bullets flight path: bullet speed and twist rate. Environmental changes do all the rest. There isn’t magic that needs to be tweaked out so you might what get a clue before pretending to be an authority on ballistics.

    • 338Shooter

      The other apps are tweaked because their engine is wrong so they are modifying it to compensate. TRASOL engine is right so no need to tweak. We have tested the engine beyond 2100 yards many times and it works. If you don’t shoot it don’t pretend to know it.

  • AndyT

    I dig iStrelok; lets you create custom loads for your rifle and all that shenanigans. Also it’s a lot cheaper.

  • Secundius

    I question the Need To Know your Name and E-Mail information? It sounds like a “Back-Door” Registration Information…