Howling Raven 10 round Mosin magazine

Howling Raven is releasing a 10 round magazine extension for the Mosin Nagant rifle. It uses the existing rifle magazine to place the extension around. MSRP is $69.95 but pre orders are going for $50, release date is around December this year, but they seem to still be in the long process of working with their manufacturer. We blogged about their prototype design back in March of this year, but they seem to have worked everything out and are finally ready to offer it to the public.

The Mosin Nagant 10 round Mag extension, is our most ambitious endeavor to date. The goal was to create a product the clips on to the existing mag well and expands the total ammo capacity from 5 to 10 rounds. It is a ‘plug and play’ device. It simply clips on and off requiring NO rifle modifications.

It has taken more than a year and upwards of 50,000.00 dollars to get to the final stage. We came up with the concept over a year ago and met with a group of engineers at Knighthawk Engineering in Houston, Texas. ( They helped us put our concept to paper.
We then met with the executives at Blackwell Plastics in Houston, Texas ( They helped us turn our design into a working 3D print and they are the same company that is making the mold that will form the polymer body of the extension.

Probably the most difficult and costly step was the development of a spring that would work with our design. After numerous prototypes, the people at Katy Spring in Katy, Texas ( helped make it a reality. The Springs have been produced and are ready to go.
We have made a 50% down payment on the mold. A second payment of 30% is required in 6-8 weeks. Then we receive samples to make any last minute changes. The last 20% of cost will be rolled into the first production run. Once the last stage of testing is complete (which will take about a week), we will begin production of the first 500 Extensions. The 500 Springs are already finished and have been delivered to us.

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  • USMC03Vet

    $10 a round is pretty steep.

    That’s like a quarter of a new Mosin!

    • bull

      new york reloads with mosins is quite .. impractical though!

  • Phillip Cooper

    Might they consider finishing off the prototype before trying to sell it?

    I mean FFS, at least round the damn edges. Make it look like you didn’t just use an angle grinder and maybe a rock to make it.

  • Drew Coleman

    Did anyone notice the rounds wanting to feed up and over the barrel in the middle of the firing test?

    • James

      They said it was a prototype so I wouldn’t think too negatively of it yet. I’m more concerned with the fact that the magazine will be plastic and that the follower sticks up so high that you can’t close the bolt when it’s empty.

      Cool idea but with the cost of 7.62×54 going up and up and possible future import restrictions, I’ll keep my guns stock and shoot my 5 rounds nice and slowly.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Hopefully the production model will have a follower that is designed to stop where it’s supposed to. I think the one in the video was more of a make-do just for demonstration purposes.

    • Dan

      Yes sir. Then the co owner went on to say “as you can see the extension performed perfectly” except those 3 or 4 rounds that the guy shooting the gun had to push back down but yea perfectly. Of course he did say it was a prototype and the gun wasn’t in great working order

  • Plumbiphilious

    What confuses me a little bit is why isn’t it curved alongside the case/rim taper? Is it a manufacturing concern?

    I mean, it would convince me slightly more of end reliability if we didn’t try to shove rimmed cases into a straight-walled magazine.

    Or am I just being an uneducated wuss about it? I admittedly don’t know too much about mag geometry requirements and how stringent it needs to be.

  • Ed

    Mosins now becoming the new Chinese SKS for those who screw up classic military firearms.

    • ostiariusalpha

      I take your point, but it was pretty clear that this is a plug-n-play mag, not a permanent modification. I wish more Bubba-fications took this kind of approach.

    • Dan

      I get annoyed with that. Comments like that remind me of the people that scream heresy when someone drops a modern motor in a classic car. You buy me the rifle or give me the cash to buy it and i will keep it in whatever condition you want. Until then it is MY rifle and if I want to paint it pink I will and people like you can go pound sand.

      • You’re free to butcher* a historical artefact as much as you’d like, provided it’s in your lawful possession. And I’m free to judge you for it.

        *as this is a non-permanent modification, it’s not butchering in this instance.

        • Grindstone50k

          lol at “historical artefact” [sic]

          • Gotta love cellphones. Not the worst autocorrect dick-up I’ve had, however!

          • iksnilol

            Artefact is actually correct spelling.

          • Major Tom

            “Artifact” is spelled with an e?

          • ostiariusalpha

            It’s a Britishism.

          • iksnilol

            Grey in England and gray in America.

            Same applies to artifact/artefact.

          • Grindstone50k

            Not was I was “lol”ing about.

        • Dan

          You most certainly are free to judge. I will apologize if i came across as abrasive. Rough day at work. If it were a rare or one of a kind rifle I might share your sentiment but it really isn’t. Would i try to modernize one? No. If i want a modern gun Ill buy one. I would have a bigger problem if it were destroyed or turned into a non functioning firearm

          • Cheers, no harm done and the same apology comes from me.

          • Swarf

            Not that you were, but what bothers me about the Mosin purists is that they act as though every rifle has the same historical and mechanical value. They don’t. I have a 1944 Izhevsk sloppily produced at the height of the war and I consider it a project gun. I have tapped in and sweated on a bent bolt (and poorly. The silver solder didn’t really take, so I’m going to cut it off and MIG weld a new one on) and plan on converting it to a AA-9130 stock. Might even drill and tap it for a scope mount.

            I also have a 1927 Tula hex receiver that I consider to be an important piece of history. It will never be modified.

          • They will all be worth a fair amount of money in unmolested condition in 30 years. In 30 years, I’ll be 54 and I’ll still have my Mosins in the condition they left the factory in.

            We are the equivalent of our grandfathers telling us the story about 15 dollar Enfields and 98k’s in a bucket at the hardware store. People back then cut them down because they were cheap. People today cut down Mosins because they’re cheap.

            I’m not a huge Mosin fan. I have a ’33 Hex 91/30 and a ’43 M38, and that’s it. I think there’s better rifles out there – almost every other period contemporary is better than a Mosin.

            But one day (within my lifetime) your average, ratty 91/30 is going to be worth like 800 bucks if you left it alone and maybe 300 if you didn’t. You’re absolutely free to do whatever you like with your guns, I just always like to make the point that one day, you may regret it.

    • BearSlayer338

      I could understand you saying that about just about any other military bolt action but Mosins(at least the Russian ones) are not very good quality and they aren’t very accurate even with expensive american ammo. I got rid of my Mosin and I’ll never regret it,which sucks in a way because it is a neat looking rifle but I think it is easily out classed by the Enfield rifles and Mausers.(probably a lot of others as well)The only good thing about Mosins is they are cheap and ammo is easy to find and cheap if you buy surplus.

  • Kelly Jackson

    Dangerous assault weapon

    • Nashvone

      I find it funny that people will question all my firearms while glancing right over that harmless, bolt action rifle made in 1940 for the Soviet army.

  • mosinman

    AXAXAXAXA eat yuor heart out enfield xaaxaxaxa

    • Woohoo! Now you can heat the rifle up to the point where you need to open the bolt with a rock with just two magazines worth of ammunition rather than four! Rock on!

      (i’m shitposting, i love my ’33 Hex)

      • mosinman

        Capitalist Propaganda Tovarish 🙂 they of wantings yuo to make buyings of same quality but many higher pricings Springfield!
        (i am as well i love my ’43)

  • mosinman

    for real though, i don’t like the fact that the mag spring sticks up through the receiver after all rounds have been expended

  • Griff
    • Dan

      Well now that one looks a heck of a lot better. Thanks for the link.

  • Just say’in

    $70? That’s nearly as much as I paid for my Mosin.

    • Anomanom

      Truer words have n’er been spoken, sir.

    • Kyle

      Amusingly, you could just get a second Mosin and run around guns akimbo. Gonna be tricky working the bolts though.

      • Eric S

        If you dual fired your Mosins, why would you need to cycle the bolt? There shouldn’t be anything left from the ensuing shockwave and fireball.

    • JamesRPatrick

      More than I paid for mine.

    • Dan

      I’m ran up to one of our sporting goods store after reading your comment because they had one for 80 bucks i was going to snap a pic but someone snatched it up sometime in the last 3 days

  • Cleophus


    • Good question.

    • Grindstone50k

      Why not?

  • Shmoe

    *sigh* Why can’t they do this for an M1 Garand, or something useful?

    • iowaclass

      My question exactly.

    • Scott P

      They already do it on several models:

      1) M14/M1A

      2) Beretta BM-59/62

      3) Aftermarket mag conversions for M1’s

      • Shmoe

        Gee, thanks. I am, in fact, aware of firearms developments of the last 70 years. Just FYI, .308 Winchester is not 30-06. (In case you try to stick an M-14 mag in a BAR, or visa versa.) LOSOK customs was developing an aftermarket solution, but either gave up, or lost interest. Next, you’ll say something about .308 Win being “better” than 30-06, or something equally obtuse. *sigh*

    • Anon. E Maus

      I don’t even know if that could be done with the Garand, it uses a radically different sort of magazine, with en-bloc clips. At that point you might as well convert it to take BAR mags (which has been done a few times), but then you’re really just looking a bulkier and clumsier M14.

      • Shmoe

        Yes, much like the bulky, clumsy Mosin, above. But at least it would be with a classic rifle I actually like!

        But seriously, I don’;t think that the “bulkier, clumsier” thing is the issue (it would add some weight near the center of balance of an already relatively heavy rifle). I think the issue is, most people want a drop-in, reversible mod, and most of the mods have involved modifying (and weakening) the receiver too much. I think if someone makes a drop-in solution, and makes new BAR mags more available, then we’d be on to something.,

        Bulk and surplus 30-06 is still around, and even good commercial stuff can be cheaper than .308. (Nit to mention the reloading potential.) Plus, it would be fun and semi-practical, like the Mosin supposedly is.

  • Interesting. I may actually consider it if the reviews are as rosy as the sales pitch. It being plug-and-play and not requiring permanent modification is a huge plus.

  • Zachary marrs

    Ive always wanted an accessory that costed 2/3rds of the gun.


    • Dan

      Right, an accessory that isn’t something electronic or a decent to great quality optic.. i just think the whole thing is way over priced. I understand though it’s new they’re a small company and all that jazz but still.

  • The_Champ

    You know someday Mosin’s will be rare and expensive. It might take 200 years, but someday 🙂

    In seriousness though, how many times have I heard some old timer talk about there being crates of cheap such and such guns, and now they can only be found for a very hefty sum and are few and far between?

    And here’s a question, what would it cost today to build a Mosin Nagano rifle to the quality they did 100 years ago? I wager its more than most people realize, omitting start up costs of course.

    • Grindstone50k

      Sure, just like my 20 pack of Bic razors will be rare and expensive.

      Also, you are using the word ‘quality’ in reference to the Mosin in an ironic way, right?

    • BearSlayer338

      I really doubt Mosins will go up much in value,they are not a very desirable rifle unless you are short on cash and it is all you can afford,plus there are enough people that don’t like them(after they made the mistake of buying one and shooting it)that there will never be a shortage of them for sale at any point in time.

      • Swarf

        They have gone up in value and will continue to do so, I reckon.

        I bought my first one for just shy of $100 and less than 5 years later they are starting in the $150 range. That’s a pretty good ROI.

        I just wish I had the money to buy a case just to keep around for 15 or so years.

  • mosinman

    30 round mag when?

  • Vizzini

    There’s what I call a solution in search of a problem.

  • Captain Obvious

    Hmmm….10 round mag for a Mosin…..uhhh…..WHY?

  • Truth Speaker

    I’d prefer a steel version. Probably be more expensive, but it would look sweet!

  • Cymond

    I must have a bad batch of ammo or something, because my M38 isn’t bad at all.
    A few years ago, I bought a sporterized 1903 Springfield and a box of commercial ammo. Now that was unpleasant. I fired 5 rounds at the range and was done. I sold it to a friend at a break-even price.

    • Swarf

      I sold it to a friend at a break-even price.

      I wish I was your friend…

  • Swarf

    I wouldn’t pay $70 for a removable mag for my Mosins, much less an extension. I mean, you still have to load it from the top, right? And it’s not like they make 10 round stripper clips for 54r, right?

    What’s the point?