SilencerCo & James Bond

SilencerCo just announced a collaboration. They are bundling Walther Arms PPK/S .22LR pistols with their Spectre 22 suppressor. They are working exclusively with SK ARMS to sell the bundled package.




The bundled set is a great value at $700. If you break down the items individually it would cost more.

  1. PPK/S 22LR $400.
  2. Spectre II Suppressor $420
  3. GunVault Nanovault $35
  4. Extra magazine $35

That comes out to $890. $190 more than the bundle by SK Arms. That is almost enough to cover the NFA Tax stamp.


I already have this setup and made the Spectre reference back in March when I picked up my Spectre II.

Spectre PPK mine


I actually have everything except the laser cut foam insert. My Nanovault case is the combination version. From the photos on SK Arms website, it looks like a simple key lock version.

For 007 2


My PPK/S even has a fortuitous serial number to go with the Spectre suppressor. I read it out loud as “For 007”

For 007

Nicholas C

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  • TheNotoriousIUD


  • Pity they had to go for the .22 version instead of the .380 version

    • Paul White

      the .380 would be enough to bump it to the top of my want list. and maybe get me to pay for an NFA stamp

    • thedonn007

      Looks like enough people wanted it in .22lr as they are sold out.

      • Anonymoose

        Meh. This isn’t much better than James Bond-branded children’s toys of previous decades. It will look cool on the shelf, and *certain people* will undoubtedly buy it, but in reality it’s just as pathetic as those 10/22 M249s and XM8s.

        • Nicholas Chen

          It is like a toy. A step up from an Airsoft gun. But it is a firearm and it is much easier to get “movie quiet” performance out of this plinking toy than any other option.

    • Jeff Smith

      True, but, unfortunately, the same thing in .380 or .32 would probably be an extra thousand or so. MSRP on they’re Octane 9 suppressor is nearly $900 and the PPK in .380 is (I think) an extra $150 or so. On top of that, I don’t think Walther is making a threaded barreled version in anything other than .22. I’d prefer a larger caliber, but being able to sell the package for a VERY decent price is a great idea.

      • Nicholas Chen

        Exactly. I tried looking for a threaded barrel for my Interarms .380 PPK/S. No such luck.

        • Anonymoose

          PPK barrels (as well as Makarov, CZ82/83, and P230/232, etc barrels) are pressed into place. It’s not a drop-in part, and that’s why you have to order them on a custom basis. If you found a PP .380 barrel you might be able to get a competent gunsmith to thread it and press it in.

      • Anonymoose

        Or, y’know, they could make an “Octane 9K” that would be short enough to not look ridiculous on a PPK, and although development would cost a bit, they would undoubtedly sell it to us consumers for less.

        • Jeff Smith

          That would be a preferable option, although, I think the MSRP on their 45K is only about $50 less than the standard.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d really rather have a Beretta .25 over this. Q is rolling in his grave.

      • Paul White

        Didn’t they replace that in the first book?

        • Anonymoose

          Dr. No was the sixth book. Bond got his Beretta stuck in his holster when fighting Rosa Klebb at the end of From Russia with Love and gets stabbed, and in the movie she shows up with a Beretta 418 as a nod to that part from the book.

          • Paul White

            in “penance” I will go reread the early Bond books. Apparently it’s been too long

      • desert

        .25 is absolutely useless…I shot at a rusty tobacco can about 5 feet way and the .25 bounced off of it!!!

  • M.M.D.C.

    Sexy. I want it.

    For what you get, $1050 ain’t bad.

  • Scott Tuttle

    * Omega Seamaster not included

    • Bill

      That kills it for me. Wrong band, too, for classic Bond.

      • Nicholas Chen

        True. It’s all I had at the time.

        • Bill

          Even so, the Seamaster is probably next on my list. With the metal bracelet.

          • Sulaco

            Bought a Seamaster 300 in Thailand at the AF BX in 74, $125.00, a big chunk of a A1C’s pay check. My son “earned’ it for getting his open water dive card and after it went in for a reup on lube and parts he never takes it off. Oh and its on a metal band…

  • Peter

    Prefer the 7.65

    • Nicholas Chen

      I tried looking for a threaded PPK barrel. But I can’t find any.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        If Iยดm not mistaken, “Peter” posted this to reddit a while back, and said B&T made the barrel for him as well. A custom gunsmith should be able to make one…

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      Universal Exports… That is a nice touch… What did you pay B&T to make that for you?

      • Peter

        The threaded barrel, suppressor and the custom engraving for the PPK cost 300.- CHF.
        But – sadly – it’s not mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sean

    Doesn’t Bond use a 7.65? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Anonymoose

      He used to, but since The Man with the Golden Gun he’s been using a .380 PPK. I think he had the .32 again in Quantum of Solace, though, then went back to the .380 and then gave up on that for a Glock and a double-rifle in Skyfall.

  • Lance

    It’s 007 ppk and not in 7.65mm. Lame!!!

    • totenglocke

      Starting with Skyfall, his PPK/S is in .380 – mostly because Walther no longer makes it in .32.

      • Anonymoose

        They still make it. They just don’t export them outside of Europe, and the MoD got rid of theirs years ago.

  • totenglocke

    If it’s a James Bond version, why the hell isn’t it in .380?

    • Nicholas Chen

      Ideally yes. But threaded barrels for .380 PPK/S are almost non existent.

    • If it was James Bond is should be in 7.65, which hits like a brick through a plate glass window. Because if what you’re shooting doesn’t die after having 8 .32 caliber slugs pumped into it, it’s probably a dragon.

  • USMC03Vet

    Nicholas has been waiting years to post his 007 serialized gun in a Bond article I just know it.

    • Nicholas Chen

      LOL. How could you tell? Hehe

    • Paul White

      wouldn’t you?

      Hell, I just went and checked all the numbers on mine; no 007 ๐Ÿ™

  • Your PPK’s SN even has 007 in it…

  • Nashvone

    I don’t believe I would have posted a picture of the serial number of my gun. To each his own though.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yeah there is that paranoia. But what’s going to happen? Really? Someone is going to be dumb enough to try and rob me? We have Castle Doctrine where I live.

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      I dont think that’s the real serial number. It didnt look stamped to me.

      • Sgt. Stedenko

        Disregard that. I looked again

    • Nicholas Chen

      What would happen? Someone will find out where I live? There are easier ways to find out.

  • Blake

    Pretty sure 22LR Walthers are straight blowback. Would be interesting to see how the suppressor affects blowback operation…

  • Blake

    This video never gets old:

    32ACP is Bond’s calibre BTW…

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Back when Brits could own handguns.

  • Don Ward

    I think folks in the comments are conflating James Bond in the Ian Fleming novels with James Bond in the “official” 24 film movie franchise. Most folks these days have gotten their 007 fix from the films and thus the Walther PPK is the ubiquitous James Bond gun. Although 007 has used a variety of weapons in his career. Here is Roger Moore toting a post-Dirty Harry craze Model 29 .44 Magnum. in “Live and Let Die”.

    • Nicholas Chen

      That support grip / LOL!!!!

      • The Brigadier

        Probably to keep from breaking his wrist. A Model 29 is very heavy and has a massive recoil.

  • Lew Siffer

    Ian Fleming’s Bond never used a silencer with his PPK. Part of the reason M and Boothroyd forced Bond to switch to the PPK is that they wanted him to stop using the silencer he used with his Beretta. It was the silencer that almost got Bond killed. At the end of “From Russia with Love” his Beretta was not in a holster; since he had the “squat” silencer attached, he had to stick it down his waist in what we call “Mexican carry.” When he tried to draw it, the silencer stuck on his belt and left him frantically tugging on the gun while he was being attacked.

  • Arturo Suarez

    Who pays MSRP? It all comes out to about $50 less then add stamp…

    Now, if you go for the “stainless” version, now we’re talking savings…just not true to the “007 look”.

  • desert

    Where can you buy these?

  • KitCarson