Weatherby Modular Chassis Rifle


Weatherby announced a new gun designed for tactical shooters. Called the Modular Chassis Rifle, the gun is part of the Vanguard line and comes with an accuracy guarantee of a three-shot group of less than 1″ at 100 yards.

The rifle has a 22″ bull barrel that is free floated. The chassis is made of CNC machined 6061 aluminum. The forend has hole spacing for the shooter to attach Magoul MOE rails if desired.

At the rear, Weatherby uses a Luth-AR Modular Buttstock Assembly. The pistol grip is provided by Hogue. Weatherby uses a two-stage trigger, and the trigger guard is oversized for use with gloves.

The suggested retail price for the Modular Chassis rifle is $1,449. The company is promising rifles will be at dealers by November 16.

Richard Johnson

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  • Roy

    Unless they thread the barrel, it looks like a flop of a “me too” rifle honestly.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d be much more interested if it was a real Mark V also and not just a Howa with “Weatherby” on the side. Howas are great, but you pay a premium for the Weatherby branding.

  • Dave

    That’s just a MDT LSS…

    • Roy

      I knew that looked familiar, but just couldn’t figure out why! Thanks. More of a “me too” with the Mossberg than the Ruger it seems.

      • Julio

        I think Ruger’s Precision Rifle has taken away any reason for buying either the Mossberg or this Weatherby.

    • HenryV

      The MDT LSS stockist here in the UK never lists the Howa variant. R700, Tika, Mossberg MVP, but the Howa no, which I find odd. $400 too much.

  • Duray

    What’s a “tactical shooter,” and how do I become one?

    • Beju

      If you have to ask, you haven’t watched enough Instructor Zero or Yeager videos. But you have to pick one, like Mets/Yankees or Cubs/White Sox.

      • Anonymoose

        What if I like both the Reds AND the Indians?

        • Beju

          Then the rest of us continue to pretend that you don’t exist.

        • jonspencer

          NL, AL you don’t have to choose until both are in the W.S. at the same time.
          That might take awhile.

      • Widgt

        As a Royals fan I suggest you do not choose the Mets…(Does happy dance). 30 years baby!!!

    • MR

      I think it’s like being an “avid hunter”. You have to find out when avid (in this case, tactical) season is, find a lease or spot of public land that isn’t already littered with other avid (tactical) hunters’ tree stands and ground blinds, and get a tag and/or license, depending on how your local game dept handles things.

  • Jsim

    What calibers does is come in?

    • Kitten

      223 y 308 only

      • ostiariusalpha

        Of course if you have any other Vanguard or Howa in a different caliber, you can swap it out.

        • Anonymoose

          What about mags?

          • ostiariusalpha

            The LSS chassis uses AICS type mags, which are dimensionally generous enough to work with a very wide variety of different cartridges. Looks like the Weatherby Modular only comes with one mag, but if you buy the .308 model you can get the more affordable spare mags that Magpul is now selling.

  • DL


  • Don Ward

    I think Weatherby needs an After School Special telling the company it doesn’t have to pretend to be cool by being “tactical” like all the other firearm companies. We love you for what you are Weatherby. Just continue making beautiful, handcrafted rifles that I can’t afford. You don’t need pretend to be something you’re not by making ugly, plastic rifles that I can’t afford.

  • Mark Hendricks

    If you check out the MDT web site you will see that this chassis for the Weatherby requires the MDT TAC magazine. Worse yet, they likely require fitting to the individual rifle for proper feeding. Copy and paste from the site:

    “Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard actions
    This is the only action that we manufacture a chassis for, that has a flat bottom action. For this reason only our Polymer magazines will work. The fitting may need to be modified slightly for proper feeding.”

  • tenmillimeter

    Uglier than sin.

  • MR

    Cute that they include a rifle, to make it look like they aren’t just copying MPA. ;P

  • NeoBlackdog

    Only 1″ at 100 yards? I’ve got a ’74 vintage model 70 that does half that when I do my part. More tacticool junk.