The H&K PSG-1 is a rare gun. Fewer than 400 are supposedly in the US. My friend Hughes shared these pics with me of a takedown version of the elusive PSG-1. According to Gun Wiki, the PSG-1 costs around $12k – $15k for a new version. I don’t even want to know how much this takedown model costs.

PSG 1 3 PSG 1 2


  • SP mclaughlin

    Using “Gun Wiki” as a source

  • USMC03Vet

    Agent 47 setup.

    • gunhead

      Or O-Ren Ishii…

  • Dave Spears

    That looks like a aftermarket conversion. Having sold 6 psg’ s when I was a hk dealer, it was always embarrassing to show their 300m test targets or let their customers know that hk was too cheap to include batteries for the scope.

    • Kelly Jackson

      Including batteries for the scope seems like a pretty dumb idea. The rifle could sit in storage for years at which point the batteries would be dead or have leaked out.

      • Sam

        I’m pretty sure any optic I’ve ever seen that requires a battery to operate gets shipped with a battery. Go to any gun store and look at an illuminated scope. Prolly has a battery in the case with it.

  • Lance

    Make you wanna play RAINBOW SIX!! LOL

  • Pointblank4445

    It’s a custom job by Mike at TSC Machine. It uses a 22″ 21E barrel. No factory PSG1’s were harmed.

    • Marty Ewer

      TSC Machine calls it the PSG2. Starting price is $11,995.

      • Secundius

        For that Price, it should have a Arisaka Type-99 7.7mm Barrel…

    • Giolli Joker

      Came here to say this.
      That website has a very bad effect on me…

  • plingr2

    Why embarrassing? What is the accuracy on 300m? Has anyone tried, change standard barrel to bull bar on G3 ? (sorry for my english)

    • Dave Spears

      Round count I think was three. The group’s sizes ran about 6 inches. One of the rifles had such a poor test target that I kept it. I will see if I can f I nd it to show you.

      • Amuse Bouche

        Really? My ’89 vintage PSG-1’s 300m test target is 8 shots into 80mm – that’s basically MOA or better. I can’t shoot that well, let alone with that gun.

  • Jeremy R

    I have a PSG-1 clone made by IGF firearms and It keeps 1MOA when shooting off the tripod. I actually had to have the trigger worked on to remove the ridiculous overtravel. It is a gun you own because you have to have it, not because it it is a great 1000yrd platform.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Reminds me of the arcade game Silent Scope. I miss that one.

    • avconsumer2

      Ugh… AWESOME game. So many quarters. Could almost get to the final round with one credit. Definitely a spot for it in my “dream arcade”.

  • Uniform223
  • RICH


  • J-

    HK Management: “Profits are down, what do we do?”

    HK Sales Rep: “I know. Lets make our needlessly expensive rifle even more needlessly expensive.”

    HK Management: “BRILLIANT!!! Johannes, you get a raise. Cocaine all around!!!”

  • James

    The people that know me best will know the day I win the lotto not because I roll up in a Lambo but because I’ll roll up in a jeep with a psg-1.

  • mechamaster

    Interesting concept for takedown PSG-1. But personally, I like to see G3-based weapon system with lighweight material and setup, and Quick-change-barrel capability and caliber conversion kit like HK 21 / 23.

    Must be interesting, to see the derivative product like “takedown MP-5” for example

  • Secundius

    ONLY $11,995.00 USD. And it’s STILL has a AISI/SAE 4140 Mil-Spec. Barrel. They’ve GOT TO BE JOKING…