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  • MacK

    That looks pretty damn good for that little tyke!

  • Kris

    It isn’t addressed in the description, but I’m assuming you still have to buy 922r compliant parts plus the stock in order to Form 1 that. That starts to get expensive fast. I don’t recall CZ saying they are selling the 922r compliant kit (minus their stock) separately?

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yes you are correct.

      • Kris

        Dang it…$199 + $279 + $200 just to get a folding stock.

        • Nick

          The factory CZ stock is a folder as well.

          • Kris

            Agree…plus it folds “the right way”…e.g., not across the ejection port.

    • Dave D

      Seems to me that the factory 922r kit will kill this stock. Only a Magpul super fan will want this.

  • It looks good, but set screw attachment is kinda meh. I would have preferred a proper rail adapter.

  • Green Hell

    Looks good unfolded, but it blocks the ejection port when folded, so nope.

    • AndyHasky

      Yeah, I kind of get why magpul made it fold that way, but it’s still a bad choice IMO.

  • ks

    makes a clunky gun…well….clunkier

    • Makes a clunky pistol into an extremely compact rifle.

  • AndyHasky

    I was thinking of buying a Zuhkov even though I don’t have an AK just so I could toy with it and try to add it to other guns because I love the look of it, I’m obviously not the only person with this idea! the CZ skorpion was definitely on the list of guns I’d like to see it on too.

    • Green Hell

      True, but it also could be even better if we had a modification of this stock folding on the left, it would fix any problems with ejection ports and also would be perfect for AK’s without side rails.

      • AndyHasky

        Maybe Shot show 2016 magpul will announce a left folding stock? probably not though

  • Sianmink

    I figured out what’s bothering me about this. (aside from it blocking the ejection port when folded)
    It’s too high. Using low-profile sights and optics seems like it would be a problem, when it isn’t with the factory folder.

    • You see a problem; I see a way to put the sights at AR height comfortably.

    • hking

      I might actually liike this on mine. The factory stock and the AR stock adapter are too low to use my 1.5x ACOG effectively.

  • Green Hell

    What about the original Scorpion stock, is it not for sale yet? I’m not wery familiar with US SBR laws, but can you use an airsoft Scorpion stock to make an SBR?

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Assuming you follow all the proper legal paperwork and pay your tax, yes, you can use an airsoft stock. At least, legally you can. The law doesn’t give a damn where the stock comes from.

      There’s a question of “will it actually fit and/or work” when it’s done though. That I could not answer for you.

      • Well, the law does care where it’s from, as the Scorp in rifle/SBR form is subject to 922r regs. Adding a domestic made stock won’t up your imported parts count, but adding a foreign made stock will. Thankfully CZ-USA’s 922r compliance parts kit has enough US replacement parts to allow a foreign stock (like the Czech-made factory stock that’s part of the whole 922r package) to be used.

        And yes, the factory stock with the compliance kit is hitting the market now for $199. I just reviewed it for a TFB competitor blog 😉

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    GAH.. I want to make one of these CA-compliant, but I have not seen any sources for aftermarket barrels yet. This stock looks amazing too.

    • Cymond

      You could permanently attach a super long flash hider or faux suppressor. The stock would be locked open, plus a magazine lock. And then there’s 922r…

      • jcitizen

        Is it legal now, to change a pistol into a rifle – I know it is a stupid question, but then regulations are stupid anyway.

        • Cymond

          Yes, you can make a pistol into a rifle, and then convert it back to a pistol (see ATF 2011-4 for proof and details). However, since this pistol is imported, you would technically have to comply with 922(r), which has to do with the number of foreign parts in a rifle.

          You CANNOT convert a rifle into a pistol. That woud make it a SBR. You have to start with a pistol or a ‘virgin’ frame/receiver.

          • jcitizen

            I was thinking the barrel was too short to have a folding stock.

          • Cymond

            Well, yeah, I was assuming that you were including a 16″ barrel in this hypothetical rifle conversion. If you just slap a stock onto a pistol, then that’s a SBR. However, a permanently attached barrel extension, flash hider, or brake is considered part of the barrel, which is why some companies make 6″ long flash hiders. Also, some people permanently attach 2″ flash hiders to 14.5″ AR-15 barrels.
            For example, here’s a carbine conversion for a 1911 pistol.

          • jcitizen

            Well the article was about the CZ pistol — right? Hey! Thanks for the KEWL pic on the .45 kit! I used to have one that was issued to the Lebanese Christian Phalanges Commandos, that looked similar – I put it on a .45 1911 registered Title II pistol, with a 30 drum, and I never had as much fun since!!! It was like shooting a barrel o monkeys!! I got rid of the shoulder stock after that – didn’t really care for the paper work!! I even enjoyed shooting it better than one of my favorite of all time SWD M11/9!!!

  • John


    You have a new potential market. Pay attention.

    –THAT IS ALL.–

  • RICH

    That’s a nice compact little package. It’s the $200 tax stamps that kills ya !