I stumbled across this eBay auction for a 1911 stock when I was looking for a LWRC folding grip.

Below is a screenshot of the auction.

1911 stock ebay


Notice anything lacking in the description? The seller only says it will fit a 45 cal pistol. Well that is rather vague. 1911 stock ebay description

From the photo of the item, I can see two sheets of metal. They are shaped like 1911 grips but with a Nike style swoosh attached to the bottom of them. The two sheets of metal appear to be welded to a metal collar where an AR buffer tube has been screwed on.

Zero mention of the fact that installing this would be a felony unless you have a NFA Tax Stamp for your 45 cal pistol.


I photoshopped a 1911 onto the grip, just to see how absurd it would look like. I do not have the highest confidence in the welds if the metal grips can be sandwiched between the 1911 frame and grip panels.

1911 with ebay stock


  • Don Ward

    Mother of God…

    An eBay seller has given a less than complete and/or inaccurate description of their sale item.

    *Ominous music sounds*

    *Close-up to computer hacker clacking away on the 7 screen computer he uses to do hacking stuff*

    It Begins.

    • nadnerbus

      Where’s a Triceracops when you need one.

  • J-

    eBay Item: One Felony Conviction
    Starting bid: $75.00
    Buy it now: $150.00 + 15 YEARS

    • RICH

      How about $250,000.00 and 10 years

      • Leigh Rich

        You can not go to Jail for posing it if you don’t have a 1911. Airsoft could use it too.

        • Joseph Smith

          I’m sure BATF has a 1911 lying around they can loan you.

  • Zachary marrs

    This listing brought to you by the letters “A” “T” and “F”

    • PK

      Doubtful. I’d love that for airsoft.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    Just add a 16″ barrel an enjoy your carbine.

    • Kelly Jackson

      I’m not sure that would be the case here

      At one point the ATF ruled if it was ever a pistol then it’s always a pistol. Meaning you can’t just put a stock and 16″ barrel on a firearm that was sold as a pistol.

      • Al

        Actually you can convert a pistol to a rifle and back to a pistol, see ATF ruling 2011-4.

        • Tom Currie

          That is the ‘current’ ruling (until the next time someone at ATF changes whatever they use in place of a mind). As Kelly pointed out, at one time the ATF had ruled that “once a pistol, always a pistol” — on another occasion they expressed to opposite opinion saying that you could convert the pistol into a rifle, but you couldn’t convert it back – both those determinations were made quite a few years ago around the time that these assorted “carbine kits” for the 1911 and the Glock were briefly popular. I also recall one ATF agent (not anyone empowered to make an official determination) saying that the fully assembled carbine was legal but that there was no way to get from the pistol to the carbine because regardless of whether you installed the stock or the barrel first, it would be illegal until both were installed.

      • Cymond

        No, ATF ruled (once upon a time) that “once rifle, always a rifle”. In other words, you could put a long barrel & stock onto a pistol, but taking them back off would create a SBR. That changed with ATF 2011-4.

        • DeathFromTheShadows

          ATF 2011-4 was simply a clarification of the “Once a rifle” Midas stance. Called a Midas stance or ruling if you will although only a judge can make a ruling, just like in the story of King Midas, nothing could be changed back (their rule not the gun) once it was made, hence it was “golden”. Their own agents followed the Midas rule aspect on everything creating issues and even Judicial censures. and the Batfe was forced to make the 2011-4 clarification. The rule always WAS “Barrel first Barrel last”. but their own King Midas Bull created issues on internal interpretation and understanding this, even before the Clarification, paper work explained you could convert back without the need of any further paperwork.

          • Cymond

            Interesting, nice to get some more perspective.
            Of course, now it seems ATF has gone in the opposite direction, contradicting themselves and overturning their own rulings whenever they feel like it.

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            Of course Per the US Constitution the BATFEE shouldn’t even exist. and not just on the Second Amendment, its governed by the Tenth

      • DeathFromTheShadows

        Actually that is a myth. you simply had to reregister it with the ATF as a rifle. it then could be converted back and forth. The original TC Contenders drove them up a wall on this issue. they actually requested T/C start making a rifle so there would be no excuse for people to do the conversions, T/C politely informed them that they were not in the business to make cartridge based long guns, and held off until they introduced the Encore, which has a much heavier frame, Of course the batfe started to see, with the help of Hunters in congress and senate that their inverse logic of trying to over regulate making handguns into long guns was illogical even though they still try to resist. its like the old adage “you can always tell a liberal, you just cant tell them much”…

  • anon

    this with a shoulder brace would be pretty cool

  • iksnilol

    I would have gone with a thumbhole design, for added structural integrity.

  • steveday72

    It appears they were inspired by the old Webley revolver stocks.

    Mag changes would be very tricky.

  • Jeff Smith

    I’ve seen these for a while. The company Sportsman’s Guide was selling them a few years back with a 16″ barrel to go along with it.

    • Jeff Smith

      Here’s one with a 16″ barrel. The stock isn’t the same as the ones sold by Sportsman’s Guide – they were selling the one from this article.

      • Broz

        IIRC Sarco sold these many years ago…allegedly from Lebanon…Middle East…NOT Pennsylvania!!!

      • Secundius

        @ Jeff Smith.

        VAST DIFFERENCE THOUGH, Picture is that of a M1911A2 SAS chambered to fire a .308Win (7.62×51.18) Breech-Loading Single Shot “Artillery Pistol”. NOT a .45ACP or .455Webley Service Model with Extend 16-inch Barrel…

        • DeathFromTheShadows

          No this isn’t the SAS.308. the SAS has a pivot pin and three piece “slide” while I can see why you may think this is the SAS due to a shiny mark on the slide, its in the wrong place, the pivot pin is in front of the frame, not above it. Where it seems to be in this pic wouldn’t allow it to pivot for loading and extraction You would also see a split just infront of the rear sight down through the “slide” where the accrual frame and barrel assembly meet.( think break action shotgun that it is based off). as for the mark on the slide in this pic, I cant say what it is, at full sized it is already out of proper focus and at greater magnification, it loses any definition, so I cant even guess if it is on the firearm or an aberration on the pic. Now back to the butt stock (as in the back of the gun) I used to have one of these, what you cant see is the nifty joint on it tat allows it to turn up and spin around so it folds up on the pistol for a compact package that doesn’t need to be removed to be cased. As for removal that itself isn’t difficult as it keys onto the mainspring housing and has a simple spring actuated retainer lever. I never got around to reworking a mainspring housing for it, as I never got around to picking up the barrel. and it was a time when the atf was starting to get out of control so I wasn’t going to think about doing thing out of order, and without anyway to mount the stock they couldn’t pull anything, Today even without the proper mainspring housing, I wouldn’t risk it without the barrel in hand, those bastards cant be trusted further than the length of Hillary’s penis.

        • Jeff Smith

          To which picture are you referring? The photo at the bottom seems to be a standard 1911a1.

  • Graham2

    It’s a shoulder thing that goes down and up!

  • Lou D

    “Soap on a Rope sold separately!”

  • Broz

    IIRC, Sarco years ago sold 1911 ‘carbine’ kits allegedly from Lebanon that included a stock, mainspring housing that would allow the stock to be attached to the pistol along with a 16 inch barrel…used to shoot bowling pins with a guy who used one of the barrels cut to 7 inches for his custom 1911….good luck spending hard earned cash on this monstrosity…PLUS spernding another $200 on the tax stamp!!!

  • Simcha M.

    As a gun-nut and a veteran & former ebay seller, I implore you not to buy anything on evilbay.

    They are anti-second amendment (for the most part) and treat sellers like dirt.

    Need gun parts? Give your hard-earned money to sellers on Gunbroker, AuctionArms, GunsAmerica, et al.

    • Leigh Rich

      Nothing wrong with E-bay. there is a lot more needs than just gun parts.

      • Simcha M.

        OK for you……………

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      I buy and sell gun parts on eBay all the time. They don’t allow anything with Nazi insignia, even the waffenampt, due to trilling limpwrists.

      Neither eBay nor Paypal allow anything related to “Assault weapons.” HINT: Both are California corporations. If they took a percentage off AW sales, CA just might decide to file charges against them, CA being the third world despotism it is.

      But anything not related to EBRs is fine, and sold all day long.

      • Simcha M.

        Good for you, Michael. You apparently never had the douchebags in San Jose cancel auction after auction because of a do-gooder, anti-gun Leftist ebayer ratted you out on bogus claims of policy violations.

        Have you ever tried to sell a part for a Tokarev pistol?? Good luck; Fleecebay doesn’t know and doesn’t care to know that the Tokarev rifle is verboten and the pistol is kosher.

        I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time or energy to deal with the fascists who run the company.

        Evilbay treats its sellers like dirt and they hate guns as a whole. Why in the world would you want to continue giving them your hard-earned money? They don’t deserve it; Gunbroker, GunsAmerica, et al DO deserve your money and they’ll take less of it while giving you more support and exposure.

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          I’ve had more trouble with idiot sellers on GB than eBay.

          If you expect any multibillion dollar company to treat you as anything other than a source of income, I have some bad news for you.

          “They” are a large number of stockholders who don’t hate anything, but have to deal with bureaucracy that can attack them, and blissninnies who’ll whine to the press.

          I sell the same products on Amazon and Gunbroker as well. Typically, gun parts on Amazon and eBay earn more money than the same parts on GB.

          And in the meantime, I’m making money from those “gun haters” as you call them.

      • DeathFromTheShadows

        Not true ANYMORE. Once they saw (remember PayPal is a division of Ebay) how much money they were losing out on AR and AK parts that did NOT require an FFL were suddenly allowed. Remember the dollar bill is the God of the Liberals and Obama is their Messiah… they still will not allow historic memorabilia though, heaven forbid, that might expose their revisionist history.
        The irony is the excuse they use about how evil it is when the Jewish organizations are against the ban, since keeping these items in the public eye prevents people from forgetting the REAL Truth of the Nazis and their allies the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • YS

    Replace the stock with an arm brace, and presto, legal enhanced pistol.

    • Denis

      With the angle of the attachment for a stock, if you replaced the stock with a brace, you couldn’t slip your hand through the brace and reach the grip. Since it couldn’t be used as it was originally designed the ATF could argue that you redesigned it as a stock, presto changeo you’re a felon again

  • RICH

    This smells like an AnT Farm scam……… BEWARE ! LOL

  • Southpaw89

    AR stock on a 1911 looks wrong, I’d take a replica of one of the holster stocks that was used way back. If I’m going through the trouble of getting a tax stamp, the final product better look good.

  • ozzallos .

    Zero mention of the tax stamp… And? Not the seller’s job to be the buyer’s nanny or firearm’s consultant. Stop expecting to be hand-walked through everything.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Also, if you get a carbine barrel for the pistol, NFA doesn’t come into play. As long as you assemble it in the right order.

  • guest

    This is “bad”, and the “pistols” with “braces” here are what, “good” all of a sudden? Or how about the “muzzle breaks”, easely converted into cans?

    If you are an idiot you get what’s coming to you. If not – good for you.

    I had a seller sell me a flash supressor once, a cast one, looked pretty sharp. One little detail was that the channel for the bullet was about a full 1/4″ off centre. Gee, thanks.

    Oh yes eBay is not a good place.

  • Leigh Rich

    Made in China…LOL

  • David

    whats the need for this , if it was free and legal ,what good would it do ?

    • Cymond

      The Shortbarrel Shepherd is a blogger who focuses on defensive guns & training. As he expressed it, “Yes, I can shoot as quickly with a pistol, but not as accurately. Or I can shoot as accurately with a pistol, but not as quickly. A stocked “mini” SBR allows me to do both.”

      • David


  • janklow

    well, this is possibly the worst-looking accessory i have ever seen

  • iksnilol


  • DeathFromTheShadows

    this isn’t a conversion. that is a completely different frame with the metal buttstock addition Browning was very sly with this, minor alteration to tooling and they had a rifle frame add a different barrel and all the rest of the support parts except the fore arm and stock wood were stock items People were actually buying the rifle barrels to install on their hand guns, for hunting and other uses, giving more of a nomad balance and feel. Now that was a .22pistol, the browning nomad in target configuration.

  • Denis

    Even if it was a Shockwave brace,the original design is for the blade to rest against your forearm. When using a brace the brace always is in line with the pistol grip. If you draw a line perpendicular to the pistol grip and a line parallel to the stock they can be lined up, this is not the case with this stock. You couldn’t rest your forearmon the brace and grip the pistol in a way that you could fire it. If you made an adapter that was 4-6 inches higher it would work as a brace.

    • DeathFromTheShadows

      I have owned both and kept the Shockwave Blade, and replaced all the sigs You quite apparently have no experience with either

      • Denis

        The very top of the stock is center with the pistol grip, right at the bottom of the grip safety. Which the “blade” on the brace is 1.5 inches below that, putting your hand below that even if you could reach the trigger you wouldn’t be able to fire it. You could attempt to angle your forearm up but since the width of a pistol buffertube is about the same as width of the grip on a 1911 you would also have to Angle your forearm away from the grip, you might be able to reach the grip by angling your wrist but I question if you reach the grip and trigger at the same time. Also I noticed you’ve become irrationally angry and reduced your self to name calling. so I am going to infer one of two things: the failure of a 1911 brace has some sort of emotional meaning to you, I am terribly sorry for insulting you, or you are covering up insecurity in yourself. Either way best of luck to you. If you do get your 1911 brace working I really would love to see it in action.