Yeager Versus Zero

Thankfully, the shooting industry will never have as much drama and nonsense floating around as Hollywood does. Regardless, a recent drama that has ensued is one where James Yeager pretty much called out Instructor Zero for not being professional enough, Zero responded in kind on Youtube with his own video, and then Yeager responded with an apology. The two should be at SHOT this year, so that will be interesting to see if anything ensues out of it.

Not picking either side, but just looking at the facts. Yeager makes videos like this quite often, calling out everything from homophobic viewpoints to every 1911 ever made. The fact that he made one about Zero isn’t surprising at all. The two men come from completely different small arms backgrounds, Yeager from law enforcement and Zero from Italian special forces. However I will say this, although I don’t know too much about Zero, I know that the type of men that he trains are mostly government entities that come to him for training. Whereas the overwhelming majority of the people Yeager trains come to him in their off time. Law Enforcement, and Military included. My point is that almost anyone in the States that fits the requirements for Yeager’s classes can and do take them. Whether or not they use the skills they gained in the classes afterwards, is another matter. I’m completely sure that many of them do, in their jobs in Law Enforcement and etc… However, if what I hear about Zero is true, then 100 percent of the students in his classes, literally depend on the skills that they learn, in their jobs. It would be like comparing the Special Operations Medical school that churns out 18 Deltas, to a high risk, civilian ran trauma school in the United States. Although they might teach similar topics, look at where their students are actually taking their skills. Either way, TFB isn’t about to get dragged into any of this.

All this reminds me of the whole Cory and Erika fiasco, in addition to a small crowd of dis-creditors on Chris Costa for being a Coastie

Yeager’s first strike

Zero’s rebuttal

Yeager’s Apology


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  • Darkpr0

    This article does not contain guns, shooting or fun. Please fix.

    • Ethan

      I thought I had mis-clicked and ended up on a trashy VH1 reality-tv show for a second..

    • It is about the culture that shooting exists in, which does include guns, shooting, and fun.

      • Ethan

        This is not gun culture. This is one moron trying to imitate the Kardashian approach to gaining more views.

        ..and you would have us embrace this? No thanks. We care too much about things that matter.

        • Honestly it is culture. Granted, we are in a changing time, and historically probably won’t know what to do with anything technology related, and placing it in its proper context, many years after the fact (Facebook, Youtube, etc…). This post ranks in the same category as Chris Costa going over to Japan and walking down a catwalk, showing off his stance. It’s not intellectual, it is a development in the firearms world, that is somewhat interesting/

          Who ever said I asked you to embrace this? I’m bringing light to it for other people to read about.

          • Kivaari

            I enjoyed it, as I used what I call book footnotes to find other material. Instructor Zero impresses me.

  • i_the_jury

    “Either way, TFB isn’t about to get dragged into any of this.”

    Except for making a post about it like gossiping 12 year old girls.

    • How so? We’re bringing a cultural firearms news item to light. Both of these instructors have extremely popular Youtube channels, have credibility of some sort in both cases, or else people wouldn’t be taking their classes.

      • Guy

        I think it’s beneath TFB to get into this kind of gossip. Most of the readers here are well informed enough to not take either of these clowns seriously.
        But, hey…. it’s your guys’ blog- I’m just happy to read free content either way.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        Among what crowd does Yeager have credibility?

        • ??????

        • Jack Burton

          The Tapout-wearing, Call of Duty junkie subset of the gun owning population.

        • LilWolfy

          None that is even partially informed.

    • Kivaari

      It introduced me to two different shooters. I watched a few of Yeager’s, mostly attack and apology videos, and a few of Zero shooting. Zero CAN shoot and move. I envy him for his abilities and training actions I had never faced. I wish I had the opportunity to his training while still a working cop. I saw things that would stimulate fellow officers where big budgets did not exist. Stuff that any small agency could use to improve the skills.

    • Andrew

      The more people click on it, the more advertising dollars they earn, and the more they’ll keep posting stuff like this…

  • Tom

    I have to concur with the other comments. As I see it one “E-Celeb” tries to raise his profile by dissing someone else, this is TFB not keeping up with the Kardashians.

  • Vitsaus

    If it didn’t already border on tabloid journalism, it still gets dinged for being old news.

    • Alot of people haven’t read or heard about it yet.

      • Zachary marrs

        Most of those are in rhe “IDGAF” camp

      • Sgt. Stedenko

        This is trash.
        Clean up your act of go work for the National Enquirer.
        I dont come to TFB for this nonsense.

  • Ethan

    I understand – slow new days happen. That said, I would rather you REPEAT an interesting gun article (start a new series called “A classic never dies – revisits of the greatest guns TFB has ever written about” or something) than get into this kind of intelligence-insulting drivel.

    Sorry guys – most of your stuff is great work, but personally I’d like you to take this article down and move on. Lesson learned – this is not a direction you want to take this site in.

    Just my $0.02

    • Dan

      I would rather them repear an uninteresting gun story than this crap

      • Kivaari

        I’d like the truth. I wouldn’t go to Yeager after watching his obvious attack on Zero. Yeager’s “apology” wasn’t an apology, more of “I’ll kick your ass, if we ever meat” kind of challenge. Yeager looks like he could use brute force, while Zero would tear him to pieces without breaking a sweat.

        • Dan

          I say we design a course. Invite all of these youtube stars. Have it involve something from every type of firearms shooting discipline and see who comes out on top. Of course it will have to have some tacticle scenarios so we can see who completes it with a better score. It will have little to do with who is more legit in real life but it will dish out the butt hurt and give someone bragging rights.

          • Kivaari

            I don’t know how good Yeager is. Just his complaints and his responses bothered me. AAAHHHH, If we all had our your and health, I’d like to see his police methods. I am too old and held together by pins, bars, plates and screws, ever a cable.

          • Dan

            Wow about the only thing thru haven’t used to put you back together is duct tape and bailing wire. You sir have many “miles” on your chassis

          • Kivaari

            And, they hurt every time I wake up. I had three failed back surgeries since April. When I say that’s a pain in the neck, I mean it. Hey, life is good anyway. I still am building a few ARs and am looking forward to hitting the range with my new Colt M4 SBR, when the paperwork comes back.

          • Uniform223

            “I don’t know how good Yeager is”

            he’s good enough to run off into the closest ditch at the first sign of danger while others shoot back…

            he was NEVER military… he was prior LE before going PMC.

          • Kivaari

            I watched the video and read the AAR. I don’t know if I would have done better, considering the amount of lead flying. BUT, I would sure as hell tried to do better. It looks and reads like he never came close to returning fire, other than hurting the air his rounds passed through. I can speculate that I had better training than Yeager. Being a retired small town cop, I know my department was well ahead of others. We qualified every month, good or bad weather. Typically firing ~350 rounds. Our SMG quals required no less than 850 rds. Most of us shot well over 1,000. I had an edge as I had been using the HK for several years before that. Same with the M4 quals. I had to train our firearms instructor in how to run the carbines, and to zero the sights. It amazed me that he had not read the manual prior to the course. It’s ok, he was a good officer.

  • Esh325

    I wonder how somebody who threatens to start killing people is still able to be around guns?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    A “civilian” trauma surgeon in Houston or Chicago is probably going to see more GSW’s in a month than a SO medic.

    • Although that trauma surgeon will absolutely see more GSWs, the technology and lessons he is applying were gained from the past 15 years of war. There are a number of articles about this matter, the surgeon who saved Gabbie Glifford’s life, was previously doing work in Iraq. CAT tourniquets, SAM splints, a large amount of medical technology has resulted directly from trauma experiences in combat. The training that supports that environment is what makes up the 18 Delta course, and many other military medical courses.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Absolutely, the 18 Delta course is extremely impressive.
        The evolution of medical technology is always interesting. My GF is a physician here in Houston working in the middle of our huge med. center.

        • Bill

          There’s an argument to be made that the “reduction” we are seeing in homicides actually reflects better trauma care that is saving people who in the past would have died.

    • Kivaari

      Even Seattle. Joint Base Lewis McCord sends to Harborview docs there to get training in GSW management. At least they did that in my era.

      • Tom

        I think NATO still has a program to train doctors in one of the LA County hospitals due to the large number of GSW encountered.

  • Wll

    Italy has special forces? No kidding??

    • Dan

      You know call me ignorant but I actually thought the same when I read that.

      • Kyle

        I thought the only thing the Italians were good for were making really, really nice shotguns and hilariously impractical, expensive cars that can go ZOOOOM SCREEEEECH between red lights.

        • Sianmink

          Among other things.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Now that is some beautiful performance art right there. Really captures the transient nature of life, from the highs to the lows.

          • His insurance just went up!

        • Don Ward

          Hey. The Itays are good for more than making really nice shotguns and expensive cars!

  • Don Ward

    James Yeager comes from a “law enforcement” perspective. And the laughing ensues.

    • I realize the story behind him, and am well aware of it, but the fact still stands, his was an LEO for a period of time, whether or not it ended up working or not.

      • Don Ward

        I’m not a big fan of either personalities. But there is no need to give Yeager a free pass on anything. Everything that is wrong with the current gun culture can be summed up in him. It would be different if he was humble about his accomplishments but he’s not. He passes himself off as a “Warrior” when he couldn’t even hack it at some Barney Fife level PD.
        Scorn a derision are the watch words.

        • Nicks87

          I think you pretty much nailed it, well said.

        • Kivaari

          Don’t look down too hard at small agencies. I was there and done it. We were considered pioneers years ago, since we promoted semi auto pistols and carbines (and SMGs in every car) long before the big guys caught on. We had better training than most large agencies. But, Mr. Zero in a few short videos really showed some great shooting and training materials that I wish I had thought of 30 years ago.

          • Don Ward

            Oh shoot. Yeah, I wasn’t meaning to bad mouth the small town/small county law enforcement guys.

          • Bill

            The average size of an LE agency in the US is 13 officers, which means a whole lot are smaller than that. Working in a “Barney Fife” dept can be good or bad – the good being that you learn to do everything with nothing, you get exposed to everything and there’s no passing the buck. You also learn self-reliance really fast, when your backup is half an hour to multiple hours away, or your in a hollow with no radio coverage.

          • Kivaari

            You are correct. When I first started we were simply deputy sheriff’s in an unincorporated “city”, We had 6 field officers plus office staff. That was 45 years ago and they have grown substantially. 5 of us were the first “real city police” after incorporation. In those times, if anything happened we did it all. Later I went to another 12 man department. It was at the time “about average”. Same there except when we had the rare murder, we would call the state lab to take over. There is just no way small agencies can maintain investigative skills. Fortunately we had one murder every 10 years.
            Also fortunately if a body dump took place, it was just out of town.
            People forget that there are many more 2-5 man departments than big. I retired and moved to Idaho where we have a 2 man department. The chief and I were talking recently about how his work load is, This little department has 80% felony activity. My old agencies had 15-20% felony rates. A huge difference. About the only time you see them ding traffic, is when school kids are coming or going. Recently the chief chased down a multiple-murder suspect, 16 miles out of town. There just were no other cops handy. Another sergeant I knew in the past, was getting ridiculed by 3 Seattle cops. He asked them how many murder cases they handle. Well, none of them as they handed them off to detectives. That small town sergeant was handling 3 murders, running the K9 and patrol. Big city cops like to ridicule the little guys, when some are superior cops. Unfortunately federal and state agencies ignore the little guys. We had 12 conferences per year and they couldn’t figure out why the rural towns were not participating. Well, some places had ONE-HALF of a cop. The marshal, wasn’t even full-time, The rest of the time they worked for public works running mowers or snow plows. People just can’t relate.

    • Edeco

      Makes sense to me 😛

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      Agreed. What a complete clown.

    • Yea hardly true–a year in a one man department doesn’t fit.

  • tony

    Yeager is comic character now, like Jim Cramer on CNBC

  • Nathan Harris

    Not only is this post silly drama, it’s silly drama that is a month old.

  • INFI


  • Sianmink

    This kind of stuff is exactly what Yeager loves though.
    Being controversial. It keeps those view stats up!

  • Cal S.

    There’s less to Zero than meets the eye. The guy spent a few years in a ‘parachute battalion’ in Italy before spending the next few years as–no joke–an innkeeper. Then, he up and decides he can train the world’s elite? Color me skeptical.

    It’s all too easy to fake things like that with the anonymity of the internet these days. I myself could start an online community under an assumed name, take what I know about firearms training, throw up some pixelated faces in some YT videos, ‘disappear’ for a week and claim to have been off training some backwoods country’s spec ops (which no one would confirm or deny) while I was off-camera. I have no real respect for Yeager, to be frank, but at least we can see the results of his training. We can interview and talk to his students. Yeah, he jumps the shark to get the views back up, but at least he’s real. Zero’s fake, and there’s no two ways about that.

    Besides, who in their right minds hires someone from ITALY to train your elites? I’d choose someone from a more…shall we say…militarily illustrious nation than…Italy. Heck, I’d even take an old Spetz veteran over him. Just sayin’.

    • Sianmink

      I haven’t researched Zero’s background, but I can not deny that he can freaking shoot. Man has skills.

      • Cal S.

        I can shoot too, pretty dang good. Does that qualify me for being eligible to train special forces? If so, I’ll milk that cash cow all day long!

        Or is it the accent? Better brush up on my South African if I’m going to be believable!

        • All the Raindrops

          Can you shoot anywhere near the level of zero? Post some vids?

          • Kivaari

            I wish I could. Now old age has put a ball and chain around my leg. Zero shows excellent skills.

          • Cal S.

            I’m not going to be baited into saying I could do it better. I don’t know that I could. Doesn’t change the facts one bit. How many Olympic judges could do the same routines they judge others for?

            I know as a Youtuber myself how easy it is to selectively edit videos to take out every single miss and only show the hits.

          • Sulaco

            How many Olympic judges could do the same routines they judge others for? All of them or they would not be judging at the Olympics.

          • Cal S.

            Yeah, poorly worded that.

          • Actually no. Often the judges come from the coaching side of the sport, so they may or may not be that good at the activity that they are judging.

          • All the Raindrops

            so you have youtube vids of yourself shooting? post em up! if you’re half as fast as zero ill give you super mad props!!

          • Cal S.

            I’m not a gun blogger yet. I said that to say I know how to edit videos for the best possible outcomes to please my audience.

    • Ethan

      You took the bait. Let the speculative pissing contest begin.

    • Otm Shooter

      That bit about being an innkeeper. I gotta know. Where did you find that?
      Not nay-saying, just super curious all of a sudden.

    • All the Raindrops

      Can you do the drills that zero does with a timer at anywhere near the speed he does?

      Who cares if he was in innkeeper. Dude can shoot.

      • 11B

        I think the problem is when people claim to be ‘tactical’ instructors when they have very little tactical experience. Even Sonny Putzikas- self declared Spetznaz commando- has very questionable methods and experience but is held up as this uber tactical guy. Yeah, I’d go to Zero to learn how to shoot fast, but that’s about it.

        • Kivaari

          Zero, appears to not only shoot fast, but hit what needs hitting. I’d like to know more about him and his real life. I suspect he’s like a lot of real operators, they can do this stuff better than I can.

      • Cal S.

        I don’t know, I’ve never tried. Look, it doesn’t change the facts.

        How many Olympic judges could do the same routines they judge others on?

  • H

    Did he call out someone for being a homophobe or did he say something you thought was homophobic?

    • Yeager made a video telling people to stop being homophobic in general, comparing homophobia to racism of the 1960s, and how looking back on it now, today’s generation looks on that racist 60s crowd with disdain, and how maybe in several generations, it will be a similar situation.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    Who are these people? They both look and sound ridiculous.

  • whodywei

    Yeager is kind of like Trump of the firearm industry.

  • TFBTV: Drama free since I stabbed Patrick in the kidney with a rusty fork at lunch 2 weeks ago for calling the FNC a weird gun.
    Sorry bro, get well soon.

  • floppyscience

    Oh look, Yeager talking out of his ass again. What else is new?

  • Steve Martinovich

    It would be groovy if people like Yeager (and Costa) would just disappear.

    While I sometimes think Zero is a clever parody of the tacticool crowd, that boy can shoot. Whether that makes him qualified to instruct SO is another matter, but at least he brings a tangible skill to his videos.

  • New Chris

    I think this has value as an example of the potential pitfalls when choosing a firearms instructor.

    I’ve never taken a Tactical Response class. They are not geared towards people like me. I wont comment on Mr. Yeager’s military service as I wasn’t there and didn’t see what happened. What I have seen is him threaten to break the back of people who made fun of him on the internet.

    I just don’t see the kind of emotional intelligence I’m looking for in a firearms instructor from Mr. Yeager.

    I am glad he apologized to Instructor Zero as it show genuine growth.

    I wouldn’t want to take one of Mr. Yeager’s classes only to have his YouTube videos presented to the prosecution at my post self defense shooting trial. There are far too many qualified instructors, who don’t fly off the handle when they are provoked by people on the Internet.

    His classes look really fun, what with all the fireworks, and he seems like a nice enough guy if he agrees with you, but I wouldn’t want my name professorially associated with the man in any way.

    I know literally know nothing about Instructor Zero, which means he could be a quiet professional or a complete hack or something in between. His videos do show a highly developed skill set and he has never threatened to beat up anyone on the internet.

    • Bill

      That was no apology. You’ll have to take my opinion for what it’s worth, but from a linguistic and behavioral standpoint it was highly suspect. It was only twenty seconds long from guy who is notoriously long-winded, but I could easily crank out ten pages identifying areas that raise concerns about the legitimacy of what he says. Just an example: check out the camera angle. In a typical Yeager video the camera is at eye height and he looks straight into it, occasionally looking down at presumably notes. He’s also a lot more animated with his hands. In this one the camera is positioned lower, and he is literally looking down at it. He has his hands locked to the tabletop or structure in front of him. And why shoot the vid with that flag in the background? There’s also a difference between saying “I would like to apologize” and “I apologize.”

      I could go on and on. But I haven’t posted my CV or resume, so I could be full of poop.

  • All the Raindrops

    Yeager is a moron

  • Rick5555

    test test…doing that, since I posted something and suddenly it’s no longer on this forum. Wow, I said nothing inappropriate, wasn’t rude. I simply expressed my opinion and provided insight about some you tube channels pertaining to Quid Pro Quo….which is true. I guess you support the 2nd amendment on this site. But, the 1st amendment, is disregarded to some extent. Surprised….and it’s unfortunate too.

    • Cymond

      Did your comment contain any internet links? Because those need manual approval by a mod. Generally, TFB only removes comments if they’re truly terrible somehow. For example, we have a recurring neo-nazi whose inflammatory comments are quickly removed.

      • Kivaari

        Good thing.

      • Which I just banned again and deleted all his comments that were blocked.

        • Cymond

          I always smile when he gets hit with the banhammer again.

    • Jack Burton

      Reading your previous comment, I’m guessing certain words got it flagged for manual approval. That’s all.

    • Dan

      1st amendment doesn’t apply here. The public doesn’t own the blog.

    • What post are you talking about Rick. I haven’t deleted anything from you I can recall. Seriously I want to know.

  • Edeco

    My prollum with Yeager is when he has delusions of being an intellectual. I’m not a fan of him as an entertainer, and I’m not a training connoisseur, but whatever, he can do his thing and I can ignore it. But when he presumes to speak for the cause, that drives me bonkers. It’s like sorry, YouTube mercenary, you’re not mentally equipt for that.

  • John

    Unless this guy was somehow involved with Metal Gear, I’m not interested.

  • Mark Everett

    So I don’t know much about Yeager or Instructor Zero. I will say this. If I was going to spend my money on tactical shooting instruction, I would not spend it with Yeager. Why? Because, in short, he’s an a**hole. He uses his bully pulpit to go on (and on and on) about topics ranging from gays to competitors. And as Instructor Zero pointed out, he says one thing and then immediately does another. And then pulls the video. That’s unprofessional and, dare I say it, not particularly manly.

    I happen to have an ISD (Instruction Systems Development) background. I helped write a version of DOD-292, which tells vendors how to write instructional materials for the DOD. And I have taught at the college level. So I know something about instruction and education. If Yeager’s videos are an example of ‘education’, then I have some land 10 miles south of Cape Town I’d like to sell you. On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give the two Yeager videos I just watched about a 2. He’s not telling you what you are supposed to take away from the video, he can’t seem to stay on topic and …. well, I could go on. But I won’t.

  • Jam

    I have never seen Zero correctly clear a corner. Yeager may be irritable but at least his background checks out. Zero looks fake and uses copious amounts of woo.

  • Kivaari

    I hadn’t heard of either men. I watched some of the videos by Mister Zero. That man can shoot and move way beyond anyone in my old circle. Except for a couple of real operators. Just from those clips, I can tell he is the real thing. Just from a couple of clips with Yeager explaining his short comings, I don’t like him, even if he can shoot and teach.

  • Kivaari

    Yeager should have made a longer and more painful apology to Mr. Zero. Zero impresses me. Yeager needs to earn respect, it might be a long road to redemption.

  • Justin Roney

    Who…who are these people and why should I care? I hate to complain, but isn’t this a post about inter-personal politics? You guys have an awesome site, please don’t start covering stuff like this.

  • Joe

    Funny how everybody talks like they rule the industry. These days an average Joe shooter with a Glock watch videos and thinks he is a war machine…

  • mosinman

    who are these guys again?

  • Uniform223

    My two cents.

    “a small crowd of dis-creditors on Chris Costa for being a Coastie…”

    I don’t “dis” Mr. Costa. The man knows how to market himself and he can sure as $h-india-tango shoot better than I can. When I see stuff like this…

    I immediately think what the F? There is no denying the man knows how to make a trend. Much like how at a course I saw people using his C clamp grip…

    Though I do laugh when I see something like this…

    I can’t help but laugh a little.

    There are good instructors and there are bad ones. In my opinion James Yeager is a bad one. His seemingly lack of humility and the fact that when people call him out he had to go so far as to do this…

    that is not a good reflection of the community.

    Yeah people like to call Larry Vickers fat and that he sold out but you can’t deny his level of expertise and his operational history. Yeah people like to make fun of people and for the most part that all it is… harmless fun. Sometimes, it just goes way too far.

  • Kjk

    Only a few weeks late

  • Dan

    Thank you Matt. I never really gave much thought to Italy’s military. Thank you for the lesson.

  • InfiniteGrim

    So wait, Instructor Zero doesn’t allow civilians into his classes (Since you said 100% of his students rely on what they are taught) then I’m not sure why anyone should even care about Instructor Zero…. since his classes are solely for low drag high speed folks, Not saying I care to go to a Yeager class either…

  • Anonymoose

    >Zero from Italian special forces
    Instructor Zero never was and never has been in any military, police, or private security organization. His only accreditation is being a professional tacticool instructor.

  • 2wheels

    First off, I think they’re both goofballs and thus don’t really care. Especially about Yeager, it seems his entire business is built off of generating controversy and he has no problem publicly insulting/threatening people he doesn’t like.

    Second, I have to agree with some others posting here… Don’t really come here to hear about internet drama, even if they are firearms instructors.

  • PaperNuncio

    Blah blah blah. Baghdad Airport Road….blah blah blah.

  • Maurizio Fulignati

    Zero has never been in italian special forces

  • Zachary marrs

    2? I thought it was more?

    • Nicks87

      Yeah it might have been. He claims it was for personality differences but I’ve heard it was more like inability to follow dept. policy.

  • Phillip Cooper

    “We’re not going to get dragged into the middle of this”.. so here’s every video on the subject….

    Err, WTFO?

    • Kivaari

      Look at it this way. Beyond the bombastic first Yeager video and the calm response from Zero, this article brought both to my attention. I looked up Zero, and watched several videos. That man can shoot and move. He appeared to have more competence he shares. Yeager simply made himself look like an idiot. Regardless of how well Yeager shoots.

  • Otm Shooter

    It’s not a bad source. If you look up the supposed name mentioned it links to a facebook thread of folks bashing Instructor Zero and Zero stepping in and putting his $.02.
    I’m not here to pick a side. He’s a cool guy. And very nice. I interrupted his breakfast the last day after Shot Show to say hello and he was a very pleasant guy.
    I would not like it if people ran around questioning my credibility either.

  • stephen

    I used to like Yeager long ago but then he got on a TV show and it went to his head. Since that time his personal ethics has tanked (threatening to kill people, issuing duels, etc). Its more about drama and selling crap than good firearms instruction IMO. Did you see the video where his school teaches students to full mount a wrestling dummy, beat the bag about the head region with the pistol then empty the mag into the ‘head’?

    That’s a ticket to prison, do not pass Go and do not collect $200. Seem other bad advice too. So that and the fact he is a jerk, is the reason I don’t pay attention to him anymore.

    Now I have spent a career in the Army (infantry, Cav, MP), retired and did some law enforcement stuff, later moved in support as an electronics tech. I was also contracted to teach MPs at Fort Carson on M9 manipulation, instructing marksmanship, shooting, moving and training on pistol qual after I got into the tech thing – so I’m descent when it comes to firearms. With that said some of the best instruction I got as a civie was from Travis Haley & Chris Costa. They are both great on explaining the hows and whys. Then they prove it by actually being able to shoot exceptionally well. They both have personal ethics that I can relate to.

    With that said, from watching a number of Zero’s videos, he is an excellent shot and if you can get over the accent, it looks like he is a great instructor. I would love to take a class with him but well see if he expands his classes to civies. However when you look at James, the majority of his videos are more about drama than shooting. I would be surprised if JY could keep up with Zero.

    So if I had choose between Zero or JY, I would pick Zero hands down. Jerks are in high supply but quality instruction and high moral standards and ethics are rare these days.

    I could care less if Zero was an innkeeper or flower delivery man, his shots on target is proof he knows what he is doing. The thing is, he will only get better with time. Whereas JY has long since peaked IMO.

    Just saying.

  • guest

    lol what a cute little youtube drama

  • Wolfgar

    I miss being around adults.

  • Kip Hackman

    When I first looked at this I thought this was a post by Katie A. Which would make sense given her articles.

    That’s a bad thing, miles.

  • WildBorego

    empty hand gun battle
    or rap battle time

  • Todd

    I like them both. Yeager is generally more user-friendly to us gun guys, whereas, Zero is more hardcore combat. Both are sometimes unintentionally funny.

  • Surprise you mean? Anyway not everyone will like every article. Rather than be upset about it just skip it.
    Just because you say it doesn’t make it so.

  • n0truscotsman

    Say what you want, but I actually like Costa and Haley, even though they are ‘tactical’ and anything ‘tactical’ inflames the luddite crowd still stuck in what I’d like to call: the frontsight timeline.

    I still cant get over Yeager’s dueling, ‘back breaking’, and ‘say it to my face’ nonsense alongside the infamous ‘if this goes one more inch, ill start shooting ppl’ video that resulted in even more hasty generalizations towards gun owners following the sensitive post-Dec 2012 timeline.

    That doesn’t mean many of the things he says aren’t true. On the contrary, I think he’s right on the money with much of what he teaches.

    Still, I dislike it when he goes beyond his expertise, like teaching people load outs for patrolling, light infantry stuff, etc, which he was done with a couple of his videos.

    I can think of many more places I’d rather spend my money (and already have, enthusiastically), like Max Velocity, John Mosby, Mason Dixon Tactical, Mike Pannone, Pat McNamara, and Larry Vickers.

  • LilWolfy

    Yeager needs to find a new line of work. His video shooting the Adams Arms .308 shows how he hasn’t really learned anything or progressed as a shooter after all these years, yet he teaches people? What a joke.

  • Edeco

    Yeah, not so much controversial as a high-energy serial crap-starter. One month he wants to be a small-government philosopher, next he’s recommending a blue-flue epidemic, next he’s starting crap with other entertrainers. Then there were the real meltdowns. Pfft.

  • Matt Bennett

    To rate the quality of the instruction based off the end user’s profession is ridiculous. Just another subtle jab at civilians from the firearms industry/media.

  • Bill

    …and for that we have them to thank for the Panerai watch brand.

  • Bill

    Bill’s Rules for Evaluating Instructors:
    Will they give you a verifiable resume or vita?
    Do they have at least a functional background in adult education, learning styles, course design and assessment?
    Can they articulate not only how to do something, but why that something needs to be done?
    Do they welcome questions and offer explanations, and listen to students who may offer counter-explanations?
    Can they correct someone without that person knowing they are being corrected?
    Can they facilitate people essentially teaching themselves or each other a technique or concept?
    Do they pay more attention, in a positive way, to students who are struggling than students who are progressing as or better than expected?
    Are all students treated equally, regardless of background, experience level or gender?
    Do they have a written syllabus or course outline they issue out?
    Do they have lesson plans, or are they just pulling exercises out of an orifice?
    Do they have a trauma kit and make sure that everyone knows where it is?
    Do they make sure that everyone stays hydrated, fed, warm/cool/dry? (miserable people don’t learn well and can get sloppy, which equals unsafe).

  • valorius

    The dude looks like a nazi, and should get a good hard slap to the face for the A Pos gizmo on his tacticool atire.

    What. A. Douche.