Smart Shot BBs from Air Venturi

“You’ll put your eye out…”  BB guns.  Sheesh, I haven’t thought about those in a long time, especially with the availability of AirSoft.  Looks like Air Venturi is working on solving a problem which, honestly, I don’t remember having (though I was a young’un at the time).

Air Venturi, an exclusive airgun, airsoft and ammunition importer of leading international airgun brands, astonishes airgunners with news of the first notable BB safety innovation in nearly 100 years. The groundbreaking new Smart Shot BBs feature a double coating of copper plating surrounding heavyweight, lead shot. Since resistance to ricochet is exceptional with the new Smart Shot BBs, many safe options for various types of hard targets and shooting disciplines are now available to shooters.

“You know the BB gun in your closet collecting dust because you can’t shoot it in your basement or backyard for fear of ricochet?  Well now you can enjoy it again with Smart Shot BBs,”

I suppose it would be fun (and a little nolstagic) to get some tin cans and an air rifle and go plinking again. As far as shooting indoors with it, I may (as an ornery child) have put some holes in drywall in my bedroom with normal BBs.  Anyone else have some stories of BBs from their childhood (or for that matter, current life)?

I guess it would probably be a simple (and less dangerous) way to introduce the grandkids to the wonders of shooting.

What do you readers think?  Is it worth “reinventing” the BB?  Do you think this would increase adoption?

You can find more information at:

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  • Renegade

    I grew up in an apartment. There was a perfect angle in the place that I could put a coke can in the edge of my dresser and shoot at it from behind the living room couch.

    Well, I would shoot at it with my Red Ryder. Took a couplea shots at the can, dang thing didn’t even flinch. Took a closer look and the BBs traveled right through, out the back, and through my closed window. Oops…

  • M.M.D.C.

    MSRP is $12.99 for 500, according to their website. Walmart is selling 6000 zinc plated BBs for $6.97. Most people are gonna take one look at the price and leave it on the shelf.

    As for safety.. I can’t imagine anyone getting worked up over such a slight difference. Is 350 FPS even enough to cause lead to flatten?

    • thedonn007

      Yea, I just saw that too. I recently purchased some daisy match pellets for $4.00 per 500. I think I will stick with that option instead.

  • Dan

    I was shooting my bb gun in the back yard as a kid and hit my dads tiller by mistake bb ricocheted and hit my nephew behind the ear who popped around the corner. He let our a scream (whimp) and my dad came out of his work shop grabbed my bb gun and wrapped it around a steel pole. To this day I swear dark forces caused that. I wasnt aiming at the tiller, the tiller was never there any other time. There was a wood fench on one side and a wood pile on the other enclosing me in my own little shooting range. How it hit my nephew i dont know. And my dad just happened to be home early that day first time i ever remember that happening. So yea dark forces.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    There were many times as a kid when I was shooting my GI Joes or ninja turles in the back yard and had a bb ricochet straight back and hit me in the head.

  • John Smith

    While the price for these is ridiculous, BB guns in general are a great super cheap way to practice. You can get a good quality blowback action pistol for under 200.00 and practice at defensive use range for next to nothing with BB’s. $8.00 for 6000 BB’s that not even 2 cents for 100 “rounds” of practice shooting. Even after you factor in CO2 it is still 1/10th of what even .22 would cost. Plus you can shoot in a garage or basement and not disturb the neighbors.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    When I was a kid we had a feud with some neighbor kids over use of a vacant field behind our houses. So one day we ambush the other kids with a long range (50 yds) sniper attack in which we manage to score a couple of hits to the body. We stop to survey the casualties inflicted when one of the enemy launches a counter attack and scores a direct hit on my buddy, right between the eyes. The BB actually pierced the skin and went up under the skin on his forehead and I had to squeeze the bloody BB back out of the entrance would.
    Good times.

    • mosinman

      that would get the SWAT team to respond now a days

  • Scott Tuttle

    teach the kids to wear eye protection when they shoot anyways. good habit. not that I did as a kid of course.

  • Squirreltakular

    I had a CO2-powered Walther mockup that I’d shoot my neighbor with while he was on his trampoline in his backyard.

  • Phillip Cooper

    How can you not remember the ricochet issue with steel BBs? That’s a large part of why I don’t use mine.

    Will have to check into these, see how they fare with my son’s Red Ryder and my breakbarrel.

    • iksnilol

      Also gives them slight AP boost xD

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Or you can just buy a bag of BB shotshell shot. BB is a size designation. Lead BB shot has been around forever and you can buy actual lead BB’s.

  • Taofledermaus

    You’d think they put a microchip in the bb’s by that hyperbole name.

  • marathag

    way back in the day, BBs for airguns were lead at first. Steel came later

  • Just say’n

    The very first shot I took with my Red Ryder: Was my 10th birthday, couldn’t wait to get out into the back yard and start throwing steel BBs. Set up an empty can of mt. dew on top of an old tire. Stepped back 20 paces and yup- missed the can and hit the tire. Still sport a crater 34 years later in my lower forehead just above and centered between my eyes where the BB impacted. Lead-filled BBs likely wouldn’t have made any difference. Still have that Red Ryder and shoot it with my kids on occasion. Good times.

  • A.WChuck

    The why is stated in the blurb from the importer “many safe options for various types of hard targets and shooting disciplines are now available to shooters.”
    Many blowback CO2 pistols are BB only (as opposed to lead pellet) and it is not smart to shoot steel BBs at hard targets. That said, I’ll use soft targets with an old blanket over the backstop to prevent ricochets when I practice in the garage.

  • ks

    Because some commie, socialist capitalist is taking advantage of us regarding the ammo shortage (i.e. no 22’s), I now shoot more BBs than bullets. My wife doesn’t like all the tin cans hanging from the clothes line, but she won’t venture into the line of fire to take them down….(smiling). Oh, did I mention its cheaper too….

  • iksnilol

    Good idea, though nobody will use it due to price. Match pellets are at this price.

  • iksnilol

    Check out the Steel Storm or the Baikal Drozd.

    The former is full auto, the second is select fire (semi, 3rd burst and 6 rd burst). A bit more fun than a semi auto MP5 airgun in my opinion.

  • MR

    I can hear the voiceover now.

  • ironked

    When I was I kid I remember seeing a metal pellet trap that you could hang a target in front to shoot indoors. I just used a big corrogated cardboard box and shot BBs from the Daisy across two adjoining rooms on the upper floor of our house. Tons of fun. I could recover the BBs that weren’t embedded in the cardboard and shoot them again.

  • me ohmy

    only problem is most crosman pumps use the steel to hold them in the breech… no steel equals the REerrrrrrrrrzing of the bb, falling out of the barrel….cool idea though and really wanna zap a few critters to see if they deform

  • uncle fester

    I just picked up a Benjamin air rifle just like the one I wanted as a kid. I can’t wait to teach my kids to shoot it.

  • Sulaco

    Have a cousin that was walking along a beach (nearly 45 years ago now) with cliffs above it. Some *{){Y{{) (&( fired a BB gun at him from on top of the cliffs. Hit and blinded him in his left eye for life. They never found the shooter. Projectiles fired at speed at people are dangerous and unpredictable even the lowly BB. These new ones MAY offer some protection from ricochete rounds more the better in an urban enviorment.

  • Lead BB’s aren’t a new idea. Gamo makes them if I remember right for springers. Good idea though and would reduce ricochet, but probably not in lower-power air rifles. I lost count how many times I’ve been hit by a ricochet. Safety glasses back then 23 years ago) were an afterthought and so was proper firearm safety, although I exercised it pretty competently (Dad was a Sheriff). You just learned NOT to shoot things that would cause ricochet, which for me was glass bottles, cars, action figures, sheet metal, and boards (until I got a more powerful rifle). There was no airsoft. My friends and I have had BB pistol fights with those BB pistols from Crosman that you cocked every shot. You could do it pretty fast with practice. It wouldn’t hurt unless it hit you on a finger, temple, or face. Never been hit in the eye. Imagine running through a hail of BB’s across open ground at 10 yards! Fun! That was as close as we got to Battlefiend or Call of Duty!