Behind the Scenes Look at MasterPiece Arms’ BA Chassis System

MasterPiece Arms has produced a video giving a pretty detailed breakdown of their Bolt Action Chassis System.  It shows all of the features and operation, and some good video of deployment of the features.

In this video Phil Cashin, owner of MPA, gives an overview of the MasterPiece Arms Bolt Action Chassis, delves into its latest features and gives you a behind the scenes look at what makes this chassis so unique.

Warning, the video is ~26 minutes long, but I did find it somewhat interesting.  It is cool to hear some of the rationale for some of the design decisions.  It is even cooler to see stuff in operation as the manufactured intended.

It is pricey at $875.  Does anyone here have one?  Thoughts?

You can find some more information about their Bolt Action Chassis System at:

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  • Dan

    That is fairly pricey but you can spend a lot more for a savage 110BA and not have some of the features as this. Unless of course you’re sticking a custom made action/barrel in it. Whatever I’ve spent more money on dumber things.

    • MR

      I just wish they’d hurry up and ship my M11/9SA. Then they can experiment with whatever the heck they want.

  • NDS

    $875 is a lot but not outrageous compared to many other chassis manufacturers. If you’re stuffing a factory M700 action into it, well it may be overkill.

    I am glad to see MPA moving into the high-quality arms market, so far their new products are looking good.

  • notalima

    Price seems in line with the two chassis I’ve purchased (XLR and PDC) in the past. Need to see some reviews.

  • Wingbert

    Right, $870 is actually relatively low when compared to many R700 chassis out there. My AICS AX cost about $1300

  • Lance

    Still no chassis for Ruger or Winchester that shows the company’s lack of vision.

    • JK

      Why would they want to produce a product specifically to showcase their lack of vision? Now, if they were to produce a chassis system for those rifles that showed their vision, they might really have something.