Hornady 10mm Critical Duty Ammo

Ciritical Duty

Hornady introduced a new 10mm load in the Critical Duty line of ammunition. The new load uses a 175 grain FlexLock bullet and is rated for 1,160 fps at the muzzle (523 ft-lbs of energy).

What is interesting is that Hornady had sold a limited amount of 10mm ammunition in the Critical Duty line prior to this announcement. That ammo was a Cabella’s only item and was not part of the Hornady catalog. The Cabella’s exclusive 10mm load used a 175 grain FlexLock bullet, but was rated at a slower 1,050 fps.

(For readers outside of the United States, Cabella’s is an outdoors store that sells, among many other things, guns and ammunition.)

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • DaveP.

    Even if the ammo chronys exactly what it’s advertised as, that’s kinda slow for a 10mm load. Silvertip used the same weight of bullet, but at (claimed) 1290 FPS.

    • Bruce

      I’ve seen claimed chrono numbers all over the board. Hornady has usually hit their numbers but I’ve never done a silvertip load. No idea how they perform compared to the numbers on the box.

    • R

      Two thoughts. First, Silvertips don’t usually chrono that high. Youtube videos show them down around 1175. Second, WW apparently hasn’t made those rounds in years. I hope that they start making them again, sometime. They were nice rounds.

  • Caffeinated

    Unfortunately its another company that won’t load the 10mm to its full potential.

  • Sulaco

    Most likely at well over $1 a round as well….

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      Just wait until they get some non-melting polymer tips.

  • J.T.

    Hey, look, more under-powered 10mm.

    • De Facto

      Cut the manufacturers some slack – in an environment as prone to lawsuits as ours no one wants to be liable for damage/injury claims. God knows some 10mm guns can barely handle factory ammo as it is. (Lookin’ at you EAA.)

  • A.WChuck

    If it makes the required penetration AND expands, how much more powerful do you need?
    (No, I don’t know if it meets the above requirements, but if it does…)

    • Art out West

      Just use a .40 then, and don’t waste your time (and pay more money for ammo) for a 10mm. Personally, I think these numbers are good enough, but I am not a 10mm guy. I like 9mm, .40, .45, 38sp, 357 mag, and embarrassingly even .380.

      • A.WChuck

        Best answer yet, FTW.

        Also, agreed on the other calibers.

    • nobody

      >how much more powerful do you need?
      Powerful enough to fragment like rifle ammunition and reach the desired penetration, bullet expansion is an extremely inefficient way to increasing the size of wounds.

  • Art out West

    Sounds pretty wimpy for a 10mm. The ballistic info sounds more like a .40 S&W. If you want .40 ballistics, then shoot a .40 (like most police officers currently do). If you are going to use a 10mm, then make it worthwhile. Pump it up Hornady!

  • Guest


    • Dan

      Lets change it to Cabelalala’s

  • Sianmink

    175 grain at 1160? That’s not really any different from a .40 S&W defensive load. ex: Cor-Bon 165 JHP: 1179 fps.

    • Marc

      .40 critical duty: 175 gr at 1010 fps, 396 ft-lbs. Apples to apples. Not every 10 mm load has to be full power. Not every load of any cartridge has to be full power.

      • Sianmink

        Correct, but if you’re carrying all the extra bulk and weight of a 10mm, shouldn’t you get some tangible benefit from it?

        • Marc

          Maybe you just have big hands, prefer the better controllability and longer sight radius of a big gun, like to carry the same gun for animal defense and think 175 gr at 1160 fps is just fine for people.

      • The only reason for 10mm is the power. The standard load, established in the 1980’s, is 200gr @ 1200fps.

        If this were target ball ammo I could understand loading it softly, but for defensive use, premium JHP, I think most customers would have preferred this load at 1350 fps, which Underwood does with their 180gr loading.

        • Adam Withem

          Only thought could be duty use may target fbi standard penetration as part of their design goals… and from there decided not to load hotter for over penetration. Thus the same paper stats as the. 40.

  • sean

    Critical Duty was made with the FBI penetration test in mind. So there is something called over penetration so with the 10mm they have to slow it down so it doesn’t go to deep.

    • Or they could design a JHP for the 10mm, so that it expands wider while reaching FBI depths. This appears to just be the Critical Duty 175gr .40, just driven 100fps faster.

      • sean

        The advantage is in the bullet itself. A JHP wont perform the same thru auto glass and other tough barriers.

    • Dan

      That’s what she said! No? Fine

  • INFI

    Still waiting for the CRITICAL EXPLODER line. Hornady!!

  • INFI

    Lol this is the .40 Smith 175gr 1010fps. So this 10mm loading makes 150fps more. HMMM…..

  • That’s a Big 10-4 Caffinated. We need to bring the original Norma loading back. The one the FBI couldn’t handle.

  • Christopher Edward Penta

    9mm critical duty from a 92fs hits 450 fpe. What’s the point of this?

  • GetFactsBeforeFormingOpinions

    I was excited when I saw this article headline. Then I saw that it really wasn’t a 10mm load but a 40 S&W….

  • sean

    and look at the critical duty bullet compared to speers bullet after they went thru auto glass…no comparison

    • Honestly none of the recovered projectiles from Hornady looked that impressive, regardless of medium.

      • sean

        Find me one bullet that hold together better and still performs after going thru auto glass.

  • Secundius

    Worth considering, is the 147-gr. FMJ-FP 9×25.1/Dillon at 1,495-ft/sec. and 730-ft/lbs. Specifically designed for the 10mm frame, NOT the 9mm frame…