American Sniper Shootout By Tracking Point

Tracking Point and Chris Kyle Frog Foundation are setting a $1 Million dollar challenge. They are equipping Taya Kyle, widow of Sniper Chris Kyle, with a TrackingPoint Rifle. Her opponent will be professional shooter, Bruce Piatt. Who just won the NRA’s 2015 World Shooting Championship. If he can beat Taya and her TrackingPoint rifle, he will win $1 million dollars.


Having seen Bruce Piatt shoot and win Heavy Optics at this year’s 2015 FNH USA 3Gun Championship, I can say that Taya will have her work cut out for her.



So how can Taya compete against a winning competitive shooter? She will be using a TrackingPoint rifle. TrackingPoint claims that making hits is as easy as marking your target, aligning the reticle and squeezing the trigger. The contest will be a “staged war scenario featuring the same challenging targets our warriors face in combat”. I am not sure what that means as I am a competitive shooter and not a soldier. At FNH USA 3Gun I RO’d stage 3 and saw Bruce Piatt shoot that stage. There were 6 long range targets. From 150 yards out to 400 yards. Then you have to run over to another shooting position and grab your shotgun and shoot aerial clays and steel targets. In order to level the playing field and give Taya the advantage with the TrackingPoint rifle, neither shooter should be able to range find their target. One thing I see in 3Gun matches is how the pros tackle a stage versus me and the rest of the shooters. Pros will scope out the stages a whole day or more in advance. They will laser range find the long range targets so they know where to hold their scopes to make the hits. If Bruce Piatt does not know the distances of the long range targets, then it may slow him down. Tracking Point should play to their strengths. I recall Tracking Point making the claim that their system can track moving targets. Sure there are moving targets in competition but nothing long distance. Usually it is a swinger or a texas star that one would engage at close distances. Having to shoot a moving target out to like 400+ yards will be a real challenge for both shooters, however it may be easier if the Tracking Point rifle can do what they claim. They could also look into shooting targets out past usual 3Gun matches. Targets out to like 600 – 1000 yards can really be considered long distance. I think it would truly test Bruce’s skill level.

It shall be interesting to see how it unfolds.

For more information, you can go to Tracking Point’s website.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • hami

    Does anyone remember when Bob Lee Swagger out shot the guy using a fictional equivalent of Trackingpoint in a shoot-off just like this?

    I, Sniper was the book, yeah?

    • john huscio

      Dunno, I saw the movie with mark wahlberg a while back….

  • micmac80

    I am not certain a 3 gun champion is the right man for the job ,some of the PRS shooters might be better fit .Depending on the distances shot

    • Nicholas Chen

      It depends on the style of match. If it is similar to 3Gun style, then Bruce will win. If it is truly a sniper style competition, and range of targets are unknown, then Taya has the advantage.

      • micmac80

        Agree , but if they give sub 500m distances TrackingPoint would have no chance even against much lower grade competitiors. Considering the 1mio prize you can bet that course will be stacked against him and include long range unknown distance targets and crap GI rifle

        • tt_ttf

          yeah for a company that just went through a reorg for financial reasons, its a safe bet that is stacked else a few creditors might be pissed!

          • mike

            For contests like this they buy insurance, it would cost them a couple hundred grand whether the mil is paid out or not but they are not one the hook for the full million.

      • tt_ttf

        If she is able to use the full set of functions and learns how to tag targets, its going to be tough to beat depending on the rules

        The trick will be at any longer distances, if you are shooting for actual score vs just hitting a target, then the TP gun is in trouble.

        I have played around with it at their facility and at any real range the camera and digital zoom sucks since the EVF resolution is very low compared to good glass.

        It’s biased toward hitting the area target for game, not a bullseye.

        That said, their receptionist had never fired a gun before and was nailing 1000 yard targets first go.

      • CommonSense23

        How she still has to call wind. Tracking Point is a gimmick when you don’t have a trained spotter calling wind.

  • iHAL

    So does she get the million dollars or does she not disburse the money again?

    Why are we as gun owners putting up with this SEAL marketing tom foolery?

    • Joshua

      Because SEALs like their hair gel.

      • iksnilol

        Seals don’t have hair, so surely you must mean whisker gel.

        • Edeco

          They totally do though, people club them for it. Oops, made myself sad.

        • Phil Hsueh

          What do you mean, seals don’t have hair? They’re mammals and by definition are hairy. On the other hand, if you mean SEALs, well that’s a different matter entirely.

          • iksnilol

            Because of that I actually read up on seal anatomy.

            Some species actually have a so thick coat that they are hunted for it :O

            I was thinking of walruses, they have a very thin coat and you can see their skin.

  • John

    Interesting publicity stunt. I am not a fan of making anyone a long range sniper (if they have the cash) but you can’t stop progress.

  • wassili saizew

    Here is your daily reminder that chris kyle was proven to be a liar and that by supporting BS like this you just perpetuate his lies and the mindless patriotic propaganda behind it

    • SS Waffen

      Tall Talmud Tales told by the Hollyweird propaganda machine do wonders on braindead American sheeple.

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      I wish Jesse Ventura would sign up for the competition and beat her ass once again.

  • Treyh007

    If this guy wins he should give it back the military foundations!

  • TDog

    Hey, is she using that rifle to kill looters in New Orleans? Or is this more of a “I punched Jesse Ventura out” type of firearm?

    • zardinuk

      Chris may have been a little bit of a fibber, but doesn’t everyone want to punch out Jesse Ventura? I just want to POUND that ugly face of his!

  • Martin frank

    Why are you all hating on a dead combat hero? Jesse ventura is a psycho that believes in aliens and so forth. He is the least credible person’s side to take. How many taliban have y’all killed today?

    • Nicks87

      You are clueless. Go peddle your BS elsewhere.

  • dannye

    Does Tara Kyle’s TrackingPoint highlight small children?

  • Sam Green

    I wish Tracking Point had selected a different shooter other than Ms Kyle. I’ll leave it at that.

  • DL

    Let’s pad those elbows Sweetheart. Eye Protection. We’re mighty proud of you.