Improvised Six Barreled Shotgun Seized in Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country, but man does it seem like a lot of crazy stuff happens there. From cops shooting at bad guys from a helicopter and soccer refs pulling guns on players to interesting customized guns and even guns that shoot on their own! Check out this improvised 12 gauge shotgun that Brazilian police seized recently in Rondonia State, Brazil. It has a pretty interesting paint job, in case you’re wondering the letters CVRJ on the stock are the initials of a local gang. I wonder if it’s more reliable than a Taurus?



[Source: Homemadeguns]

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  • Giolli Joker

    Pepperbox 12.0
    (I don’t get what is there in the middle of the central tube… it would be fairly cool if it was a 7th barrel, Le Mat style.)

    • Jean Luc Picard

      It’s for holding the barrel assembly, I think you can even see a bolt and screwed metal that goes out …

    • Jamie Clemons

      I think it is a revolving barrel so the middle one would not line up with the firing pin.

  • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

    Gun control results in the most interesting guns.

  • Major Tom

    Where did that guy dig up a Nock volley gun?

    • Giolli Joker

      6 12GA 3″ recoiling on the shoulder at the same time… that would be something.

      • JK

        My next trap gun. 😀

  • PeterK

    Look at the cops all posing with it. That is hilarious.

    • wetcorps

      Wouldn’t you? 🙂

      • JK

        “Super Troopers”

  • Bronezhilet

    For when you need to breach a door.

    And the five behind that one.

  • wetcorps

    Looks pretty neat. And that peint job… His it hydro dipped?

    • Dan

      I am really digging that paint job for some reason. I’m not one for camo or paint on my guns but I like it and want just one gun with it.

    • whskee

      Seems a little unusual for a gang gun, nice touch though.

    • CountryBoy

      Looks almost like Damascus steel!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    The number of barrels you get depends on how pissed the gang is.

    6 > Losing a big drug shipment.

    1 > Spilling a margarita on El Jefe’s eel skin loafers.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I don’t blame the futbol referee for pulling a gun on a player after the 2013 incident in which a ref was killed and beheaded, also in Brazil.

    • I referred soccer for years, sometimes I wish I was carrying during matches haha

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Someone in Brazil has watched that Nicolas Cage movie I say..

    • Jean Luc Picard

      With his over the top performance 😀

  • iksnilol

    I want one, chop the barrels down to 20 cm though.

  • Fruitbat44

    This is going to crop up in the next ‘Call of Duty’ isn’t it?

  • Evan

    I noticed only one trigger. I wonder if it fires the barrels individually or all at once. Six barrels going off at the same time must make for some sore shoulders

    • mosinman

      i think you manually index the barrels

  • The weird thing is that the letters mean “Comando Vermelho Rio de Janeiro”, Comando Vermelho (Red Command) is a criminal faction from… Rio, +2700Km away from Rondonia. Probably the local criminals wanted a trendy decoration and painted the initials to look cool.

  • derfelcadarn

    If it comes in 10 gauge I’ll take two !

  • INFI

    When did the favela get hydro dip damascus?? GO BOPE GO BOPE GO!!!!!!!!

    • INFI


  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    Probably won’t be legal in New York or California!

  • Secundius

    Actually, it look’s like a “Super-Sized” Colt Mk.1 Defender, 8-Barrel 20-gauge Short-Shorty “Volley Gun” used by the OSS in WW2…

  • Swarf

    Yeah but… this one goes to six.

  • jcitizen


  • Rocketman

    I bet that just having a huge 6 barreled monster like that pointed at your midsection would be enough to scare the c*** out of just about any rival gang member!

  • LT Rusty

    Sergeant Harper, call your office.

    • Trey

      or Col. Jim Bowie (but only in the movie of course)

  • Jacque Mehoff

    looks similar to the Leinad 45/410 rotating barrel platform…