Fieldline Frontier Waist Pack

With hunting season underway, I imagine a number of our hunters have broken out their “blaze orange” vests lest they be mistaken as varmints/deer/oryx/squirrels/turkey/whatever… 🙂

Whether you’re in the midst of rifle or muzzleloader season, wearing blaze orange is all part of hunting safely. Of course, its hunter orange color isn’t the only thing going for the Fieldline Frontier Waist Pack, as it is the perfect companion for when you want to travel light. Measuring 6” x 13” x 5”, its large main compartment is the perfect size to securely store everything you need for a day in the field including: game calls, a hunting license, keys, hunting knife, mini flashlight or ID. And if the provided storage isn’t quite enough, the pack incorporates Fieldline’s Gear-Lock Modular system, which allows you to customize the pack by attaching additional Fieldline accessories and gear. Additionally, the waist pack’s contoured, kidney-shaped design gives hunters full access when zipped open, making it simple to retrieve cargo when on the go.

The Frontier Waist Pack is built with 2-inch webbing and an adjustable waist belt.  It also weighs in at .435 pounds (which is actually pretty good methinks).  I didn’t see any info in the press release as to the materials this pack is constructed from, but they do offer a lifetime warranty on the product.

This would also likely be a useful product for SAR as a small hasty bag that could be lashed/detached from a main bag with some survival kit.  Readers thoughts?

I couldn’t find any information at Fieldline’s website but I expect they will be adding it soon:

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Theres never any good reason to wear a fanny pack.

  • Shmoe

    Finally, a fanny pack in a stylish color!

  • Southpaw89

    I think I’ve hunted with a few turkeys, and at least one squirrel.

  • GearHeadTony

    Random question from a recreational shooter who doesn’t hunt: why are there special “seasons” for muzzle loaders?