These two renders have been doing the round on Russian social media. Apparently they were made by Russian students. They show a very AK-74 (or AK-12?) rifle with a very modern angular design.


Compare it with the Kalashnikov AK-12 below …



I much prefer the aesthetically pleasing AK-15 compared to the no-nonsense all-work no-play design of the AK-12.

The AK-15 does fall short in two areas. Firstly the magazine design is overly bulky for the sake of aesthetics. Secondly the forend is no wide enough in my opinion and it looks to be made out of the same steel or aluminium as the receiver. I think it would heat up rapidly. Making it wider and adding the ability to screw on side rails would improve the design.

What do you all of think of this design?


  • Phrederick

    That’s sexy and if it were real, I would be trying to get my hands on one.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    It’s a pretty cool idea. The gas system is unnecessarily tall though, and adding an optic would result in a chin weld. The ejection port doesn’t look to have enough clearance/travel for the charging handle either. It would be fun to attempt to replicate this.

    • ostiariusalpha

      With a low optic like an Aimpoint Micro or a miniature reflex, you could maintain cheek weld pretty decently.

  • TITAN308

    You have a ton of grammatical errors in your article. You may want to review it and fix them.

    • dshield55

      Perhaps he speaks Russian accent when writes English article on AK.

    • Sometimes articles are posted before I proof them. Still the meaning is very clear and no need to go on about grammatical errors. Grammatical errors don’t negate the information presented.

  • Anonymoose

    And they still don’t have full-length handguards…

    • Dracon1201

      No curve? What are you on? It literally looks the same as a 5.45 magazine

      • Anonymoose

        Not so much, and in the top picture looks like it just juts out at an angle.

        • Dracon1201

          Zoom in. It does have a curve. Perhaps it’s just the design on the mag messing with you.

  • morokko

    Oh, the videogame generation, for whom the cooler the weapon looks the deadlier it is. This is nice design from aestethical standpoint, but what would be the useful purpose to all those modern lines, besides being cool and making the production more expensive?

    • mechamaster

      Looks like polymer coating receiver for me. Maybe they inspired by Galil ACE, by making the lower receiver with polymer.

    • Chrome Dragon

      Aren’t holes for air circulation pretty typical in modern designs? Decreasing the thermal load would tend to reduce barrel warping from uneven heating.

    • steveday72

      That’s exactly how the AWB worked … banning guns purely for their aesthetics, claiming those aesthetics made the gun deadlier.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    AK-12 is very good, ok?
    Is for shooting 150 lb capitalist oppressors of free loving peoples everywhere and not for winning your bourgeoisie Yankee beauty contest.

    • ostiariusalpha

      And the 2015 version of the AK-12 is a sexy b*tch. If they developed those vent holes in the handguard into negative space attachments like an M-Lok and made an extended forend, it’d be near perfect.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Yeah the rendering is way cooler looking.
        Ive never owned an AK but I would consider it.

        • jcitizen

          I used to have a lot of them, until I got tired of barely hitting a pie pan at 75 yards – geeze! Only a Ruger Mini 14 was as bad! Now I WOULD like to have my Valmet back – it was a tack driver, despite using the exact same system – the Fins really knew how to make an AK variant! I’m still trying to get mine back – I should never have traded it off!

  • Jose

    I love this design. It should be considered as the next evolution of the Kalashnikov system. Anyone knows where is the link for these photos?

  • dshield55

    Nyet! AK12 is fine.
    No, not really. AK15 is 5 times more beautiful. But I think that’s one of the most endearing things about the AK design, it’s rugged and menacing butt-ugliness. In the tradition of ugly rifles started with the AK47, the AK12 continues the tradition of ugly into the 21st century.

  • kyle

    Needs zhukov magpul furnature then the ak 15 will be fine however some barrel fluting always looks stylish ; ).

  • Zugunder

    But.. But I like the look of AK-12.

  • ozzallos .


  • mechamaster

    Found the article 2 days ago from facebook, and inspired me to do doodling and added some minor upgrade to the design, like full monolithic upper, and angled charging handle, and MLOK hole.

    It’s look like Kalashnikov want to make AK with dominantly polymer receiver like the Galil ACE.

    • JSmath

      The covers are the way they are for very good reasons. A monolithic “upper” would be very counter-productive, anti-Kalashnikov in nature.

      A free-floating, monolithic handguard might actually be a good/useful variation, though. Combined upper and lower; have it latch-lock into place onto the receiver. Slide forward for servicing, or, if further dismantling is required, latch-unlock barrel and remove barrel/handguard/piston-tube assembly. A bit too “tacticool” for some, but it’d have its uses.

      • mechamaster

        Thanks for the advice !

        By the way, the upper monolithic rail is inspired by recent variant of AK-12 in Ratnik-trial and Saiga MK-107.

        And the lower handguard still retained by Kalasnikov-style barrel retainer lever.

  • Major Tom

    These students better not quit their day jobs…or should they?

    • rebart

      Dumb statement. Students all over the world have contributed designs on many things that were maybe modified later, but became useful. All designs of everything have to start somewhere. I hope you’re not in the manufacturing business. If so, what have you ever invented?

  • guest

    “rifle with a very modern angular design.”

    Goes to show that for the 1000’th time people chose guns not based on functions, field tests, or any other tangible measures of performance but looks.
    This segways right into the world of over-machined guns, tacticool nicknacks and what have you.

    Complete and utter gun fashion faggotry.

    • wetcorps

      I see nothing wrong with choosing a gun for its aesthetics, as long as you’re aware of it.
      Let’s be honest, most civilians gun purchases are made for reasons and uses that have little to do with actual fighting. And that’s perfectly fine.

    • Chrome Dragon

      Hey, if they can make a “sporterized” AK-12 look like that without compromising the existing, legendary reliability, they’d probably make up the extra engineering in increased civilian sales quite quickly.

  • Brian S

    What ever happened to the AK I saw years ago on the History Channel show about small arms of Russia? It fired the 7.62×54 and had a reciprocating barrel. It supposedly fired two rounds downrange with every pull of the trigger.

    • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

      AN-94 (Russian: 5,45-мм автомат Никонова обр. 1994 г. / АН-94 «Абака́н», GRAU designation 6P33) is an assault rifle of Russian origin. The initials stand for Avtomat Nikonova model of 1994

      • Brian S

        It looked like an awesome weapon. I think it said their production was stopped after the fall of the Soviet Union because of lack of funding. Just wondering if they are going to go back into production or why the US hasn’t tried to build something similar.

        • borekfk

          Supposedly the AN-94 has gone into low-rate production for Special Forces units and SWAT teams.

        • It didn’t start before the fall of the Soviet Union. This was a development for an assault rifle program that ran in the 90s. It is issued, on a small scale.

  • borekfk

    Meh, I prefer the beauty in function of the AK-12.Then again we’ll probably never see one or that other over in the US anyways.

  • hikerguy

    Shame its a concept piece and not the real deal. While the AK line has never been the most attractive firearm to my eyes, this is one handsome rifle. The folks at Klashnikov Concern need to hire these students in R&D.

  • Bal256

    I now wish hera arms made AK mags

    • JSmath

      Maybe is Hera mag in posters. Maybe AK15 is use free drop; yes, comrade?

  • Wheninrussia

    Pshhh. Who needs mag releases?

  • delson

    what a crapy looking rifle

  • Burst

    >I much prefer the aesthetically pleasing AK-15
    Yeah, it’s pretty great.

    >Firstly the magazine design is overly bulky for the sake of aesthetics
    That would be part of what makes it pleasing.

    >adding the ability to screw on side rails

    Unscrew top or bottom rail, add tri-rail attachment. Then apologize to the
    AK-gods for your bourgeois ways.

    I don’t necessarily think that some added bulk, or deleted rails is the gravest sin a modern firearm can make. Far better than trying to emulate an already-existent AR, IMHO.

  • lapkonium

    The AK-12 you have here is a prototype, the design has changed a bit since then.

  • Rock or Something

    Coming soon to a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 near you.

    • rebart

      Cute comment. I love it.

  • TJbrena

    I prefer the regular AK-12’s aesthetics. Modern appearance, but still looks like function was given far more priority than form.

    Thank god we’re still 10-15 years ahead of the Russians on aesthetics.

    • rebart

      and not much else, you forgot to say. Thanks to our administration.

    • Chrome Dragon

      We probably also put a lot more work into human-factors engineering; ease of use counts for a lot, actually.

  • USMC03Vet

    Would tap, rack, bang.

  • TITAN308

    I’m sorry I rustled your jimmies.

  • Guido FL

    The AK-12 is and was designed as a battle rifle with feed back from front line troops. Case closed !

  • LazyReader

    AK-15, for all those cheeto eatin, en-o-gee drink guzzling, gamers

  • Storyteller A. Winter

    so right now it’s still under development,correct? to this day it’s still a very vague rifle to many people.