Axelson Tactical’s New “Axe 17” Limited Edition Glock

Today knowledge of Operation Red Wings is fairly widespread as a result of the movie Lone Survivor, which followed on the heels of the book by the same name. Of course, many movie-goers did not and still do not realize they were watching a tragic story play out that was not manufactured by Hollywood but actually took place in the shale-strewn mountains of the Hindu Kush. It’s been a decade since those four Navy SEALs were inserted into Afghanistan’s Kunar Province, a decade since Lieutenant Michael Murphy, Petty Officer Second Class Danny Dietz, and Petty Officer Second Class Matt Axelson lost their lives in a ferocious fight to the death against known terrorists. A decade since the one survivor, Hospital Corpsman Second Class Marcus Luttrell, fell down a mountain, crawled to a stream, and was quite literally saved by a Pashtun by the name of Gulab. Ten years later, families continue to mourn the loss of their husbands, brothers, and sons. But in the case of the family of SEAL Matt Axelson, they’ve found a way to help his memory live on by founding Axelson Tactical.

Axelson Tactical is launching a line of well-made rifles which I’ll be doing full reviews of at a later date. I will say today that they’re reliable, enjoyable to shoot, and aesthetically awesome thanks to some sweet Cerakote jobs. However, the focus today is on their special run of pistols, one so limited it’s bound to sell out lightning quick.


The limited edition pistol being offered by Axelson Tactical was designed in memory of founder Jeff Axelson’s brother, Matt, so it’s called the Axe 17. It’s a Glock 17 featuring serious customization, and we’re not just talking about the battle-distressed Cerakote finish or the Axelson Tactical logo that’s emblazoned across the slide. The Axe 17 has been customized as follows:

  • 1911-style grip reduction
  • Grip stippling over the entire grip’s surface including improved finger pads and stippling under the trigger guard
  • Trijicon HD night sights: bright red for day with Trijicon’s signature glow at night
  • Magwell beveled and rear of magwell epoxied for greater speed during tactical reloads
  • Trigger guard recessed to allow a higher grip
  • Engraving of American flag on top of slide connects with Matthew Axelson Foundation logo
  • Engravings Axelson Tactical, TMT, and the one-of-a-kind Axe 17
  • Slide has extra serrations on sides as well as newly machined serrations on top for an improved grip while chambering a round or field stripping gun
  • Front of slide beveled for easier holster and rapid presentation
  • Ghost 3.5 lb trigger kit with all internal components polished and lapped
  • Slide Cerakoted in battle-distressed bronze pattern; frame Cerakoted in Armor Black

Buyers of the Axe 17 receive additional items as well: the Axelson Tactical Fightowel (Fight Hard. Fight Well.), a box of Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit (TNQ) ammunition, and 4 ounces of SEAL-1. In addition, the custom gun comes with an ammo can gun case, which is Cerakoted and serialized to match the Axe 17 stored within.


Axelson Tactical may be a new company, but they’re one showing an immediate and great sense of pride in quality and performance. Then there’s their strong sense of patriotism and loyalty, traits that may not seem to have much to do with manufacturing firearms but actually do. The Axelson family – which is made up of both blood relatives and military veterans – works together to create reliable firearms, guns with great tactical uses as well as appealing appearances. They may be new, but they show promise.

The Axe 17 is being manufactured in a limited run of just 99 pistols. Price is set at $1695 and 6 to 8 weeks should be allowed for delivery. Order yours now by visiting the company’s website at or calling 1-855-SHOP-AXE.

Scroll down for links to products for sale on their own such as the Fightowel, Team Never Quit ammo, and SEAL-1 CLP Plus.



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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Well that was quite a production and I admit the pistol looks cool but that price…for a Glock 9? Pass.

    • DaveP.

      Pretty much. Even folks who can see blowing that kind of cash on a Custom Shop or an Ed Brown will hesitate before spending it on Combat Tupperware, no matter how worked over.
      And I wouldn’t even be willing to spend that much on an Ed Brown.
      Sorry, but I think I’m seeing a nice gun but a bad business model.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I will say these are the first forward slide serrations that I like the look of. Otherwise the rest of the gun looks too “loud” (visually speaking).

  • iksnilol

    1700 USD for a Glock 17?

    Yeah, good luck with that one.

    • John Doe


    • Andrew

      With FACTORY trigger, no less. They just added a Ghost connector, which is 10 bucks or less. You can’t at least include a $150 aftermarket trigger in that $1,700 price tag?

      • iksnilol

        Wait a sec, they used the factory trigger and barrel?

        • Andrew

          Yep, the only “upgraded” internal part is the Ghost “polished” connector with springs, which you can purchase yourself as a $25 drop in part. The only aftermarket parts on it are the Trijicon sights, everything else is factory.

          • iksnilol

            I don’t mind paying for a custom piece, but to pay 3-4 times the price of the pistol just because they polished the trigger, switched out springs and added Trijicon sights? Hell 2 da naw naw.

      • Katie A

        Actually it comes with a case, CLP, ammo, and a Fightowel.

    • Andrew

      It’s not even milled for an RMR. How are all the little Costas supposed to tier 1 operate without an RMR?

  • Glock Guy

    What type of ammunition and what type of rounds is this guy using to get so close to steel targets?

    • Xtorin O’hern

      frangible, comprised of nothing but compressed copper dust that turn into dust the second they hit something harder then they are

    • manBear

      Whoa good Q – I can see pistol but he’s hitting with rifle at like 3-4 yards. Most steel I’ve seen has a 100yrd minimum for any rifle

    • Just a dude

      Team never quit training Ammo

    • Sianmink

      I’ve got frangible rounds you can use against steel at contact distance. It’s actually pretty fun.

    • Katie A

      Snake River Shooting Products manufactures both Team Never Quit Reduced Ricochet and Frangible Dynamic rounds for CQB training and steel plate shooting.

  • txJM

    I do not equate the name Axelson with Glock 17s anymore than I do with Beretta 92s. What gives?

    • Axe was killed by the Taliban in the Hindu Kush during operation Red Wings. The family and Marcus Luttrell helped start the company. It honors his memory and ultimate sacrifice.

      • txJM

        I’m aware. I just find it odd that Glocks are being customized in honor of a hero that never carried a Glock in service.

  • sean

    I see Seal 1 in the back ground!! My favorite!!

  • Gregory

    At the price of this pistol, I can buy four blue label Glock model 17’s.

  • Andrew

    Tired of trying to get rid of those new old stock gen 3 G17s that are collecting dust for $459??? Just engrave a bunch of crap on the slide, let Michael J. Fox stipple the grip, let your 5 year-old cerakote it and *BAM* you’ve got a $1,700 gun!!!

    • INFI

      That was funny!

  • Tyler McCommon

    Perhaps I should start taking a sharpie to a glock and selling them for $2k. Reasonable right?

  • IsThisaJoke?

    tacticool bruh. dont forget the punisher logo backplate for maximum combat effectiveness.

  • Andrew

    Flavor of the month exemplified. These glocks are becoming Ed Hardy t-shirts.

  • Bill

    They’ll sell, just like Salient and ZEV sells. Take a pistol that functions pretty much perfectly on it’s own, and instead of spending the money on training and practice ammo, perform un-needed mods, it’s the American way.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, but at least the Agency, SAI, Zev, etc. Glocks have aftermarket upgrades like match grade barrels and adjustable aluminum triggers. This is just a factory Glock with some engraving and cerakote.

      • Bill

        Yep, and they’ll still sell a boatload of them.

        The number of people who can shoot past the limits of a stock GLOCK, 1911, or any other stock gun is tiny. The number of people who think that if they throw enough money at a gun it will make them better/cooler/faster is astronomical.

        The flip side is while this isn’t my cup of meat, plenty of mechanically stock but fancy-finished guns have been sold for ages.

  • El Duderino

    I guess I’m too pragmatic. You pour money into a gun to make it run better, faster, and shoot straighter. You can argue the mods make it possible to shoot faster but that’s it.

    I don’t want to step on the man’s grave and disparage what his family is trying to do, but this seems to be no better than those “commemorative” 1911s/Win 94s/etc with gold plating and such you see advertised in all the popular gun rags. Those guns shoot too…just not any differently than the stock models for 4x the price.

    • Bill

      Franklin Mint Guns.

    • Katie A

      El Duderino, I have to thank you for the way you phrased this, it’s appreciated.

  • Nicholas Chen

    All I see is a Glock version of a Diamondback FS9. I think the DB9 slides have similar slide serrations as well.

  • Kivaari

    The billboard sized sign on the slide, means I would never buy one. I hate guns with over-sized engravings. Get rid of the artwork, keep a few of the alterations and sell it for $100 over retail for a plain Glock.

  • SD

    Ugly AF.

  • iHAL

    Oh look, using Navy SEALs to sell overpriced crap. Nevah been dun befo’!

    • Katie A

      iHAL, I’m sure you did not mean it this way given the other SEAL-related products on the market, but in this situation some respect for the dead is in order.

  • MrApple

    To each his own… but not for me.

  • Oldgringo

    They all sit in the safe, never to be seen again

  • LilWolfy

    “Of course, many movie-goers did not and still do not realize they were watching a tragic story play out that was not manufactured by Hollywood but actually took place in the shale-strewn mountains of the Hindu Kush.”

    Actually, the story was manufactured by a British sensationalist military fiction writer named Patrick Robinson, who sat down with Luttrell for a 1hr, unrecorded interview, before writing the fiction known as “The Lone Survivor”. Robinson is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Katie A

      This is both wildly inaccurate and offensive.

  • maodeedee

    I like long slides but I like them to look “Factory” and I also like custom guns to be done in Good taste. This one is a little too gaudy and over-the-top for my taste. A firearm is something personal and I would be embarrassed to own a gun that looked like this one. It would be like having your living room decorated like a brothel.