Meprolight releases Optimized Duty Sight

Meprolight from the Mako Group has come out with a new handgun front and rear sighting system that consists of strips of tritium that line up with each other to almost form a sort of “cross hair” in addition to a center front sight dot, when everything is aligned. The design comes from the R4E Evolution that came out last year. Their video announcement of the product is pretty well done. From Meprolight-

The Meprolight R4E Optimized Duty Sight with the brightest tritium technology was designed in close collaboration between two decorated U.S. Army Special Operations veterans and Meprolight, an Israeli-based combat weapon optics and night sights manufacturer. The Meprolight R4E Optimized Duty Sight is available in the United States at

Meprolight R4E sights are based on R4 Evolution’s ODS (Optimized Duty Sight). The MEPRO R4E sights are uniquely designed for faster target accusation, enhancing accuracy and quicker shots on target. The rear sight has two horizontal lines and one vertical line, which align with the front vertical line and front dot that causes the eye to naturally focus on the front sight. Utilizing Meprolight tritium night sight technology, the R4E enables clear and bright day-and-night sight picture under any lighting conditions. The MEPRO R4E models are available first for Glock pistols, with additional versions for other makes and models coming soon.


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    … which you can’t see any of on the main page picture.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I didn’t see these sights listed at Mako’s store yet, but in browsing I saw they have night sights for the GP100 and a Mossberg ghost ring front sight. Might have to check into those as well.

  • Joshua

    Let me guess…Larry Snickers had a hand in these.

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      “Larry Snickers” thats rough, but I’ll be grinning about that for a while.

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        Larry Snickers of Crisco Tactical

    • Judging from the hints given, it was designed by Chance Giannelli and Jacques A. Nevils.

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        Party pooper, always giving hard facts! 😛

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        Get out of hear with your facts!!!! Begone heathan!

  • iksnilol

    Small tip: if you’re going to mention a new sight (whether iron or optical) it helps to have a picture of the sight picture.

    • sigh

      Maybe you could stop complaining and watch the video in which the sight picture is handily explained.

      • iksnilol


        Explained this and explained that. Just show us a picture of what it looks like so I don’t have to waste my limited battery on watching the video. It’s easier and cheaper to just take a picture of the sight picture and show that when talking about the sight.

        Not all of us are videopeople.

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          especially when they are trying tooooo hard to make it cute and cuddly.

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            Oh yes, “this guy can’t pee in a straight line. THAT’S FRIGGIN HILARIOUS”.

            I just shake my head at the video.

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          +1 I am not a fan of the trend of having to watch a video to get information that could be given to me with a picture and two paragraphs of text.

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        Some of us are at work. Pictures work, videos no worky.

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          I did this in less than a minute. Though I had the video to watch and take a screenshot from. Just include a simple JPG of the sight picture and everything is groovy.

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    Beta males rejoice. You now have another commercial that targets you instead of just having pajama boy.

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        Whoa shot fired. Red alert. #REKT.

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      Watching you try to be a hardass in comment sections and your fragile ego at work is hilarious

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    Meprolight? Thanks, but I’ll pass…the one thing that sucks about my Kimber are the crappy meprosuck sights that have had to be replaced on more than one occasion in the past 5 years I’ve owned it.

    • Beju

      I had a Meprolight front nightsight fail on me within 2 years, which the store I bought it from replaced under warranty. The replacement and the original rear sight are still going strong, as are the sights on 2 other pistols with Meprolight night sights.

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    Wow, that was a terrible ad.