Regular TFB contributor Azril writes …

A few days ago, The Royal Malaysian Police elite para-military unit the VAT 69 celebrated thier 46th anniversary with a open day on 23-24 October. VAT 69 is a famed counter-insurgency / counter-terrorism unit of Royal Malaysian Police that has deep experience from combating everything from Communist insurgents, Philippines terrorists/invaders (2013 “invasion”, see Lahad Datu standoff) to the to Japanese Red Army in WWII. This open day involved the VAT 69 Counter-Insurgency Warfare unit (CIW), Sniper, Counter-Terrorist Team (CTT), Paratrooper and Combat Diving Unit.

Together with shooting and combat demonstration, there’s a lot of unknown firearms that showed to the public for the first time. One of the interesting new firearms in service is FN SCAR-H and unknown AR-style sniper rifle.

These photos are from their official Facebook page.




I also see some M16s, RPG-7 launchers and a FN MAG machine gun HK 21.

Thanks Azril.

UPDATE: TFB’s Nicholas C, writes …

I spoke with my friend in Malaysia and he was there at this event. He works for a Malaysian Gun Dealer and VAT 69 is one of their customers.

Here are some pics he sent me of the weapons on display.

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Looks like a Knights Armament SR 25 to me but im no expert.

    • ostiariusalpha

      It’s the typical Malaysian mish-mash, but there’s a few SCAR-Hs in the mix.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Yeah I just meant the “unknown” AR sniper rifle.

        • Core

          Looks like a Colt with an aftermarket railed forend.

    • Joshua

      Not a SR-25. Has a cheapo looking rail and cut down FSB.

      Malaysia has the strangest mish mash of weapons of any country I have seen.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    VAT at 69 %, ouch

  • James

    SCAR’s seem awful expensive to be giving paramilitary groups, but hey, Malaysia’s gotta do what Malaysia’s gotta do. Also, odd juxtaposition seeing the chap with the bandolier of ammo next to the guys with an unloaded RPG.

    • Azril @ Alex Vostox

      The need for SCAR-H was arise during 2013 Ops Daulat against Filipino terrorist when Malaysian Armed Forces realized the need of additional firepower of 7.62mm during jungle/urban combat. Some of the old stock L1A1 SLR was used when they found out while Bushmaster CAR-15 or the M4 was good, the firepower of 5.56mm is kinda lacking.

  • Swarf

    Vat 69?

    • nadnerbus

      I saw that and had to go straight to the comments and see if I was to be disappointed or not.

      You did not let me down my son.

    • Lai

      Today, it’s one of the cheapest whiskies out there, but not at all one of the worst!

  • Klaus

    Not to mention a few HKs

  • Bj

    The FN MAG must be behind all those HK21’s

    • Kivaari

      HK21s are crew served weapons. It takes two men to charge the thing, and then it beats itself to pieces. On single fire it is deadly accurate. On auto, it can’t be held down.

  • USMC03Vet

    So that is where all the bush wookies went after Bad Company 2.

    • nadnerbus

      I think they mostly went to every single Infinity Ward Call of Duty, where they can be found jumping off roofs doing 360 no scopes to the sound of excited screams from pre pubescent boys.

  • I don’t see an FN MAG in that last pic but I do see some HK21’s.

  • Anon

    VAT69 is blended whiskey.

    • SirOliverHumperdink

      Blended scotch whisky (no E), to be more precise.

  • Ryan

    Japanese Red Army?

  • Marzuq

    the AR-style sniper rifle is the Bushmaster .308 rifle..

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Unlike the GSG 9 that was born in 1972 Munich, The VT 69 CCT was born during 1975 Japanese Red Army hostage crisis when they take the American and Swedish embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

    • Marzuq

      its the Special Action Unit that were formed shortly after the JRA incident…69th Commando batalion were established 6 years earlier.

      • Azril @ Alex Vostox

        Agree. A precursor of today’s UTK used to called “Unit Tindak Balas” and used to be a sub-unit of VAT 69. A brainchild of the Late Tun Dr. Ismail, their role quickly expanded for the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

  • Kivaari

    They had less brains than the Italian-German Red Brigade.

  • FarmerB

    What about the long rifle carried by the dude dressed as a tree, originally I thought it might be a TRG, but it seems to be an AI AW??

    • Marzuq


  • Agitator

    I find it interesting that they opted for the bayonet lug on the 17s.

    • Arashi

      Where do I find a lug for sale?

  • Ominae

    Indeed. They had a short stint in Asia when the NPA started to crack down on pro-left terrorists. I believe a few are still in hiding even though the statute of limitations are in place.

  • Ominae

    If one pays attention to their photos in parades, you’ll see their sand berets, which indicates their SAS leanings.

  • CavScout

    The Scars and Barretts look brand new… whereas the MP5 doesn’t. Red flags about this being a giant PR stunt, and then the newer $$$ guns go back into the general’s armory, or into high up officials personal collections…

  • Mr Silly

    Mao had a large contingent of IJN soldiers who were given the “option” of fight for Mao o- also the IJn made a non-Agression treaty with Mao during the war so the IJN could fight the Peanut Chiang who was too busy embezzling millions- to be replanted in Hmong held Burma-Lao-Indochine as heroin.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    From Malaysia Defence