Clay Thrower Shotgun Duel

Philip Thorrold is an extreme shotgun shooter. He shot clays from his Ferrari while a driver did doughuts.

In this video, he has three clay launchers aimed at himself and he has to shoot the clays before they hit him.

It looks like the clays are coated in something. You can see a small cloud puff when they are launched and then when he hits the clay a large black cloud is formed. I think this is so we can see and confirm he hit the clay on video. Anyone know what he used to get this effect?

Nicholas C

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  • Giolli Joker

    Between the first set with the O/U and the second with the semiauto they realised that the car could be parked in a better parking spot rather than directly in the line of fire.

  • Everyone laughs at the crotch shot.

  • Sianmink

    They’re ‘flash’ style targets, though I couldn’t work out what brand.
    It’s basically what you figured, there’s usually a small plate adhered to the target, holding a quantity of powder. Most of the ones I’ve seen are orange flash, but there’s no reason you couldn’t get some in any other color.

  • InfiniteGrim

    Did a good job flagging everyone at the end.

    • Giolli Joker

      With an empy gun pointed downward?

  • Bob

    Perhaps the charge that produced the smoke was intended to help it blow it up so that if he just winged the clay it would be less likely to do what the one at the end did and have large pieces still coming?

  • jerry young

    there was an article on how to make these clay’s about a year or two ago, I know it involved a paper disc and some kind of powder but can’t remember exactly what to use or how to do it, if anyone finds it could you post the link?

  • claymore

    Awesome unnecessary firearms throwing event.