Starline Now Offering .32 ACP Brass

32 Auto

As of this month, Starline Brass is now making .32 ACP cases. While the round’s popularity has waned during the past several decades, interest in the cartridge has picked up with the return of the reproduction Colt 1903 pistols.

Starline Brass will sell the brass cases in bags of 500 and 1000. 500 pieces will sell for $88 while the 1000 piece lot will sell for $150. Due to the relatively low pressure of these rounds, I would expect that a purchase of either quantity would last the average reloader a long time.

Note that Starline is not producing .32 ACP ammunition. This article refers only to the brass case, which is only one of the components that make up a complete round.

Richard Johnson

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  • iksnilol

    .32, yass, best pocket pistol round :3

    • Matt L.

      I’ve heard .25s and .32s referred to as “eyeball guns.”

      I like that phrase.

  • M.M.D.C.

    .32 is the new .380

    • iksnilol

      Nah, it is just that .380 is an inferior .32.

      You Americans are a bit behind the curve on this one xD

  • Phil Elliott

    Been known to carry .32 on occasion. Was really surprised when shooting a full #10 can of Pears. Blew stuff all over me LOL, even though standing about 10 ft. away, ( A #10 can is about 6 and a half lbs.)

  • kilroy

    Hope they are selling them in Europa.We have lots of fine shooting 32acp/7,65 browning pistols over here.And this is ammo is very fine to reload.

    • iksnilol

      Low pressure and most of the ammo is subsonic.

  • Vizzini

    Ah, a reason to pick up a vz 61 Skorpion!