Just Announced: The New Remington Custom Shop

During my time at the Remington writers seminar in West Virginia we were introduced to new guns of course but the announcement that Remington would now offer custom gunsmith services really got my attention.

This new program is up and running and available to customize your Remington guns. There are a large variety of services available. The best way to get your Remington firearm customization started is to contact them directly and explain which gun you have and what features you would like to have added. The custom shop website link

Remington couldn’t have picked a better person to run the custom shop. Carlos Martinez is now in charge of custom and premium firearms. I’ve known Carlos for several years and he’s not only a great person but a person dedicated to turning out a quality product. Carlos previous job with Remington was running the R1 1911 project for the four years it took to bring the design and quality up to his high standards. He certainly did a great job on the Remington 1911’s so what better person to head the custom shop.

To begin with the Remington crew brought several samples of customized Remington 1911s. They looked very nice indeed as well as well executed. My personal favorite is in the photo below which started out life as a standard R1. This Commander sized pistol has a fitted beavertail, magwell, undercut trigger guard with custom treatment to the front of the frame. The slide release was also ground flat on the right side with the frame hole opened up a bit. The internals are hand fitted and smoothed. The barrel and slide are also hand fitted to the slide and frame. The barrel bushing is fitted to the barrel with an 11 degree crown. A medium flat trigger was also fitted. As you can see in the photos it also has ambidextrous thumb safeties. The top of the slide was also milled flat with a unique design milled into the cut. G-10 grips with a Remington custom R1 logo on them. Carlos advised me the average cost to customize your Remington 1911 will be right at $500 which is very reasonable. Custom engraving is also available.



Note the front strap customization and magwell.

Note the front strap customization and magwell.


The finish on this particular pistol is Cerakote with black slide and battleship gray frame. My R1 Carry Commander size has been used a lot and needs a new finish. A lot of rounds and holster presentations will do that. I’ll be sending mine into the custom shop shortly. I intend to take before and after photos and write a review of the work done as well as function of the pistol. I’ll be using my stock sights but in general it will look a great deal like the one above. I intend to use a slightly lighter color of gray on the frame.

The following photos show several of the sample custom pistols that were brought out. The work done on these was very good and shot extremely well.

Digital camo with round butt

Digital camo with round butt

Unique frame cuts

Unique frame cuts




I have additional photos so if there is an angle you would like to see I’ll try to accommodate your request in the comments.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Freedoooom

    I kinda figured this would be custom low tolerance bolt guns…

    • Oh they do those as well. Really any Remington gun has options for customizing. We just had 1911’s for this seminar.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Great! So I can get the custom GII platform .358 Win anti-bear carbine that I’ve been wanting from them, right?

        • Give them a call—–

        • Give them a call –I kinda like this 45-70

        • Oh and the sights on this 45-70 are new. The rear is a nice adjustable peep sight with a good size tube to prevent glare. It’s not real large just a bit longer than some. You can see it in the photo at the rear of the receiver.The front sight has a slip on/off hood also. The front one is a black sight with a vertical white line. It lines up nicely with the peep sight.

      • Pastafarian

        The first gun I ever owned was a Remington model 11 — recoil-operated autoloader 12 gauge. I still have it, and it still functions, but it’s pretty rough — the recoil pad is hardened and disintegrating, the finish is pretty rough. Trigger was never the greatest.

        I wonder if they could clean this old gun up a little bit. I’m not even sure what I’d want done to it, or what could be done.

        Maybe I’ll contact them, send them a pic, see if they have any suggestions.

  • Chris Denner

    Those G10 grips are sweet! Any idea if they are going to be available?

  • The front strap treatments are unique. However, it is hard to take them seriously when they don’t bother to blend the add-on magwell to the frame’s own bevel. The grip safety fit is lackluster, and the rear of the off-side thumb safety needs to be blended more.

    • anon

      Does this really surprise you coming from the company that made the R51 and a bolt action rifle that fires when you remove the safety?

  • JSmith

    Forget the custom stuff. Just start doing QC.

    • Under new management as they say and they are working on correcting past issues.

      I don’t know if you remember but Ruger went through nearly the same thing and were able to change key staff and start modifying the way things were done. It can happen to any company unfortunately.

  • TPeterson

    Can you tell us what new guns were introduced? I love the tactical shotgun with wood furniture, but I’m curious as to what else they are announcing.

    • I’ll be covering most of them over the next few days. 200th Anniversary 870, 700, 1100 and 1911 will be some. I’ll post on those tonight.

  • Well I don’t see many gripes on the R1. In fact yours is one of a handful I’ve seen. I shot all of these guns as well as the three R1s I own and never had a problem. Two of mine are the full size Carry, Commander size Carry and an enhanced model I won at a shooting match. Mine were purchased at a gun shop with the exception of the Enhanced I won.
    As I said my Carry Commander is going to the custom shop shortly and I’ll write that up after I get it back and get some rounds down range.

    • Scott P

      Count me as another gripe. My R1 was a POS. Could not get rid of it fast enough. Should have followed my gut and bought a Norinco.

  • BillC

    Remington Custom Shop’s slogan, “Pay more for the garbage and broken $hit we put out.”

    • Not even going to give them a chance huh—– Well some will and some won’t even if they never owned a Remington but go by what they are told by people on forums.

      Do you think I would send my personal pistol to them if I wasn’t convinced by what I’ve seen it will be done right?

      • nobody

        >Not even going to give them a chance huh
        After they pretended the problems with the Remington 700 trigger didn’t exist for decades, then had issues with the replacement triggers, then released the R51 which would regularly fire out of battery among many other issues, and now they still haven’t sent people’s R51s back over a year after recalling them for repair and repeatedly pushing back the deadline. I think it’s about time for people to stop giving Remington more chances.

  • Blake

    Does this mean we can send them a sweatshop Remlin & get back a properly-assembled Marlin rifle?

  • Edeco

    Oh Remington, dear heavens, why this before rendering forth the RM380? It looks bad, like the company keeps biting off more’n it can chew.

    • The RM 380 is shipping—– They started full production a while back.

      • Edeco

        OK, thanks for pointing that out. Maybe this week is the week or whatever. But they’ve been blowing smoke about shipping and production for months without the product manifesting itself in cases or on websites for sale to end users.

        I mean, I used to be manufacturing, so a company saying “shipping” or “producing” is just noise to me. They want us to think they’re doing something, but with no measurable results. Pfft. Rawr, mediocre!

  • I understand— They really are working to make Remington what people expect it to be and what they want it to be. Thew new management team has already made some serious changes in many areas including QC.
    For instance they used to have writers shoot prototypes and pre production guns for our new product reviews. Now any new gun will be a production gun tested to death and by the time we test and announce them they will be on the way to dealers. No more waiting for many months before the new guns can be found. This is one example. QC is way up the list for revision.