A reader sent in this photo that me laugh. It is a toy gun named the “270” which is described as a “semi-auto bolt action”. Not only is the description wildly inaccurate but they appear to be imitating the Browning green/gold colors and logo as close as possible without actually being infringing on their trademark.

I am not sure where the photo was taken, but I am going to guess it was a Bass Pro, where it has attracted a lot of hate from unhappy online customers …


” Bought this for my grandson for Christmas and it broke in less than two minutes. The bolt assembly completely falls apart. We fixed it twice than finally glued it together. The plastic bullets don’t really eject, they just jam inside the gun. This is going back. ”

” Wish I’d read the reviews As soon as we pulled back bolt first time, the bullet jammed in the barrell and the entire plastic bolt mechanism fell apart. For $35, I expect a heck of a lot better quality. It’s going back tomorrow. ”

” Complete junk. The bolt broke the first time my boy tried it on Xmas morning. Don’t waste your money on this over priced garbage. “

All I can say is what did you expect from a “Semi-auto Bolt Action” toy?


  • Patrick

    A guy once tried do sell me a smith & wesson python in .44 mag.

    • Michael Rice

      I’m curious as to how that story ends…or rather I know how it ends but I want the details.

      • Patrick

        It happend in a very small Gunstore (Shoeboxes are bigger) here in Germany. The Clerk had no knowledge about guns.
        End of story i got home with a gorgeous S&W M29.

        • Grindstone50k

          But what about the S&W Python?

          • Patrick

            There was no S&W Python. The clerk thought, that revolvers are only build by S&W. But that was a few years ago.

          • Grindstone50k

            But that S&W Python, tho!

          • durabo

            Python is a Colt’s trademark name

        • Michael Rice

          Well, happier ending that I thought. Nice grab.

    • taofledermaus

      That’s some awesome Chingrish!

    • Adam

      Obviously made in Danao ,Philippines…. And it was probably engraved Smith & Wesson or Weson (depending on whos doing the engraving) With Python on there as well….

  • Michael Rice

    I have a feeling ‘Made in China’ is probably (hilariously) misspelled on the sticker of this thing.

  • Mike N.

    LOL I was at Buc-Ee’s this past Monday getting gas, and once inside the store was looking for a onesie with the beaver mascot and saw that. I was like “WTF?”

  • Tom

    Come to the UK where the press like to talk about pump action assault rifles!

    • Anonymoose

      Don’t forget your assault spoons!

    • Adam

      At least you can have pump action AR15’s… The Aussie government had a fit when i designed and helped the Armorer build the first three prototypes ..

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Quite an innovation.
    If the semi-auto breaks *BAM* you got the bolt action back up.

    • Joshua

      that was Hitler’s theory

      • John C Sell Jr

        Yep G41(W) and G41(M), the G41(W) got adopted and lead to the G43.

  • Lance

    A Semi Assault Rifle???? Still hated by Dems though. LOL

  • JmcBoots

    This is actually a reflection and understanding of the anti-gun mind set. It is something important for us to understand and reteach as gun rights advocates.

    In their minds:
    A bolt action is semi automatic as it requires the user to pull the handle up and back to reload, and press the trigger again.

    A gas blowback system is fully automatic as it only requires the user to pull the trigger again and again.

    They do not have the same lexicon we do.

  • Grindstone50k

    Still doesn’t beat “AK-47: World’s First Mentally Disabled Rapper”


  • BillC

    much excite super wow

  • ZF

    Gotta love those cheap-little guns. Reading their names/descriptions are always so much fun if at the same time mind-numbing.

    Also playing “Guess Which Parts Went Into This Gun”, seeing as half of them are mash-ups of a bunch of different parts.

  • jerry young

    come on now give the manufacturer a break! given this is the first ever to combine the best of both a bolt action and a semi auto there are going to be some bugs to work out! next one will be a hammer fired striker full auto revolver with a 30 round magazine!

  • Ripley

    I can name a few semi-auto bolt action, like the Mondragon 1908 and Gewehr 41 (and 41M). But they rarely ejected bullets except by the front.

  • durabo

    What’s the next ordnance miracle: a suppressor for revolvers?

    • jcitizen

      Only if it is for the Nagant – an article here on TFB said they ‘might’ be suppressible.

  • jake6348

    Asians specifically, and Russia have been trying to copy all of our goods for at least 65 years. Toyota’s have been making an almost exact copy of the Chevrolet 235 6 since the 1960s.

    The worst thing they do is interpret our writing and text.

    The first thing to know is totalitarian governments and people don’t have the creative minds like free people.

    Kind of like what is happening here now.

  • steveday72

    Sounds like they get their firearms knowledge from the same place as MDA & Hillary Clinton. To them Semi-Auto is what we know to be bolt-action … and Full-Auto is what we know to be semi-auto.