Liberty Ammunition .308 Load

liberty ammunition

Liberty Ammunition will announce a new .308 Win load later this month. The new ammo will use a 100 grain monolithic copper hollow point that is nickel plated. Muzzle velocity is said to be greater than 3,500 fps.

For the .308 Win, this is a light bullet. The lightest bullets I’ve seen commercially loaded in the caliber is 110 grains, but there may be others that are lighter. The Hornady TAP line has a 110 grain .308 load rated for 3,165 fps at the muzzle. Nosler sells a 110 grain load in its Varmageddon line that is also rated at 3,150 fps.

This will be one of the lightest, fastest conventional loads available for the caliber from a commercial source. (The discontinued sabot style Accelerator from Remington probably was the lightest and fastest.) There may be other conventional loads at or below 100 grains or that are faster. I encourage feedback if you know of any.

Richard Johnson

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  • Anonymoose

    Barnes makes a 90gr .300 Blackout. Don’t know if you can get the bullets separately to load into superlight .308s, though. 100gr .308 already sounds like a ridiculously light load that might cause malfunctions in semi-autos, but could be nice for turning coyotes into red mist…

    • Guest

      That’s exactly what I’m looking at things like this for. I’ve got a M700 .308 that I want to turn into an all-round, general purpose gun. Been looking at the lightest loads possible for varmint rounds and all I’ve found are 110’s, which are fine, but if I can get quality varmint bullets, I’ll go a little lighter. But, man, will they be screaming out of the muzzle! 😛

      • FarmerB

        In a previous life, I’ve used quite a number of 125gn Nosler BT’s – they are pretty awesome, but I was always after something lighter/faster (I did play with 110’s IIRC).

        Of course, lighter means worse long-range performance.

      • Zang Kang King

        Some 32 ACP bullets are .308 diameter. 60-71gr in a 308

    • Sianmink

      Yeah, but the Barnes is only 2500fps.
      3500fps is ridiculous. the 110gr frangible .308 we’ve loaded here is only 2950fps. It functions in a FAL but is iffy in a M1A.
      Hits hogs like a fist from god though.

      • Secundius

        @ Sianmink.

        Are you referring to the Winchester 147-gr. 7.62×55/NATO-SH…

        • Sianmink


    • Cal S.

      My AR-10 is a lot less picky when it comes to eating ammo than, say, an M1A. I’d really like to see the ballistics chart for this thing!

  • gunsandrockets

    Wonder how the recoil impulse would feel in something like a PTR-91? Intriguing.

  • rokpaperskizzors

    Liberty’s commitment to making ammo with environmentally friendly projectiles shouldn’t go under-appreciated. Our industry is under enough pressure from anti 2A forces from within and without the government and to the extent lead deposition in the environment is an exposure to legal threats by these forces, other manufacturers should follow Liberty’s business model. That said, I’m curious what the performance of this round will be out beyond 500yds.

    • DetroitMan

      Copper is also quite toxic. If enough companies switch to copper projectiles, you can bet our gun grabber friends will start a legal crusade to prevent copper pollution in our environment. Think of the children! Not bashing Liberty or their business model, just pointing out that copper is vulnerable to the same legal challenges.

      • rokpaperskizzors

        Copper doesn’t have the same toxicity or reaction to elevated ground water acidity as lead. I pay my civil engineers to tell me this so it’s not just my opinion. Environmentalists greatly prefer copper to lead as a projectile material as a best management practice concern in public ranges. It could be argued as well that nickel is a toxic compound, but it represents even less health and environment impact than copper. There is no panacia for metals in this neighborhood of the periodic table. Trade offs, but they are not equal.

      • rokpaperskizzors

        I realize people give lots of opinions on the Internet. My point is not based on opinion. I have an environmental consulting contract with a qualified engineering firm for such a purpose. Copper jacketed projectiles resolve 80% of the lead deposition issues on a range as part of a compliant range lead management plan as required by the state is which I’m located. Copper does not have the same reactive properties to higher soil acidity as lead. I’m sorry to correct you but I know well of what I speak and copper is *not* vulnerable to the same legal challenges. The checks I have written for engineering fees and development costs for what I do are proof of that. That said, the *green* benefit to Liberty’s defensive ammo was not a design objective. Higher MV’s with lighter all copper projectiles producing equivalent terminal impact energy was the goal. It’s impressive stuff to be sure.

    • Zang Kang King

      Approximate figures using a .215 G1 BC @ 3500 fps

  • Plumbiphilious

    Really want to see some terminal ballistics gel tests on what these highspeed pills do at the other end. I want to see if they do anything “interesting.”

  • Cal S.

    I already use Liberty for their handgun ammo that turns my .40S&W’s recoil into that of a 9mm or less, I’d love to see the ballistics on this guy!!

    • iksnilol

      Wouldn’t it be just cheaper to use a 9mm then? -_-


      • Cal S.

        Shush, you.

  • Zang Kang King

    Lehigh Defense makes a 79gr cqb bullet for .308 WIn.

  • Tin Man Approves.

  • iksnilol

    I wonder how they perform at distance? I know the Swedes use a sabot 308 in their sniper rifles. Something about the extra velocity making up for less aerodynamics. Something about 40% higher hit rate or less flight time.

    • TJbrena

      Never heard that before. Is that just in the Arctic Warfare, or is it in the old Ak 4s and SOG’s 417s too?

      • iksnilol

        According to snipercentral they use it in their PSG-90.

        • TJbrena

          Neat. The page mentions a degradation of accuracy of ~33%, but I can’t help wondering if that’s relative to 0.5 MOA match ammo or regular ammo.

          Don’t know if the article is the extent of your knowledge on the subject, but I’m compelled to ask anyway. Sabot ammunition in small arms does things to me.

          • iksnilol

            That’s sadly all I know, I tried to find more but haven’t succeeded. Mission was a no go 🙁

            I also like sabots, though they are hard to work with since they work better with their own twist rate. That and you pretty much need harder bullets to prevent them from disintegrating from high velocities.

            I also like sabots. I am more specifically interested in using sabots in 7.62×25.

          • Zang Kang King

            Don’t forget the 762 NATO SLAP rounds..

          • Secundius


            Only $7.50 USD./Round, I don’t see many Gun Store carrying that Ammunition. And also the Fact That ONLY 7.62 NATO MIL-STD. Rifles could Chamber the Round. Not many Gun Store’s that I know have MIL-STD. Rifles. Mil-Spec. YES, Mil-Std. NO…

          • INFI

            Ok, that’s nice.

  • Lance

    Too light usually 150grs is basic load for a .308.

  • Laserbait

    I don’t know if I’d really want nickle plated anything zipping along a steel barrel at that speed. Nickle is a pretty tough element. I wonder if they checked out barrel wear after a couple hundred rounds of this ammo.

  • Zang Kang King

    I load 110s (various manufacturers) for varmint use and they will get to around 3300+ in a 16in with Ramshot X-terminator and some other powders (not saying it is within SAAMI pressure or good for the guns). If the company uses a proprietary powder for this specific loading I can see that working just fine (Possibly). Good for bolt guns and bad for semis (Pressure time curve)??? Lapua used to sell a 70gr bullet for “running deer competition” it’s in the Volume 1 loading manual.
    I really wish loading manuals would add a MSR section to 5.56 and 308 with 16in barrels with current PSI data and not this old school CUP silliness. Times have changed and consumers are more technically and informationally advanced. Guess that was kind of a rant, oh well. Id like to shoot some of these nickel plated bad boys. Only good things happen when companies like this bring well thought out projectiles like this to the market.

  • Goody

    There are a few light weight hollow points that are dynamite on pigs/goats/etc, like the 130gr Speer. Not recommended for those who eat the heart or liver because when you open up there’s nothing but mess.

    I’d love to try a 308 wadcutter. 😉

  • Scott

    I don’t buy anything in a nickel case but expendable self defense pistol rounds. Nor do a lot of hand loaders.

  • Frank K

    I wonder what effects the nickel plate has on the bore’s rifling?

  • Morris Smith Jr.

    Whats the BC

  • supergun

    Would like to see this in the 300 Blackout.