Jerry Miculek & Son-In-Law Give Century AK’s The Slow-Mo Treatment

In his latest blistering speed trigger-finger exersize, Jerry Miculek and his new son-in-law Blake take a pair of Century AK-47’s through their paces. Its an unusual video for Jerry as its more a review and history lesson, but is replete with his usual speed-shooting.

Blake attempts to take up the family business but its clear his finger does not have near the repetitions as the grand-master himself. I am sure with time and practice his finger will be worthy of the Miculek mantle.

So who did it better? Larry Vickers with the AK-74 or Jerry with the video above? Sound off in the comments below:

Nathan S

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  • Paul J

    Intox alert!

  • claymore

    LOL watch the long rear sight jump right up off the receiver cover when firing taped in slo-mo. AKs at their finest. check about 8:47 right at the start of the slo-mo

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Century AK’s do not equate to well built AK’s. If you notice, the carrier bounces at the end of it’s travel also. Not a normal sight on factory AK’s. Look at the Vicker’s video and you’ll see it doesn’t happen on his.

    • iksnilol

      You can’t really compare Century AKs to… well, AKs in general.

      • claymore


        • iksnilol

          Some of us have standards, my good sir.

          *tips hat*

          • claymore

            Not AK fan boys

          • iksnilol

            I beg to differ, we have standards. Romanian crap might be crap but it might pride itself on being pretty decent in comparison to Century. Like, at least the Century WASRs had good parts to start with. I shudder at the thought of a Century build using Century parts.

          • BrandonAKsALot

            It’s all about goals and intentions with this. Century cares about bottom line/cost first and products functioning second. A small arms factory will concern themselves with products functioning then attempting to make it as cost effective as possible. Two very different goals here.

            Same reason why most US aftermarket stuff for the AK sucks. Most AK guys aren’t snobs and obsessed with only foreign stuff, it’s that hardly anyone in the US cares enough to make decent stuff for them. They still have that “cheap commie junk” tag stuck to them for some reason. Look at how heavily recommended RS Regulate mounts are and you’ll see what I’m talking about because they are one of the few US companies to develop something for the AK that isn’t a piece of crap.

    • Guest12345668

      It jumps and what? It’s back to the original position long before the casing is even ejected. AKs do flex, but they do maintain their zero and are fully capable of very decent accuracy for a battle rifle.

      • claymore


  • BrandonAKsALot

    Generally, you shouldn’t give a history lesson if you do not know history. Milled receivers were never more cost effective. Russia didn’t have the proper metallurgy/technology at the time to really make the stamped receivers work as well as they wanted.

    Also, that guy sounds like Ray Romano/Kermit the Frog.

    • Zang Kang King


  • anon

    I am sure his finger already worked on the Miculek mantle if he is the son in law.

  • Paul J

    And the 5.45×45…