Fortis Manufacturing Control Blast Mitigation Device

It’s been a little while since another blast diverter has hit the market, well Fortis Manufacturing just gave us a sneak peak at their new muzzle brake and Control Blast Mitigation Device attachment. Like with many of the other blast diverters out there the Fortis version also attaches to their muzzle brake and directs the blast forward and away from the shooter and others to the side. If you’re running an XTC2.0 muzzle brake from Rainier Arms you’ll also be able to use the new blast diverter from Fortis as they use the same attachment design. Fortis has estimated the release of their new Control Blast Mitigation Device within 30 days. Check out for more info.

You breach, shoot a few rounds and then can’t hear feedback from your team because you’re temporarily deaf from the concussion and blast noise from your muzzle device. The Fortis Control Blast Mitigation Device (BMD) was designed to push the noise forward for combative situations or even for simple range use, while the top ports keep the muzzle device flat on target. The patent pending quick detach system will be made available for other manufacturer’s to use in conjunction with their muzzle devices. So whether you’re knocking down doors or shooting at the range, let’s help save your hearing. So click on the Control BMD and go!

ETA within 30 days



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  • hami

    Yes, we have seen these before but this is the first one I’ve seen with a bada** looking muzzle brake under the shroud! All the others looked so ordinary in comparison…

  • Nocternus

    Just get the Keneti-tech for $60 they were the first to come out with them anyways.

  • Ceiling Cat

    This is like the only shroud which points only upward I have ever seen. What is with brakes and shrouds having holes pointing 360?

  • Cal.Bar

    Great! What does it do? Perhaps some noise and blast comparisons might be useful? How much does it weigh? How well does it work?