TFBTV: The Yugoslavian Zastava M92 SBR

In this video, James gives a brief rundown of the Yugoslavian Zastava M92 SBR.  This is one of James’ favorite SBRs for its moderate recoiling but hard-hitting SBR round, reliability, ability to fold the stock, and excellent parts availability and interchangeability. James goes over the basics and the types of upgrades available for this tiny AK variant in this episode of TFBTV.

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Yugoslavian Zastava M92 SBR

The full transcript …

– Hey guys, James again from TFBTV, this week, I’m doing a short piece on one of my favorite SBR’s, the yugo M92.

And I’m telling you guys, the yugo M92 so hot right now, so hot right now.

Like Hansel.

Ammo 7.62×39, very cheap right now, there is an influx of these M92’s and their parts kits all coming in the country.

I think I’ve seen these for under 500 bucks.

Like I said in the video, I just bought a barrel in the white, for I want to say 20 or 30 dollars.

So, right now is a good time to strike.

And not only are they really inexpensive right now, but there’s actually a lot of manufacturers making not only excellent AK parts, AK grips, AK magazines, stocks, etcetera.

But, you have a lot of manufacturers making yugo specific accessories.

So, you have manufacturers like Manticore, Sampson, Midwest Industries, Magpul, they’re all making yugo specific components now.

Really neat stuff.

So anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the video.

Check it out.

The Zastava M92 shoots the 7.62×39 round.

It’s gas operated, just like every AK, air cooled, mag fed, typically comes with an under folding stock but having previously shot the under folder and being generally dissatisfied with it, I decided to opt for the triangle folder which was installed by Henderson Defense.

The hand guard is slightly longer than that of the AKS-74U, and it has three cooling vents instead of the typical two.

This allegedly leads to better cooling of the gun.

Now, the great part about the M92 is the 7.62 39 round doesn’t experience as much of a velocity loss as say the 5.56, so the M92 is an excellent choice for an SBR.

For example, the M92 with its 10 inch barrel only loses about 200 feet per second in velocity versus the 16 inch barrel with 124 grain ammunition.

That loss is about double, or around 400 feet per second with the 5.56 M93 and the 10 inch versus the 16 inch.

The M92 is a derivative of the M70, which was put into service in Yugoslavia in 1970.

The M70 and the M92 have a 1.5 millimeter thick receiver, compared to the typical one millimeter thick receiver of the AKM making it much more rigid.

One of the shortcomings of the M92 is the fact that the barrel is not chrome one.

The M92 has a hinge top cover, which is a nice feature, and then last, of course, you want to install a top cover with an optics rail.

As far as the improvements go on my M92, I added a Strike Industries pistol grip.

Um, I tried a few grips including the Magpul grip, and I just like the Strike Industries grip the best.

Um, it’s got a very nice thumb index finger shelf at the top, and ergonomically it felt good, there’s good grip, and then there’s an easy to remove, um, butt plug? A magazine, of course, Bulgarian Circle 10’s, they’re considered to be some of the best.

I really haven’t tried the Magpul mags, even though a lot of people seem to like those.

If I remember correctly, the Magpul MOE, AKA magazines, have the plastic retention tabs, whereas the higher end Magpul mags have the steel retention tabs.

It’s easier to break the magazines with the plastic retention tabs.

But, I just go with the Circle 10’s, so they’re expensive, but, um, they’re the gold standard.

Now, I’ve got a command arms extended paddle release.

You can see right here.

Um, it’s 10 dollars, it’s easy to install, I consider it a no-brainer.

Um, they make it so you can use your index finger to activate your paddle and drop your magazine if you want to.

But, to be honest, I just really like the additional ergonomics by the extended paddle here at the bottom.

But it’s a cheap part, and it’s an easy install, just get it.

Um, I’ve got a TAPCO G2 trigger, a lot of people have mixed feelings on TAPCO components, and they can be hit or miss across the line.

However, the TAPCO G2 trigger is uh, not only is it a US compliant part, but, it’s by any measure, an excellent trigger.

I’ve got a Manticore Arms forend, I like the polymer a little bit better than the wood.

And the Manticore Arms foregrip, you can see, will accept accessory railed pieces.

Um, you can get, say the Magpul accessory rail pieces and add those to this foregrip.

They also make a top cover that has picatinny rail if you decide to add an optic.

I haven’t done that yet with this.

And of course, I’ve got the Bulgarian four-piece muzzle device up front.

I really don’t know what the science is behind the four-piece break.

I mean first of all I think it looks cool as hell.

There are people that say that it’s for better back pressure, there are people that say it directs concussion down-range, and I don’t know if any of that’s true but what I do know, first of all the one that comes in the M92 is ugly as hell.

It looks like you’ve got a blunderbuss or something like that.

You can find video online of people shooting the four-piece break and you can see that it suppresshes– God dammit supresshes.

You can find video online of people shooting the four-piece break, and you see that it suppresses flash as well as any muzzle device out there that’s available for the yugo right now, so I think that this one’s also a no-brainer.

I got this four-piece from CNC Warrior.

I purchased this M92 as a pistol from Vector Arms, then I sent it to Henderson Defense in Henderson, Nevada, and they replaced the trunnion, and added the Bulgarian triangle folder stock.

This, I think is the ultimate addon for an M92.

As someone who’s owned the under folder version, and the triangle stock version, this is probably the best upgrade that you can make to your M92.

It’s expensive, it is not a cheap upgrade, it requires smithing, it requires work, and it requires a refinish.

But, it’s totally worth it.

And finally, I had the entire gun refinished in Gun-Kote black, including the bolt carrier.

The bolt carrier that comes with the M92 is just naked metal.

So, I think it’s a pretty smart idea to just get some Gun-Kote, or some Alluma-Hyde.

Spray it down, pop it back in.

I’ve never had any problems.

In any case, that’s how I’ve outfitted my M92.

There are, of course, other ways to outfit your own M92, but that’s the nice thing about them, is that you have options.

Some of those accessories are byproduct of being a derivative of the AK platform.

But, some accessories, such as the hand guard, are unique to the M92, but you still have a lot of options.

Midwest Industries, Sampson, Manticore.

You have a lot of companies that are manufacturing accessories specifically made for the M92.

So, it’s a good gun to accessorize.

I think it’s a great choice for an SBR, I think it’s a great choice for an AK, I think it’s a great choice for a 762.

Parts are plentiful right now, parts kits are plentiful, accessories are plentiful, so I think jump in right now.

I think I’ve purchased a brand new barrel, in the white, for this gun for 19 dollars several months back, so strike while the iron’s hot with the M92.

Alright guys, thanks for watching, that’s all for me this week.

If you enjoyed the video, please subscribe, thank you to Ventura Munitions, thank you to Grizzly Targets for sponsors, thank you to our subscribers and viewers, have a great week.

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  • iksnilol

    With a chrome lined barrel that is pretty much one of the most useful firearms I have seen.

    • myndbender

      That’s my only problem with the M92; No chrome lined barrel. I just can’t decide if that’s enough of a disadvantage to go with a Draco variant or not:-(

      • iksnilol

        Eh, I don’t like Serbs so I would recommend the Draco. But Century CQ means you should check out the gun physically before you buy it.

        + the thinner receiver should be lighter.

        You could always just change out the barrel on the M92 if you want. For the barrel I recommend sticking to 10 inches. Loses little velocity and won’t tear up your suppressor while being compact.

      • Mickey R

        My brother-in-law has a Draco that he SBRed a few years ago. It’s a nice rifle, but honestly the fit and finish on the M92s is better than on the Dracos. One benefit the Draco does have is a barrel that’s about 2 inches longer, which gives you a bit better performance with 7.62×39 than the 10″ barrel on the M92. And, as an added bonus some Draco pistols come with an underfolder trunnion installed from the factory, which makes it a little easier to install a stock if you Form 1 it into an SBR. Bottom line is they’re both good guns. If you’re not shooting corrosive ammo, I don’t think the lack of a chrome-lined barrel on the M92 is going to matter at all.

  • Robert

    I noticed you have an upgraded safety lever on as well. Can you mention who makes it as I know the typical Krebs Custom safety lever doesn’t fit the m92.

    • iksnilol

      Yugo AKs come with it standard IIRC.

      • milesfortis

        Yes they do.
        Personally, I wouldn’t depend on it too much. A good bump and it will disengage.

      • Robert

        He appears to have a modified safety lever with a shelf so you can engage and disengage safety with index finger. My m92 from century did not come with a safety like that. Actually having issues with my m92 safety going past the safe position and allowing the hammer to fall.

        • iksnilol

          That’s standard as far as I know. The little shelf thingy on the side so that you don’t slice up your hands trying to work it.

          I could be wrong tho.

        • ASterisk

          If it’s not a Krebs safety, he could have just gotten the shelf from Krebs and riveted it on himself. I did that with my m92 since the detent on a Krebs safety doesn’t line up with the divots on the receiver. Looks exactly like a Krebs safety when you’re all done

  • Mickey R

    Love my M92 SBR! Had a local machine shop thread the barrel so I could put a can on it.

    • thedonn007

      How does it sound and run suppressed?

      • Mickey R

        It has a nice, deep tone with the Dead Air Sandman S on it. You still get the supersonic crack, of course, but it’s much more pleasant with the can than without. AKs are typically not the best suppressor hosts but they still benefit from a can.

        As for how it runs, I only have one session with it because the Form 4 on the can is still pending. My dealer was kind enough to meet me at the range and let me shoot it. But I put about 90 rounds through it suppressed and didn’t have a single malfunction. Recoil was a bit harsher with the can than without. I’ve since installed a Wolff extra-power recoil spring to see if it will help, but haven’t had a chance to fire it with the can again.

        • iksnilol

          Would recommend getting an adjustable gas block for it as well. You can modify an L1A1 gas block to fit an AK.

          Probably ain’t the easies to get of the modifications, but one of the best IMO.

  • andrey kireev

    I have one, I’m in process of upgrading mine =P

  • Will P.

    I already have an itch to build another AK from a parts kit, and you just made it worse! Ugh I just really really don’t want to spend the $200 for a stamp on a rifle I’d only have around $500 in, I just can’t justify it however cool they are.

    • Anonymoose

      But do you have the itch to REMOVE KEBAB?

      • Will P.

        A very obscure meme that I really don’t quite understand?

        • iksnilol

          Remove kebab = klll turks and muslims

          Serbs in general don’t like us.

          • Zeljko Raznatovic

            Arkan does not like you either.

          • iksnilol

            Well, I don’t like the [Redacted for excessive swearing] that you are either.

            Shame you got off that easy, two to the head is a bit of an easy way out.

            Ah, yelling at the ghosts of war criminals. A decent hobby.

          • Zeljko Raznatovic

            Don’t worry Turk, there are still plenty of my Tigers left to take care of business.

          • iksnilol

            Serbia like Nokia… smaller for every year.

      • Who doesn’t?

  • gunsandrockets

    Total cost?

  • wetcorps

    Good review, keep it up.

  • aweds1

    How many places do AK pistol conversions to add stocks, and what’s the average cost? A big reason why I haven’t done an AK SBR like this is that, unlike other SBRs like SIGs or HK clones where popping on a stock is a matter of pushing a couple of pins once you get your stamp, the AK takes potential metal work for the rear trunnion and drilling for the folding stock adapter.

  • Leigh Rich

    I can’t own a SBR in my state. An alternative is a folding Stormwerkz on Shockwave brace. IMHO better because aqs you are not on any federal lists for SBR/ fee..

  • CavScout

    My Yugo M85 PAP is cool looking… but I just don’t any reason to have an AK in any caliber these days. And yes, the PAP has a brace on it. No optic, because the gun simply isn’t a much more modular AR. I have more AK platforms than AR’s, but realizing I’d rather have all AR’s. Boring, sure, but a lot more practical and capable. Easier, cheaper, and more effective to add ‘force multipliers’ to. Namely optics, but also just about everything else as well.