JBC writes …

I built the custom crow that was POTD like a year ago. This was another project I made in school. I recently had to sell it and I am sharing some of the pics. Its worth a shot since its not another AR build. It is as follows:

Maadi Ak47 build on Nodak Spud receiver with US chrome lined barrel. Rivets are good, buffer, Tapco G2 components, Magpul AK grip, synthetic forend and buttstock with custom QD cup, Ultimak gas tube scope mount (solid piece!), burris TRS 25, AK74 style muzzle device, and sling. This gun shoots great





Thanks JBC!



  • Renegade

    As uncomfortable as it is, a Maadi just doesn’t look right without the folding crutch on it.

    Your build looks a lot like my old AMD-63. Only differences were mine had a Hogue grip and no optic/rail.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      The crutch isn’t as bad as the AMD-65 stock. Also, there’s no such thing as an AMD-63. That’s the name thrown onto an AMD-65 kit that US vendors sell with a standard trunnion. The AKM-63 is what is trying to impersonate.

  • Vitsaus

    This may sound strange, but I’ve known two guys who had these guns, and both examples had catastrophic failures that resulted in the rifles becoming inoperable. One happened when I was there, the other was a friend who told me his had the receiver crack at the trunion. Both cases they were shooting Wolf steel case. Kinda weird.

    • Scott P

      Who built them? Did they build them? If they built them chances are they are the one’s who caused the failures because AK’s are not that easy to build.

  • Lance

    It must be a post ban Maadi no one would tacti cool a pre 89 Maadi and butcher it with rails and polymer stock. It kill the value.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      It appears to be a Maadi kit build. The receiver isn’t a Maadi receiver. Also, he said it has a US barrel

  • Jonny Bravo Customs

    I wanted to share something with TFB a POTD that was different (not an AR). I used a Maadi kit and the tools from ak-builder on a 12-ton press while in school. I built it exactly the way I wanted it. The mount and sight afterwards to increase accuracy. The lessons learned are invaluable as I am able to apply them to guns that are similar in nature.

    I understand the different views people have of military firearms and I respect them. The evolution of firearms for warfare is the most efficient means to kill. A “tacticool” firearm may be just that, or it could be additional equipment that are trained with to enhance lethality. Whatever gives you the edge in a fight, take it.