Why Hunting With Suppressors Is Great

Top New Zealand blogger Cam Slater sent us this video of his teenage daughter hunting Sika deer. In the video she is armed with a Tikka M88, rechambered in .260 Remington, and shoots at a Sika hind 300 yards away. You can hear the muffled shot, then silence, followed by the thud as the bullet hit the target.

Cam said  “On this trip i nailed two Sika inside 15 seconds with my suppressed .308. The second one just stood there wondering what had happened. Both were at 350 yards”.

The downside of hunting with suppressors is having to carry the weight of suppressors, but today suppressor construction and alloys are a lot lighter than they used to be.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jim Jones

    SilencerCo and Sig are doing great work out there changing the hearts and minds of the community. I think that removing silencers and SBRs from the ATF’s registry is probably the biggest boon we can give to the RKBA for the coming generation. These kids all grew up playing Call of Duty, and I think that silencers add that cool factor to our favorite pastime. It is also a lot easier to have follow-up shots when hunting with a silencer.

    • iksnilol

      They also reduce recoil akin to a muzzle brake, without the loudness.

  • hking

    When we go hunting prairie dogs or coyotes you aren’t coming with unless you have a can on your rifle.

  • Paul White

    Please sweet baby John Moses Browning, get suppressors off of the NFA. I want an FN tactical with a decent supressor for a house gun. Load it with subsonic ammo and I might be able to hear again after a DGU

    • iksnilol

      Hearing damage isn’t that bad, unless you got psychological trauma. If you do, the ringing turns into auditory hallucinations sometimes.

      • Mark Ri

        That I do have. I can’t afford a suppressor and the tax stamp. I could afford the oil filter adapter but, even that requires a stamp and is not that quiet. Very large cans too. Until they come down in price and go off the NFA, I use double protection. foam plugs and muffs that I even added foam to make them more quiet.
        I have hearing damage from when I was in the navy and even right now, I have ringing. Some days it sounds like someone is blasting bass down stairs so I have to check it out to make sure it’s just me.

        • iksnilol

          Ear damage and double ear protection?

          Welcome to the club, buddy. Nice to not be the only one. It’s also kinda a bummer.

          I take you are not a fan of music with heavy bass? For me it isn’t bass, it’s just screams.

          • Mark Ri

            All noise, can’t stand loud anything. Be in a crowded room and just loud talk causes pain. I carry ear plugs with me at all times just in case. I have pulled out one and stuck it in my left ear at parties and people act like I’m weird. Just trying to keep what I have left.

          • iksnilol

            I don’t have it that bad. But I fear it will drive me insane when I get older. I mean, I am not even 20 yet I have tinnitus. And that stuff gets worse with age.

            Yeah, I get you with people acting like you’re weird. Had ear plugs at a concert where the music was so loud the speakers and amps could barely take it. People just stared at me like I had horns or something. I also hate it when people talk loudly, sadly everyone in my house talks loudly.

          • Mark Ri

            I’m 57, it does not get any better.

          • iksnilol

            That’s what worries me. I assume it gets worse?

          • Dan

            You mean the loud constant ringing in my ears isnt normal and not everyone can hear it? It always surprises me when people don’t understand just how loud it can be. I however tend to like noise, it’s silence that drives me nuts then im just left with what sounds like an Army armed with tuning forks.

          • iksnilol

            We should make a ear damage support group on TFB 😛

            I know, I can’t handle people talking loudly nor quiet rooms. In school we have this super quiet room to use for studying if we want. I can’t handle going to that room. I think the deafening silence is a common problem.

          • Dan

            Huh? What did you say? Oh wait I’m reading this. So used to asking people to repeat themselves.

    • CS

      Just get it in 45 and you have a full power subsonic round.

  • Tassiebush

    Suppressors are just such a common sense solution to the constant risk of hearing damage which otherwise accompanies shooting.

    • HuntnFire

      It is very legal here in MO. They don’t state much in the hunters manual but I did call the conservation department and was told it is legal with a lawfully owned suppressor. Although they don’t like to publicize it.

      • Tassiebush

        That’s good. I’m in Tasmania so I gaze in wonder at the eastward horizon of the Tasman Sea and ponder how our NZ neighbours can be so sensible while we are so stupid.

        • Adam

          I wonder the same thing daily…. too the point, I’m finally selling up.. I can work and pay taxes in any country i move too, so it will be a country where i can grow old and enjoy myself..

          • Tassiebush

            I can totally understand that. The hunting and fishing seems better and less restricted. I was looking at properties online last night and it seems it’d even be a pretty good option financially. No idea what good and bad areas are though (watched too much Once Were Warriors lol)

        • uisconfruzed

          Blame it on the Prohibition… or Bush.

    • Edeco

      It’s a joke. The authorities (US in my case) crusade against some hazards,
      other hazards they impose upon us*. Clearly the important thing is that they
      get to be involved.

      *yep I know there are a couple of options with suppressors.

  • gusto

    I shoot less now with suppresors but I shoot better

    I figure that if I will hunt with my rifles with suppressors I should train with them. but they heat up rather quickly, creating heat mirage and just general spread the hits. but I now train better, make every shot count more, heck even my 375HH is not a pain to shoot anymore(:

    • Burt Gummer

      Get a suppressor sleeve, works wonders when heat mirage has ya down.

      • iksnilol

        They also make the suppressor cool down slower.

  • DrewN

    I’m just glad .260 is finally getting the recognition it deserves. My first hunting rifle was a sporterized Mauser re chambered in 6.5-08 way back in 1977. My grandfather included 500 rounds of 140 gr BTSP handloads along with it, and that rifle has taken game on 4 continents since (and I still have plenty of his ammo left I might add). Now, I will venture to say he could have left it 6.5×55 and I would have enjoyed the same success with much better factory ammo available for alot of those years, but it wouldn’t have been nearly the conversation piece.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Admit it. Y´all just wanna oper8, I´m Sure(fire) of it! 😉

  • noob

    In NZ a suppressor is just a firearm part like a stock or a bipod. No special tax stamp for licensed firearm owners.

    • iksnilol

      Same in Norway. Completely unregulated.

      Which means I could have an American suppressor… if they didn’t have the silly ITAR restrictions.

      • Adam

        You can export Suppressors from the USA… But the cost is the killer… If you can find 10 , 20 people who want the same suppressor , the paperwork costs the same… But you will need too find a manufacturer whos product is registered with the US State department for export.. To be honest, I’d contact B&T in Switzerland… Zero headache

        • iksnilol

          How does the process work? And how much does it cost?

          Since from what I know you need to get an export permit and whatnot.

          • Adam

            In 2005 the fee was about $1000 USD and that covered i think 5 units… Additional was about $2-250 a unit too 10… First you need too know if the Suppressor you want is actually registered to be exported.. Then you need a purchase order , permit too acquire , import permit and end user certificate.. pay your fat cash, wait 5 days to 6 months… and you will get a yes or no.. I will try and find the name of the company we used.. and get back too you… They were Florida based and they dealt with NFA …

          • Adam

            And id contact Small Arms Review…

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, I’ll just get a couple of Ase Utra .22 lr suppressors and give up on the Sparrow. At least for the foreseeable future.

    • Spiker

      Don’t even need to be a licensed firearm owner to build, possess, purchase or sell a suppressor. They are no more regulated than a nail.

  • WFDT

    I got one just so I could shoot in the backyard without annoying my wife.

  • Adam

    If NZ didnt have those sucky Cant build withing 30 meters of a river or 25 meters from a main road rules, Id have bought on the Clutha and moved there a decade ago… Walk in , Walk out with your favorite suppressor, Heck, Gun City sells most rifle packages with a suppressor fitted… And a few police ive talked too there actually like you too shoot suppressed so they dont get noise complaints… And NZ is 50 BMG friendly, And that suits me too a t……

  • One_Jackal

    Not really impressed with the use of suppressors for hunting. Hearing loss is cumulative. Unless you are a cull hunter for the federal government you are not going to fire enough shots without hearing protection to cause hearing loss. My audiologist is not concerned with hunting, even after I mentioned how many rounds I fire when dove hunting. She is more concerned about using a chainsaw without hearing protection. I suffer from tinnitus after years of construction and farming.

    Game animals are generally not gun shy. I have lost count of the deer that just stood there after downing one of their buddies with a 12ga slug. I have even seen deer sneaking behind the berms at an active rifle range. People who come from areas with more species of game than just whitetail deer report similar behavior with many species of game animals.

  • Tassiebush

    That sounds like an awesome plan! I would love to check out the whole country but South Island is my biggest goal. I’d very much like to see the fjordland.