FN Herstal Belgian Police FNS-9

While I was visiting the FNH USA ProShop, Store Manager Roger Schmidt said “I have something that may interest you.” He went to his office and came back out with an FNS-9. At first glance It seemed like any regular FNS-9. Then he pointed out the engraving on the slide.

Below is a photo of my new FNS-9 and my Gunkoted FNX-9.



Normal FNS and FNX pistols are stamped “MADE IN USA  FNH USA Fredericksburg VA”. But this FNS-9 is different. It is stamped “FN Herstal Belgium” and “Manufactured by FNM LLC, Columbia, SC”.




The Belgian FNS-9 has an asterix stamp by the serial number. This is done to distinguish SAU guns. SAU stands for “Sold As Used”. Even though these guns were never used, it is not sold as a normal gun.



Roger told me that fewer than 100 of these were made. Some with luminescent sights, which were sold out, and pistols with white dot sights. These were made for some Belgian Police force. The over run of pistols were sold only to employees of FNH. At his discretion he can sell some to the public. I was one of the lucky individuals to be able to buy one. The price and somewhat rarity was too good to pass up. I bought it for $339.

The pistol case is different as well.  There are no USA markings anywhere on the case. They also changed the the mold of the top insert. Rather than have a slot for a FNH USA Gun Lock, there is a cleaning kit. The Belgian FNS-9 also only comes with one extra backstrap compared to the 4 extra backstraps that come with the FNX-9

IMG_6679 IMG_6680 IMG_6681  IMG_6682



The FN Herstal FNS-9 box also does not have a UPC like the FNX does.


Included in the case was a small envelope with some numbers written on the front and a small brass pellet inside the envelope.

According to Roger, the R stands for Runout which is firing pin centrality. I stands for indent of the firing pin. T stands for trigger pull.



The brass pellet is similar to the used casing you find in most new firearms in the US. However rather than a spent casing, they include this brass pellet with the indentation mark of the firing pin.DSC_0288


A huge thanks to Roger Schmidt for letting me have one of these rare Columbia, SC made FNS-9 pistols.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Phillip Cooper

    I’d be interested to know if there is microstamping on the pellet where the pin impacted.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I could find out. My wife works with SEM so it would be easy for her to take a look.

  • James Cornett

    The more interesting story is that blue FNX-9. What and where was this done??

    • Nicholas Chen

      It was a Stainless Steel slide model. I had my friend get anodized blue Gunkote to coat the slide. I wanted it to match the rare FNH Blue Scar.

  • USMC03Vet

    Can somebody explain that trigger?

    • Nicholas Chen

      You are looking at two different guns. One is striker and the other is hammer.

      • USMC03Vet

        I mean the striker trigger with the half trigger trigger. Does the bottom half of that trigger move back instead of the whole trigger? I haven’t even held one of those styles of FN.

        • Nicholas Chen

          The half trigger is similar to a M&P trigger. the bottom half acts as a trigger safety. When pressed, the bottom half moves a little back to clear the trigger guard. It stops moving and then the whole trigger pivots back.

  • Guy

    I feel like a future Ian McCollum is going to be looking at this “odd and interesting firearm” on YouTube 2066

  • Nashvone

    So…you got the chance to pick up a rare pistol that none of the readers will get and then to add insult to injury, you let us know that you got it for $339? NICE! Real Nice…

    • Nicholas Chen

      LOL you can go and talk to Roger Schmidt and see if he deems you worthy.

  • Sam

    I love FN products, but I hate two piece triggers. I saw a post recently (somewhere, facebook maybe) where Apex Tactical hinted at an FNS aftermarket trigger. If that happens, I think I’ll have to dive into the polymer, striker fired world.

    CZ still reigns supreme over all, though.

    • Nicholas Chen

      1911/2011 triggers have been around longer. My STI Steelmaster is phenomenal.

      • Sam

        Two piece triggers as far as there’s literally a hinge in the middle of the trigger, like the M&P. It just feels weird to me. I don’t mind the blade in the middle like Glocks/Rugers/etc.

        If Apex comes out with one… hello long slide! I’d buy one in a heartbeat… but the two piece trigger makes me sadface too much.

  • datimes

    “Rather than have a slot for a FNH USA Gun Lock, there is a cleaning kit”. If this doesn’t send the lefties into a ‘save the children’ psychotic episode there’s something different in the country.

  • Rick5555

    Nick, you will definitely enjoy these firearms. I fell in love with mine, so much, That the FNS9 is my primary ccw in fall and winter. And the FNS9(c), for summer. I liked the FNS9 so much I got another one (in Stainless) just so I had another one. Was thinking of getting it Cerakoted. Unless the manner you did the FNX is a more durable way. Then would have it anodized. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Nitride goes on clear. So the stainless is treated too. Companies then Black Oxide over the Nitride. For cosmetic purposes. I;m mentioning this. Because someone said, they were pissed after only a year. The Nitride finish was wearing off their Glock and M&P. I informed this person, that the black oxide wore off. And the nitriding is still there and will remain there. Due to nitride fuses with the substrate of the metal. Due to his comment. I can see why manufactures who use nitride. Would black oxide over the nitride.

    FN is one of my favorite manufactures. Also, FNH USA and FN Manufacturing were subsequently two separate companies under the FNH banner. However, they recently merged and now one company (in America). And called FNH, America, LLC. or it might be FN America, LLC. not sure which. However, FN in VA and in SC are no longer separate subsidiaries.

    Also, the FN-15 Tactical is an awesome AR, which comes with quite a bit of upgrades. I paid for mine $1150 out the door. And it’s not just furniture that was upgraded, Also comes with a Midwest Industries 12″ M-Lok hand guard too. It’s a good value. Get them while prices remain low…on most firearms…at the moment;