PT writes …

It would seem that even with premium self defense ammunition, mistakes happen and bad rounds slip through QC. It pays to check every single cartridge as you load it into the magazine. I always make a point of glancing at the primer, making sure the case isn’t crushed or folded at the mouth, and so forth. An upside-down bullet is something I hardly expected!

Happily, Federal took care of me quite quickly by sending out a refund and UPS call tag, and the defective round is headed back to them currently.

How if only a large international gun company made magazines in which you could load rounds in backwards …. 😉


  • Bob

    I would be afraid to fire a bullet that was in the cartridge backwards, especially a hollow point round. I’m pretty sure the powder would make the hollow point expand inside the barrel, and that could cause a number of bad results.

    It may be OK with FMJ, but definitely not with a JHP round.

    • PK

      I have similar reservations about firing misloaded ammunition, especially a backwards JHP. As you say, there are concerns about the hollow point acting as a Minié ball’s skirt does.

      Luckily, Federal took care of me right away. They had UPS pick up the cartridge in question and compensated me for the ammunition and trouble.

      • Bill

        I would have kept it and added it to my collection of Screwed Up Stuff. It’s well worth the price to be able to offer proof that mistakes happen and a good demonstration of the need to check every round loaded.

        • PK

          I’d rather Federal know that their QC had a hiccough that day, so I sent it and the box back. Not a big deal, it happens.

    • Tom – UK

      I do wonder whether the pressure would not cause this. Bear in mind that the JHP is designed to expand on impacting a solid object where the front of the round comes across greater resistance immediately. In this case the gas pressure would apply equally to the outside of the cavity as the inside. and so may counter act any outward expansion.

      I’d be really interested to see someone try it and capture the bullet!

    • Petercat

      No. Because the pressure would be the same inside of the hollowpoint cavity as it would be outside of the cavity while within the cartridge, no expansion would take place.
      The reason that hollowpoints expand inside the body is that the hydraulic pressure is much greater inside the nose cavity.
      The reason that hollow based bullets expand to seal the bore is that they are already pressed against the sides of the case, so when ignition occurs, the pressure is much higher within the cavity. This would not be the case with common hollowpoint bullets loaded backwards.
      Having said that, I would have glued this round to my bullet board as a display item, not returned it to the factory!

      • Bill

        That’s a keeper for sure.

      • Bob

        You’re right, petercat. I hadn’t thought about it that way.

        Just to be on the safe side (There might be some other factor we’re not considering), I still wouldn’t try to fire the thing.

  • floppyscience

    The most startling thing about that picture is the price tag on those HSTs. Yowza. Those boxes are $30-33 locally and $26 online.

    • PK

      Bought both at the height of a “panic” and at a gun show. I keep more on hand, bought at case prices, these days.

    • Indiana Finney

      I’m paying about that much for Federal American Eagle .45 FMJ, but there are cheaper options up here. Most JHP defensive ammo is well over $1 per round.

    • Vhyrus

      If you can find it. I have been looking for 147 grain HSTs (not +p) for literally over 2 years and I still can’t find any for sale (not counting gougebroker).

      • floppyscience

        I bought a bunch of the 147gr +P a few months ago online. Haven’t seen the standard pressure 147gr in years either.

      • Simcha M.

        Gunbroker doesn’t set the prices, individual sellers do.

    • All the Raindrops

      Buy 50rd boxes, not 20.

      • floppyscience

        Those are prices for 50rnd boxes. I bought a bunch of 9×19 +P 147gr at $25.50/50rnds at Mass Ammo a few months ago. SGAmmo has them now for $26/50rnds.

    • Bodie

      I always found the price to be great. You got places selling 20rnd boxes of various SD rounds for over $20.

  • Dave

    Thats not a defective round, thats just a Boat Tail Flat Point.

    • wetcorps

      For improved balisic lethality in tactical operations!

    • Edeco

      yep, garden-variety BTFP

    • buzzman1

      No its a wadcutter:-)

  • Szymon

    Looks like it came from a batch made for Heckler and Koch pistols.

  • Alex D.

    No Compromise

  • Spencerhut

    OMG I found a mistake! This happens from time to time. Check your ammo, doesn’t matter where it came from. Call or write. They will make it right.

    • PK

      They did. Federal was quicker to contact me than CCI/Blazer, in my opinion. They were both fast, but Federal got right back to me.

  • Will

    I know old timers who load .38 Special HBWC lead bullets backward as a defense load.

  • iksnilol

    Seems like HK has started making their own ammo.

    • anon

      Underrated post

      • iksnilol

        Thanks, it’s nice to be appreciated. Being a comedian nowadays isn’t easy.

        • Petercat

          With today’s comedians, being a comedian is easy. Being a FUNNY comedian, however,…

          • iksnilol

            You’re right. Now I am thinking about all the bad comedians I’ve listened to :/

          • chase

            Pandora is a pretty solid way to find new funny. The “2010’s comedy” led me to some gems, people I definitely need to check out full sets

    • Edeco

      it was almost too esoteric for me, ’till someone posted a pic of the brochure.

  • Zang Kang King

    OH NO FED ER RO!!!!

  • I have a few TulaAmmo rounds that have been duds from the same box. – Anyone ever contact them about anything?

    • Bob

      I never bothered to contact Tulammo, but with that brass 9mm they have I got a round without a primer and a round that wasn’t crimped. I caught both as I was going to put them in the mag, and found it more amusing than anything else. “Hey Dad, look at this!”
      I also had a Wolf 9×18 round that turned out to be a dud and didn’t go off despite several double action attempts to make it go bang.
      Huh. I must be blessed. I think those are the only problems I’ve had in the thousands of rounds I’ve fired. Even the notorious .22 FTF issues have passed me by. Of course, now that I’ve tempted fate by saying that…

  • Phil Elliott

    I found 2 rds from the same box of major manufacture of 9mm that had no primers and no flash hole

    • iksnilol

      Safe ammo, won’t be a squib. Guaranteed.

  • Barney Samson

    “How if only a large international gun company made magazines in which you could load rounds in backwards …. ”

    You musta missed this:

    • JK

      Thanks for explaining the joke. That always makes it funnier.

      • Barney Samson

        Quite welcome, knew there would be at least one who was w/o a clue.

        • JK

          That’s what makes it funny, the “low percenter” factor. Though your edited reply is a lot better than “fo”.

          • Barney Samson

            It served its purpose.

          • JK


    • rick0857

      Doesn’t that magazine go in this specially made democrat/gun grabbers pistol?

      • Barney Samson

        One can only hope!

    • uisconfruzed

      I hadn’t seen this one yet

  • Twilight sparkle

    The irony of the advertisement at the time was hard to get past

  • MR

    Wad Cutter Rebated Boattail

  • Sulaco

    I remember being issued a box of .40 ammo several years ago, primers inserted backwards! It does happen.

  • Jamie Clemons

    I wonder how it would perform?

  • Billca

    Always check your ammo before using it. Modern machine manufacturing is very good and detects most flaws. The human final-stage checks can catch most of the obvious flaws but ones slips through now and then. I’ve had a couple pop up in the last 30 years. If you think a backwards bullet is an “oh no!” moment, I encountered a Winchester .41 Magnum round with two 175 grain bullets loaded into it That could have made for an unpleasantly exciting day. I’ve found a .270 round with an inverted primer. I’ve had high primers, missing primers and one .308 round that had a primer pocket with no flash hole.

    With manufacturers pushing production lines hard to meet demand we should be even more vigilant about inspecting our ammo before use.