AK Trigger From CMC Triggers in The Works

AK variants have been getting a lot of love from the aftermarket lately, especially with replacement triggers. ALG Defense debuted their AK trigger a few months back and Elftmann Tactical just released their AK trigger last month.

AR trigger maker CMC Triggers just announced via Instagram that they’re working on their own AK drop-in trigger. There’s no word just yet on pricing or a release date. However their AR triggers retail from $195 to $239.99 so you can expect it to be around that price range. Check out CMCtriggers.com for more info.

Ray I.

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  • andrey kireev

    That’s too much for an AK trigger…if manufacturers wound bring it down to $100 or less, they will have a lot easier time selling it. Seriously who would get $239 trigger pack for their $500 yugo or wasr10 ?

    • The world has moved on from the mommy’s basement crowd who think all AK’s should cost no more than $300 and who’s trigger control is called bump firing. How do you know this? Companies like Definitive Arms, DDI, Krebs and Rifle Dynamics, to name a few, are selling everything they can.

      There are those who understand that an AK is a good rifle that can be made better and not just me a “minute of the side of the barn” accurate. Beside, plenty of people take $600 AR’s, and spend another $1,000 on upgrades, why not an AK, other than cave man levels of thinking?

      • notalima

        Agreed. When I can work around the terrible triggers on both of my VEPRs (.308 and 7.62×39) and my Arsenal, they can put down quite good accuracy. My crappy like M85NP has a REALLY light trigger (with terrible pretravel) and it can ring 8″ plates consistently out to a decent distance.

      • All the Raindrops

        I agree and own several high end ak’s.

        But I don’t think they will benefit much from match triggers. My polished g2’s are quite good, better than most AR triggers imo, and they only cost 24 bucks and a little time with a file or dremel

        • As long as you put no price on the labor or opportunity costs to work on said $24 trigger.

      • andrey kireev

        Oh don’t give me wrong, I did put a $300 trigger on my Tavor… but i’ts a much more expensive rifle.What I’m referring to is price of accessory compared to a price of firearm, and spending over 40% of the cost of a rifle on a single accessory would put off lots of people. And BTW Out of 7 AK types I own cheapest one was $400 second hand and that was about 7 years ago.

        • M

          Quality optics often cost more than the rifle itself.