David writes …

Received a German MG3 ring mount from RTG Parts recently. FedEx guy didn’t seem too happy about it. Looks to be in great mechanical shape. Now I just need to figure out where to mount it.

ha. I can see why the delivery guy was not happy about moving that large piece of metal. As for where to mount it. Reader, help David out by voting in the poll below …

Thanks David. Enjoy your new toy.


  • Jeff Smith

    Should “pointing at the front door to welcome visitors” really be an option for the survey? It’s kinda/sort of/definitely a violation of one main firearms safety rules.

    I know, I know; it’s a joke. Still, I dislike the concept of even joking about it.

    • GunKnowItAll

      I couldn’t agree more, Jeff. Also, the kitchen wouldn’t be very practical. Just saying.

    • Abram

      ‘Facing’, not pointing. Enough of a difference to matter.

  • Douglas Weidner

    Add it to this!! the the baby rock and roll!

    • awesome. get them started early with the guns.

      • Bal256

        He’s got the right idea.

    • mechamaster

      Technical Baby-cart. Lol.

  • Lance

    No the poll misses a few buy a VW Bug and cut a hole for this on top. Or get a Mercedes truck with a hole ready for one.

    Any way every dont forget to buy your frank futters and Sourkrout with it.

    • Anonymoose

      How about a legit G-Class?

  • Phillip Cooper

    I get the same reaction when I order DOM tubing or weld-on beadlock kits for my jeep. Lots and lots of heavy steel, sometimes upwards of 10′ long, or a deceptively small, 90-pound package.

  • Abram

    I’ll write in a vote for mounting it on a Steyr Pinzgauer.