CZ Announces CZ 806 Bren 2 Improved Modular Assault Rifle

Czech small arms manufacturer Česká zbrojovka has introduced an improved, lighter variant of its 805 Bren rifle, called the 806 Bren 2. reports:

By the end of 2015, the Czech national arms manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka provide the army last game of the ordered four years ago, 17,678 rifles CZ 805 Bren subkarabinków A1 and A2 CZ 805 Bren. They are announced additional purchases of construction to 2020 completely replaced in line and reserve previously used 7.62-mm rifles vz. 58.

Already in 2011, the first CZ 805 went with Czech soldiers to Afghanistan, where the weapon was tested in combat conditions. That testing also revealed problems in childhood, modified in real time by specialists sent from the country. Complained about the high price of weapons (How much is the CZ 805 BREN?, 2014-08-16), a very large mass, poor ergonomics, as well as the bad balance of the gun during firing. CZ 805 first series production also had a very long, steady flask with uncomfortable cheek pad. Soldiers also drew attention to the negative shaped handle and tensioning levers switch. Worse yet, in contrast to almost all modern construction, the cocking lever would not stop in a rear position after using all of the cartridges in the magazine. User can also easily distribute gas system for cleaning weapons.

The new Bren 2 significantly improved ergonomics and functionality structure. Manipulators are operated intuitively and tensioning handle itself remains stationary while firing. Added a much better position flask with adjustable feet finished prominent damper / Photo: CZ

The new Bren 2 significantly improved ergonomics and functionality structure.Manipulators are operated intuitively and tensioning handle itself remains stationary while firing. Added a much better position flask with adjustable feet finished prominent damper / Photo: CZ

In the course of production changed, among others, flask, introduced enlarged wings switch the type of fire. In the second production batch it was decided to replace the drain chamber. Hence, the first 7737 Brenów supplied with transparent plastic magazines construction CZ (can be used interchangeably with the German magazine H & K G36), wypinanych lever similar to the AK. Other 9700 rifles CZ 805 (200 first series and all the other) are served with typical cartridge magazines of M16 (Soon contract for weapons forACR, 2013-12-07). The release levers are located on both sides of the chamber drain.

The refinement of weapons involved was Colonel Josef Kopecký, the Czech commander of the 7th Mechanized Brigade, which is why he and his soldiers were the first to get acquainted with a new, refined variant of Ceska Zbrojovka carbine. October 6 at the shooting range in Bzenec presented rifles CZ 806 Bren 2 A1 and subkarabinki CZ 806 Bren 2 A2 as chief of the General Staff of ACR gen. Josef Becvarovi.

Bren 2 rifles family were announced at the DSEI arms fair in London (DSEI 2015: CZ Bren announced carbine 2, 2015-09-18). This structure formed on the basis of export varieties of CZ 807, which competed in the Indian weapon trials, canceled the program MCAR. Weapon referred to as the CZ 806 is adapted for ammunition 5.56 mm x 7.62 mm and 45 x 39, while maintaining the same drain chamber. The exchange will only be subject barrel, the castle and the magazine. In a variation of 5.56 mm would be a standard magazine M16, when the gun is supplied with the cartridge Russian model will be used for identical dimensions of the upper part of the hull.

Photo showing introduced to the CZ 806 changes. The most important include the drainage chamber and the flask, but also mentioned the gas system in the band barrels / Photo: CZ

Photo showing introduced to the CZ 806 changes. The most important include the drainage chamber and the flask, but also mentioned the gas system in the band barrels / Photo: CZ

The CZ 806 Bren 2 introduced a number of amendments requested by the soldiers using weapons. First of all slimmed down carbine, mainly by removing excess material with aluminum castle chambers, reducing its mass by 0.5 kg. For comparison, the mass of subkarabinka CZ 805 Bren 1 A2 280 mm barrel is 3.39 / 4.10 kg (without iron sights and magazine / with a full magazine and sling), while his counterpart CZ 806 Bren 2 A2 of the same length barrel – only 2.76 / 2.99 kilograms.

Also redesigned from the cocking lever moving during the shot. The CZ 806 when voltage is disconnected from the breech and remains stationary in the conduct of fire. It also includes new mechanism of gas which decomposes to clean in a much simpler manner than in the model CZ 805 has also changed its setting number of two to three. CZ 806 has a new, folding on the right side of the flask with a plastic adjustable foot position. The latter ends with a prominent, removable from the shock.

CZ 806 Bren 2 has been significantly slimmed down compared to the first variant. The weapon is lighter by about 0.5 kg / Photo: CZ

CZ 806 Bren 2 has been significantly slimmed down compared to the first variant.The weapon is lighter by about 0.5 kg / Photo: CZ

The main difference between the first and the second version is changed Brena drain chamber. It is no longer a separate module shared with the magazine slot, the CZ 806 is it with him one. Pistol grip can be equipped with one of two straps, matching it better to hand the shooter size M and L. Bren 2 has a new, improved trigger. The designers of the CZ abandoned the option series 2-blasting. In the model CZ 806 switch the type of fire has only three settings: protected, fire a single and continuous fire.

The rifle changed the position of the manipulators by introducing two release levers mobile assembly from the rear position in which it remains after the last shot. The first is almost identical to the known M16, located on the left side, conveniently manipulated with the thumb of a hand putting slot magazine. The second is hidden on the front wall of the interior of the trigger guard. It is shaped like the letter C, the pressure on the lower edge releases the bolt carrier with a rear position, while raising his finger top allows them to be blocked at the inspection. It also includes reciprocal release of the magazine, placed in front of the trigger guard on both sides of the magazine slot.

Czech chief of staff of the armed forces during the familiarization with the new version of the rifle Brennan / Photo: ACR

Czech chief of staff of the armed forces during the familiarization with the new version of the rifle Brennan / Photo: ACR

The armed forces of the Czech Republic, which next year are going to buy the next batch of military weapons from Ceska Zbrojovka, probably decide to purchase a new variety CZ 806. Just Czech defense minister and the generals are perfectly aware that the early adoption of weapons to arm increases its export opportunities.

However, if such a decision will be made, it will mean that by the time a major overhaul, the Czech soldiers will be well until three versions rifles Brennan: CZ 805 Bren one of the chambers drain to the Czech magazines, CZ 805 Bren 1 of chambers trigger for magazines of M16 and modified CZ 806 Bren 2, in many ways different from the original model. That may create in the future a number of logistical problems associated even with the supply of spare parts. In practice, during renovations a few years, the older models will probably adapted to the latest standard.

For me, the second model Bren is an expected development. The Bren 805 rifle was originally designed for a polymer upper receiver, something that shows in its contours, which appear more well-suited to injection molding than milling. At some point in development, the material was changed to aluminum, but the receiver’s dimensions were not, resulting in an expensive and heavy assembly. The new rifle has an upper receiver apparently designed for aluminum from the start, which certainly brings the weight down, and mostly likely also greatly reduces cost. Indeed, the new rifle appears to address all of my major complaints about the 805, with the exception of the bolt removal procedure being armorer-level; no word yet on whether that has been changed. [EDIT: overlander in the comments points out that the pin holding the bolt group together is readily driven out. CZ reps had told Tim and myself that bolt removal procedure was armorer-level, and the pin has a divoted end that I had assumed was a rivet/staking. Mea culpa on that one]

Phil Note: The translation done by Google doesn’t always do the best job. Excuse the somewhat confusing language at times.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

    Is it just me or does this look like an FN SCAR?

    • Dan

      Nope just you 🙂

    • mechamaster

      Don’t worry bro, the first time I see original 805, I have the same impression..

      “Whoa, this is CZ-made SCAR with G36 style of operation mechanism”

      like that….

  • anon

    ok. they’re not even trying to make it not look like a SCAR now

    • Not really surprising to me. Both guns share parentage (G36) and both guns have the same architecture.

    • Tom

      If you want the same features as an FN SCAR your going to end up with a rifle that looks like an FN SCAR.

      As with many things we are at a point with weapons tech where we pretty much know the best way to do things and short of a major advance in technology we are going to keep seeing weapons that look like existing weapons.

    • iksnilol

      I don’t really see the similarity.

  • Kelly Jackson

    They need to improve the US model to have a stock and 16″ barrel

    • Kivaari

      It would need to be built here. Essentially all the critical parts are not allowed to be imported.

  • tony

    A SCAR that costs less than a SCAR

  • SP mclaughlin

    Lovin’ the backwards front sight in the title picture.

    • Sam

      Not uncommon. Gives you more rail space and still works exactly the same.

  • MPWS

    That “translation” is indeed garbage, mish-mash od English and Polish.

    As far as so much sung about “architecture” of gun is concerned I cannot believe that childish styling (cavities) on sides of magazine well. Did CZUB forget all about decontamination in ABC combat environment? This was practised routinely by beginning of 60s. Those pockets are impossible to de-contaminate.
    My last note is about parentage: I do not see G36 heritage in it; it is clearly derived from SCAR, albeit with lot heavier expense (machined vs. extruded receiver). Nothing to celebrate, really.

    • Raven

      Nobody really plans for a CBRN environment anymore, beyond token stuff like keeping MOPP-equivalents in service and maintaining the ability to fully button up on tanks.

    • Kivaari

      The Czech Republic was a primary CBN detection teams in Gulf War 1 and GW2. The Czechs have pretty much pro-western, even while under the paw of a Russian bear. Czech Legions were our allies in the last century.


      The SCAR and 805 both are derived from the G36, having similar six-lug bolts and similar carrier configs. The SCAR swaps the G36’s short stroke piston for the tappet from the AUG/F2000, while the 805 adds a firing pin safety similar to that of the HK243 and is otherwise closer to the G36.

      The 805 also was originally designed with a polymer upper receiver, and its origins are chronologically very close to that of the SCAR, further suggesting that the 805 and the SCAR share parentage, but are not derivatives of each other.

    • Kelly Jackson

      That’s because you’re only looking at the exterior of the gun, the entire bolt carrier looks like it came out of a G36

  • comrade

    5.56 mm x 7.62 mm and 45 x 39 hahahahahahahhahhahahahahahaha

  • UnrepentantLib

    Gotta love machine translations. Kinda like a brain teaser.

  • USMC03Vet

    Still can’t shoot more than 10 rounds without wearing gloves functionality. So operator, I ordered 15 yesterday before they were even announced.

  • overlander

    Come on, people. Having to remove one pin doesn’t make bolt removal ‘Armorer Level.’ Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

    • You’re right about it being easily driven out:

      However, both Tim and myself were told not to disassemble the bolt by CZ people, so I don’t know why that’s considered to be armorer-level by them. I had actually assumed when I disassembled the gun at SHOT Show that the pin was staked (it looks like it’s staked or riveted but it’s not), and that’s why they said not to disassemble it. Looks like that’s not the case.

      Good correction, but the “rumor” if you will was spread by CZ themselves!

    • mechamaster

      Well, for ‘clean-and-neat’ people, it’s important..

  • Green Hell

    Can’t grasp the logic of why those “waffles” on stock and reciever shaped so randomly and why they are needed in the first place.

    • schizuki

      Pick up a pancake near the edge with your thumb and forefinger.

      Now do the same with a waffle.

    • Joshua

      Reduces weight

    • Anonymoose

      The M4 wafflestock has been around for at least 20 years now, hasn’t it?

  • Bal256

    The new lower mold is looking pretty good.

    • Anonymoose

      I really want waffles now, but they closed the IHOP near me, and there are no Waffle Houses in this area either..may have to run up to Walmart and get me a Belgian waffle-maker…

      • santi

        Day is made.

    • BattleshipGrey

      Reminds me of Tapco stocks… not intended to be complementary.

    • santi

      The day has been made.

  • Garfield3000

    Good thing they got those drainage chamber issues figured out. I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting pretty fed up with my guns filling up with fluids all the time.

  • Kivaari

    It looks good. It is nice to see a former Soviet client state, having a rifle that takes M16 magazines. We have great allies in the former Warsaw Pact nation. The uniform camo is great. Much better than pale green mess the army uses.

  • Esh325

    I heard some Czech users complain about the rifle, this seems to confirm it. Some of the features seemed obvious to add from the start. At least it didn’t have serious reliability problems. What seems quite silly is changing the magazine. Why? The upgrade looks solid overall though

    • pbla4024

      The magazine well was changed while ago (2013).

  • May

    I didn’t think it was possible to make this gun look more like a SCAR than it already did. Impressive work on their part, although covering guns in waffles is more a Floridian thing than a Belgian one so I don’t get why they did that.

  • DW

    Now it looks positively like a scar, but a sleeker one at that.
    Also the waffle is cz’s version of Gripzone (TM) so that rifle will still be fine even in crisco rich environment

  • I expect Light Rifle to be done sometime in 2018, at the current rate I am publishing it. While I have other minor projects going at the same time, I do not have the means to do another one simultaneously, unfortunately.

    I agree that the modern wonder-rifles are not substantially better than AR-15-derived weapons, and do not justify their additional cost and weight.

  • Also, John, that metallurgy article is a great suggestion, thank you.

    • No problem, coincidentally enough the POSCO lightweight steel will be on sale around 2018 too.

  • mechamaster

    They dont improved the “bolt-carrier that easy to fieldstrip”-part’s… Nooooooo ( -scream intensified- )..

    But the other part’s like non-recipro charging handle, and little bit lightweight parts, and improved firing selector look’s a nice improvement.

  • Vitor Roma

    Quite nice how they heard the troops and are already improving the rifle without waiting a decade or so. No “good enough” bullshit.

    Btw, the whole “Also redesigned from the cocking lever moving during the shot. The CZ 806 when voltage is disconnected from the breech and remains stationary in the conduct of fire.” means that the bolts lock open after last fire shot?

    • Anomanom

      It means they made the charging handle non-reciprocating.
      “remains stationary in the conduct of fire” = “doesn’t move when you’re shooting it”

      • Vitor Roma

        Ah, indeed. Thanks.

  • Garmanarnar

    That machine translation was utterly unintelligible.

  • roguetechie

    Actually the progenitor of the AR10/15 was the first really modular design, prototyped in 1936 named the M1941 JSAR/JLMG. By M1944 / T48-T53 it added a belt feed module to the number of options it already had.
    Yeah, don’t ask why they deleted the features Mel Johnson went to all that trouble to put in. (pissed him off too)
    For a guy that sure predicted nearly exactly where small arms were going, he gets **** all worth of credit!

  • iksnilol

    You mean making the rifle out of the right material helps?

    Who’da thunk that?