Strike Industries EMP Glock 43 Mag Plate

Strike Industries released their EMP magazine plate for the Glock 42 a few months back, now they have one for the Glock 43. Made out of impact resistant polymer their new extended magazine plate adds an additional 2 rounds to the Glock 43 bumping it up to a capacity of 8+1. The EMP mag plate also adds more finger space allowing for more control. The new Glock 43 EMP mag plate retails for just $11.95 at

The Strike Industries Glock 43 Extended Magazine Plate (G43 E.M.P) design provides smoother magazine reloading through its low drag / no snag design. The G43 E.M.P provides multiple functions to include an additional 2 rounds bringing the Glock 43 capacity up to 8+1. Along with providing more magazine capacity; the extended grip surface provides extra finger space for a better grip and more control; along with better ergonomics which leads to a higher accuracy potential over the base model subcompact. The SI G43 EMP is a must have addition for your EDC!
Package include
– 1x Magazine Plate Extension for Glock43

– Plus 2 round capacity
– Extended grip surface
– Low drag /No snag design
– Impact resistant polymer


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  • iksnilol


    Make short pistol for easier concealing, make magazine that extends grip.


    at least it matches the rest of the gun unlike most extended mags.

    • Vitsaus

      Don’t tell the fanboys, they get really irritated when you point out that kind of thing.

      • Nicks87

        Yeah flawed logic is kind of irritating.

    • MR

      I’m thinking this could be handy for spare mags. At least until someone releases twenty round single stack mags to fit the 43.

      • Anonymoose

        This is a S&W .380, but you get the idea. On another note, I feel like a lot of people dgaf about the Glock 42 now that the 43 is out.

        • Nicks87

          If that was my pistol I would grip the magazine sleeve while shooting just to be a d**k.

        • MR

          Yeah, “this” doesn’t really look like “that”. Unless you’re talking about the 20rd mag I suggested, that was mostly in jest. Though I’d still like one for range use.

          • MR

            As for the 42 falling into the shadows, I feel the same way about Ruger’s LCP. There’s a nine millimeter version out, why the heck would I be messing with some obscure sub-caliber? But Glock gets the hate because they only made their customers wait a year for the main show, versus the several years that Ruger fanbois had to wait.

          • Anonymoose

            Ooh, ooh! How about a Glock 43 C-mag? 😀

          • MR

            I’ve got a Korean 50 rd mag for my 17, not great for CC unless it’s in a backpack or European shoulder satchel or something…

        • FourString

          Now Walther just needs to introduce a PPK/S in 9mm to sate all of our inner James Bond’s.

          • Anonymoose

            Or bring back the “brick through a plate glass window” .32 and make suppressors for it…

          • FourString

            I just rewatched Dr. No today xD

          • scaatylobo

            LOL, agreed.
            Just bought the PPK/S in .22 and the spare mags were too costly.

    • Nicks87

      How about modularity? Having options is always nice. By the way I own a Glock 26 and I do have mags with extensions but I don’t always carry the extended mags. It all depends on what clothing/holster I’m wearing or what activity I’m doing while carrying concealed. If I had a Glock 43 I would buy this extension AND an extended barrel and it would still be a better CC piece than any 1911 model. Sometimes at the range I shoot my 26 with a 33 rnd mag just for fun.

      • scaatylobo

        Did EXACTLY that with the G- 43 I bought.
        Carry 2 spare 8 rounders on the belt and the concealable one in the gun.
        Hides VERY well under a ‘T’ shirt too.

    • Anonymoose

      I think the idea is to have 6+1 in the gun, and 2-3 8-rounders for backup, and also to get more erange time with the 8-rounders (shooting stubby grips always sucks unless you have tiny baby-hands).

      • iksnilol

        Makes sense, I’ve been thinking about carrying an extended mag or two while keeping a flush mag in the pistol itself.

        Kinda moot since I don’t CC much.

      • raging realist

        Very true! The 6rd mag is best to keep it concealed, going with a longer grip at first you might as well be carrying a double stack mag! “More Ammo” is great, but “round count” doesn’t mean anything if you can’t “make your rounds count”!

    • USMC03Vet

      I always extended mag in my sub compact now days just because I can. Its nice living where there are no capacity restrictions.

      • FourString

        RUB IT IN *WEEPS*

    • Frank

      If you carry appendix style the grip length isn’t as big of an issue.

  • Kind of reminds me of the bottom of a walther p99

  • Swarf

    “You know, I’m really glad I bought this compact pistol, I just wish it were bigger.

    • FourString

      Introducing our new Buyer’s Remorse mag plate™

  • Kinda defeats the purpose of the 43, don’t it… Or is this for the guys that say “I wish I got the 26 instead”?

    • manBear

      Absolutely agree

      • ostiariusalpha

        Not entirely. In an EDC context, you’d mostly use it as the backup mag with the standard mag already in the pistol. In a non-immediate threat where you are no longer concerned about concealment, you could even switch mags to increase your initial capacity. The extended mags give you a little more flexibility when you can’t access a more potent weapon right away.

    • Patrick M.

      Its still single stack and thinner than a 26

  • Beju

    “…provides smoother magazine reloading through its low drag / no snag design.”

    *does not apply to piece of hand caught between grip and extension during reloads.

  • tony

    To those that keep comparing the 43 with a 26
    the circumference on the grip of 26 is longer, people with small hands are more comfortable with a single stack 9mm

  • What is the height of the gun with the +2 mag inserted?

  • Stephen

    Most comments here point out the silliness of making a small gun larger. Point taken. However, it is easy to conceive of situations that having a few extra cartridges would benefit. Primarily, in my mind, that is the ability to reload. Many who carry concealed also carry a spare magazine. This gives those users another option to consider. And it doesn’t hurt those who choose not to use it. Win win.

  • NoNamesOnTheNet

    My extended magazine for my Glock 43 is the Glock 20 I carry off-body…

  • scaatylobo

    I carry a G-43 when I want deep cover.
    It will hide under a ‘T’ shirt in warm weather.
    The +2’s I added to the spare mags are worn as reloads.
    I might “have” to get these too.