Magpul AR Enhanced Magazine Release

Magpul recently announced their new AR Enhanced Magazine Release. It’s an attachment that creates more surface area to help with faster mag changes. I think it looks like a solid product, especially for those with small hands who may not be able to manipulate all the controls on an AR but I can see possible accidental mag drops happening. It’s made out of hard anodized aluminum and bolts-on with no gunsmithing required. It’s made in the USA and fits both 5.56 and 7.62 rifles. They’re only available in black and retail for $19.95 at

The Magpul AR Enhanced Magazine Release provides an enlarged contact surface for quick and fumble free magazine changes.

With easy bolt-on installation with no gunsmithing required, the Enhanced AR Magazine Release is made of Mil-Spec hard anodized aluminum to provide durability and light weight.

Machined from mil-spec anodized aluminum
Two-piece construction for easy installation and reduced profile
Provides larger contact surface for positive activation
Compatible with most 5.56 and 7.62 pattern receivers

Made in U.S.A.



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  • I’ve pointed it out elsewhere and I’ll point it out here: this borrows an awful lot from the design of Odin Works.

    • pun&gun

      It does. Enough to file suit?

      • MR

        Thought I’d seen this from a couple companies before. Maybe just licensed versions of the Odin Works item, or sourced from there. IDK, fairly basic idea anyway, might have to grab one for my MagPul equipped lower.

    • JSmath

      Tough to argue that one imo. About the same use and simplicity of design as, say, a featureless trigger.

      Didn’t people rip off the BAD lever the year it came out? Or was that a copy of something else anyway, too?

      • Magpul

        There were the other extended bolt releases prior to the BAD leaver but they just extended down the left side of the gun. The Magpul BAD lever was the first to extend the standard BHO operation to the right side of the gun to be worked with the trigger finger.

      • sean

        Phase 5 has worked the best for my ARs…No issues on a M&P15T and works really good on the AAC SBR.

      • redsr

        I think what happened was Haley or someone w/ Magpul shared pics of pre-production BAD lever and then a bunch of other folks made their version of it before the Magpul one came out…
        But believe the Magpul team originated.

    • Magpul

      Paddles like this that attach with two screws were around in the last century, well before Odin Works. Design wise the Magpul version is much smaller than the Odin Works, the Magpul not even twice the size of the GI button.

  • Mike Bloomb3rg

    OMFG ! FINALLY ! And here I was, thinking there was no other sh*t I could add to my AR-15 besides a rail-mounted cuckoo clock . . . THANKS MAGPUL ! A worthy addition to my BAD lever and MAGPUL furniture 🙂

    • Grindstone50k

      I now want a cuckoo clock on my AR.

      • Dan

        I had the tacticle grandfather clock but dang did that add some weight. When you get the cuckoo clock let me know how it works.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Seeing how simplistic this is, I’m going to make my own. I always liked the Odin Works version, but never paid attention to how they worked exactly. Time to fire up the mill.

    • SuperJ

      FWIW, I’ve tried both of the Odin versions and on my lower I had to switch back to stock. Apparently, my mag release opening is at the upper limit or just a smidge bigger so unless you hit the button straight on (defeating the purpose of the extended flap piece) it would rock in the opening and bind up.

      It’s a fine product and super well made but on my specific lower it just didn’t get the job done.

      • BrandonAKsALot

        Good point. I’ll check the fit first.

  • ManBear

    Worth every penny …if it doesn’t rust like my entire LPK has done so far 🙁

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Anyone else notice that it’s modeled on a KAC SR-15? 🙂 Keep this thingy, just gimme the gun

  • AJ187

    I don’t need one myself, but I just love the ingenuity of invention we have and often dismiss, ridicule or take for granted. Really a great time to be a gun owner.

    • Magpul

      These ARE the good old days.

  • truno1

    I’d give it a try but it seems like I’d be prone to accidentally letting a mag drop while keeping my finger off the trigger. It isn’t that hard to hit in the first place.

  • JamesRPatrick

    Why can’t it just be one piece?

    • Grindstone50k

      Because unscrewing a mag release is haaaaaard.

    • nadnerbus

      You have to push the mag button all the way into the receiver in order to get enough clearance on the left side of the receiver to spin the release bar to back it out.

      • JamesRPatrick

        Ah. I though it stuck out farther.

  • Twilight sparkle

    I had 2 guns malfunction with two different bad levers… I’ll just stick with other parts from magpul thank you very much… they don’t seem that good with parts like this.

    • Squirreltakular

      Could you elaborate on the malfunctions? I’ve never heard of a BAD lever causing one.

      • Twilight sparkle

        On my le6920 it had enough weight to mess with the inertia of the bolt catch enough so that the bolt wouldn’t lock back on the last round with usgi mags, it worked perfectly fine with p-mags but I didn’t want to risk it. Like you I hadn’t heard many bad things at the time so I dismissed that instance as an anomaly. I stuck it on a gun I built for myself and it worked perfectly fine. Then my sister joined the police department and wanted a gun almost exactly like the one I built for myself, I sent her a link to a slightly cheaper lpk with the alg trigger as part of a package deal since she’s fresh out of the army and spent most of her money on a new house I figured it was good to save a little bit, it was otherwise a mil-spec lpk. I think inconsistencies in the thickness of the bolt release paddle cause the bad lever to press out from the upper and put too much friction on the underside of the bcg which didn’t allow it to fully cycle. I took it off and it’s been 100% since, I visually inspected the internals and put a couple hundred rounds of cheap steel case through it and 60 rounds of xm193 after to make sure nothing else was causing that problem. I’m sure someone else is bound to have had similar problems, but either way I’m not using bad levers anymore.

        • Magpul

          This is why the BAD lever is designed as it is to be as light as possible so as not to negatively the operation of the BHO it is attached to. Weight is a big concern here an this issue does show up from time to time but usually can be resolved with a servicing of the BHO spring. Receivers designed to be AMBI are the best solution but the BAD works very well as a solution for standard lowers. As with everything testing is key to verify the solution will work in your particular application.

          • Twilight sparkle

            I really like the idea of the bad lever; but when I had two different malfunctions on two out of three guns I decided it wasn’t really worth the risk, especially for a duty rifle.

            Do you work for magpul or is your name just magpul?

        • Squirreltakular

          Hmm. Guess I’ll continue just using my standard bolt release. Thanks for the breakdown.

  • nadnerbus

    is this something that is really useful to you 3 gun types? I just don’t see the advantage to something like this, though I have normal sized hands, so maybe it’s not marketed to me.

  • MrPotatoHead

    Looks identical to the mag release that Manticore Arms used to make, except this one says Magpul on it. I have one on my Sig 556.

  • claymore

    So this defeats the “button surround” that took so many engineers so long to add to prevent accidental mag releases. Progress in the wrong direction I think.

  • Zang Kang King

    When has anyone EVER missed the mag release button???