1000 Rounds of 9mm Belt-Fed Glory

Freedom Ordnance of Indiana is making waves with its upcoming 9mm belt-fed upper receiver. In their latest teaser, the FM-9 is put to a 1000 round belt and eats it without issue. In the comments, Freedom Ordnance indicates the belt was over 45 feet long prior to the torture test.

Honestly, its a boring (but intriguing) watch. The upper digests all the rounds without issue. I personally thought the firearm would move into IV8888-style meltdown territory. Alas, it was not to be.

But, it proves the firearm a robust platform with lots of potential. Those interested can pre-order one direct from Freedom Ordnance. Pricing is set at $2495 retail with pre-order at $1895. 


Nathan S

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  • datimes

    The video which has been up for 10 minutes doesn’t exist.

    • MR

      They have a different one up on their site. A belt of ammo through one barrel, then they swap the other barrel on and run another belt through.

      • Yeah you wouldn’t be firing a 1000 round belt bag then another 1000 round belt bag on the same barrel. Unless you took out the barrel let it cool then clean it out.

        • MR

          The one I saw had considerably shorter belts. Still a cool trick, IMO.

          • Those were 150 round belt bags in that video. See on larger then 9mm firing a solid stream of more then say 150 rounds you will cause the barrel to melt. Hence why on belt fed unless water or with a very good air cooled system you fire short bursts. Not go through an entire belt. Full auto while fun and useful requires training. You can get killed by the full auto you are firing pretty easily if you don’t know what you are doing.

  • Jeff Smith

    The video link does not exist.

    I don’t find it too surprising. The chamber pressure of 5.56 is almost double that of 9mm (nearly 60,000 psi vs 35,000). Provided that they are the same thickness, I would guess that the 9mm would wear slower than a 5.56.

    • Alex D.

      Rather, I’d say it’s because there’s significantly less powder in a 9mm cartridge than in a 5.56mm cartridge, so less heat is produced. Wearing a barrel at 1000 rounds means you’re either pushing over 4000fps or dangerously overheating your barrel.

  • nova3930

    Only 2 Gs? Well hell I’ll take 2 at that price….

    • HH

      That’s a great price for a novel 9mm beltfed upper. And very reasonable for anyone owning a registered machine gun. With a transferable AR15 costing upwards of $15k…yeah, $2k to make it able to shoot beltfed 9mm is well worth it. It all depends on your perspective. Check out the Shrike beltfed AR uppers for comparison

      • MR

        Glad I signed up to work the weekend, gonna need some more overtime to pay for this puppy when they start production. Fingers crossed they’re ready for payment shortly after I get my tax returns.

  • Zang Kang King

    LOL was wondering how they did it.

  • Lance

    9mmm belt fed…… waste of time and money minimum of .30 cal is needed for a good belt feed.

    • Matt

      9mm is roughly equal to 0.35″ which means that it larger than .30 caliber.

      • Phillip Cooper


        Math is hard.

      • eriky

        ow snap

  • Phil Hsueh

    So, would this be CA legal, does a belt count as a mag if there’s no box on the rifle itself holding the belt of ammo?

    • Llewellyn Franks

      Iirc, yes belt feds are ca legal

      • Dave Parks

        Yes, BUT…

        I can’t attest to the accuracy, but I’ve read elsewhere that links are considered magazines and subject to the 10 round limit. With pre-ban links, you can link together as many as you want, but with new links, you can only link 10 together at a time.

        Not that it makes sense, but that’s the law as far as I know.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          Linked AMMUNITION is considered a magazine. Not links or cloth belts.

          • Cal.Bar

            Sorry Chris, wrong again. You DON’T need ammunition for an item to be a “feeding device” Every empty mag is subject to the law, not just ones with ammo in them. Furthermore, even cloth belts are a “feeding device” and ARE considered “hi capacity” (if over ten rounds). If you are in CA, you may need to speak with people before following your own advice.

          • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

            Yeah, you should probably re-read the law again. It EXPLICITLY says “linked or belted AMMUNITION”.

            But don’t take my word for it. Just go read the law. It’s public.

          • Cal.Bar

            A “large capacity magazine” is defined as any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds. Can your 250 round 1919 belt accept more than 10 rounds? If yes, then it’s illegal. No ammo in it needed. Can your AR mag ACCEPT more than 10 rounds – illegal to buy, sell or import – no ammo needed. Yes, for LINKS it can be argued that merely having 11 of them in a bag is not illegal, but since the only real way to put them together is with ammo, then… well, you do need ammo for that. I suppose you could use a wire to tie them together, but that doesn’t make sense.

          • gunsandrockets

            The language you quote is unfamiliar to me, as far as California legislation. Can you provide a link?

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      It’s CA-legal, but they won’t sell it to CA.

      • Cal.Bar

        It is NOT, as configured ,CA legal. First, it’s a center fired upper with a pistol grip. So you have to figure out a bullet button for it or wrap the grip. Second, even IF you could do that, you would only be able to link 10 rounds together at a time (defeating the purpose of a belt fed) and LASTLY, CA banned the possession of “conversion kits” (i.e. those things which can convert a 10 rd mag to a “hi-cap” mag.) And… Guess what you need to convert ten rounds of linked ammo into an illegal 11 round belt…. you guessed it…. a SINGLE LINK! Yes, a very literal interpretation of the law, but a plausible one). This thing has “no go” in CA all over it.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          It’s an upper. It’s just a part. Uppers are legal, belt fed or whatever.

          • Cal.Bar

            Really Chris? You are going to get this upper (paying who knows how much) only to have to modify it to use a bullet button or grip wrap and change out the flash suppressor and go featureless all so you can shoot the SAME TEN ROUNDS that everyone else can shoot? But who can load their mags much faster than you can load ten round belts? (that is assuming you can even get the company to ship “arguably” legal links into CA?. Sure…. it has “go for it” all over it here in CA.

          • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

            Just because I live in CA doesn’t mean I spend every waking hour in CA, or always shoot inside CA.

          • Cal.Bar

            By all means – take this gun/upper and shoot it out of state. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this gun has NO value or purpose WITHIN the state.

        • Limousine Liberal


      • Phil Hsueh

        That’s a pity. It’s a bit too much for me but it would sill be nice to know that it’s available if I had the cash. It certainly would be one way around having to have a bullet button and being limited to 10 round mags without having to go featureless.

        • Cal.Bar

          No, even going featureless will NOT get you more than 10 rounds. While it IS true that with a featureless rifle, you CAN use “hi-cap” mags YOU OWNED BEFORE 2000, with this, you CAN’T because the links didn’t exist prior to 2000 when the 10 round mag law was passed. So, you couldn’t have owned any 11+ round 9mm belts before the ban. Cops see you with this = guaranteed felony, and an easy conviction for any of the very anti-gun prosecutors here in CA.

  • MR

    Straight blow-back operation? I don’t have a registered receiver myself, but I’ve read the comments on the M16 forum of UziTalk, most of them seem to shy away from running standard 9mm uppers on their RRs due to the violence of the non-locking bolt slamming the hammer down into the disconnector, breaking pins and wallowing out the receiver’s hammer pin holes. Ramped bolts help, but don’t totally solve the problem. For two grand, it’d be nice to see gas operation
    Still, think it’d be kinda cool on my SlideFire lower.

  • Bill

    I’m sure it’s because my eyes are tired, but it looked like the flash hider was starting to droop

  • wildbillb

    wow, talk about boring… i guess you’d have to be there 😉

    • Limousine Liberal

      The first ten to twenty seconds were sweet.

      • MR

        I kinda like watching the brass fly out the lower port, and the links tumble out of the upper. Wanna put it on a loop and have it playing in the background to drown out my tinnitus. Like a babbling brook or something.

  • noob

    hmm. I wonder is there a practical use for this? Having, say a hundred rounds of 9mm on tap without reloading in a fully automatic carbine does sound interesting. Maybe room clearing?

    • More like changing to another caliber if they run low on 5.56 for suppressive fire. Most of the time these things are just tech demos with no or very limited commerical applications. For example there is a belt fed 12 gauge shotgun being developed but the point isn’t to market a 12 gauge belt fed its to test out and show several components in the gun such as bolts or springs etc that can be put into other guns.

  • Adam

    Bless them…..

  • scaatylobo

    I see little to no use for this,BUT that is TOO COOL !!!.
    In certain war zones,it might be THE tool for suppressive fire.

    • MAX

      Yes it is useless. But it is awesome, how they cut the belt down and made a solid working upper. Props!!

  • Donald Darr

    I love reading these posts… “It has no practical purpose”, “It’s a waste of time and ammo”, etc, etc, etc. Whatever happened to the “WOW” facture? Most people don’t realize that the first machine gun was considered impractical and a waste of ammo by the people that knew it all. Now, the military couldn’t live without them. Enjoy things for the beauty they are and leave the rest to the bean counters.

    • The military however trains in the proper use. Which is often suppressive fire or heavy fire if you got a good bead on a target or group of targets. This in the hands of civilians is more for semi auto high capacity wear out your finger at the range or full auto fun for rich people. This does have some mil and law enforcement but its more a tech demo. Having a switchable belt fed upper that doesn’t require any tooling to the lower is a huge game changer. If a military command ran low on 5.56 for example for suppressive but had a ton of 9mm pistol they could refit the 5.56sers lowers with the 9mm belt fed upper to be able to do suppressive fire function until ammo resupply.

  • CavScout

    So I’m guessing this uses standard 9mm links…. lol.

  • iksnilol

    One of these with a pistol length barrel and a suppressor would give the term “suppressive fire” a new meaning 😛

  • JoninMd22

    Maybe they could shorten the barrel and chamber for .357 or .44 magnum. Could be a good PDW.