Modified Inside Waistband Conceal Carry

Here is a video I found on Facebook. It was posted in a Philippine Shooters Club group page.


The gun looks to be in some sort of holster but I cannot find any information on it. The concept is unique and with his gut, he gains an extra level of retention LOL.

Having the barrel point up and to the side does not seem like a good idea, nor does it seem like a good idea to carry a single action 1911 in this manner. Based on the two handed manipulation, it looks like the shooter is placing his support hand in a position to rack the slide. Which leads me to think, he is carrying chamber empty.

We all know the compromise to carrying chamber empty but this manner of holstering the weapon makes it even worse. You need to use your support hand to twist the gun up and out. I don’t see this working too well with only one hand.

Also, not a good idea to play with guns when there is ammo in the magazine.

Nicholas C

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  • M.M.D.C.

    Drawing “on the fly.”

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Pro Tip: If you feel compelled to make and share videos that prominently display your torso area hit the gym, take a few laps around the mall, do some leg lifts or something.

  • Will

    NEVER, EVER, underestimate the ability of people to do something stupid with a firearm

    • eriky

      ”It’s impossible to make anything fool proof, because fools are so damn inventive”

  • Martin Grønsdal

    Gangsta style v. 1.1

  • Glock Guy

    Looks rather dangerous to me having the firearm oriented that way; however, that is super concealable. Then again, so is IWB type holsters as well — and safer too.

  • andrey kireev

    What’s next ? Someone gonna decide to hide Ruger LCP sized gun between their fat rolls ?

    • B.K.

      My “well statured” aunt would like to have a quick word with you…Well it won’t exactly be quick.

    • Anonymoose

      I’ve seen a guy do that with a Taurus 92.

      • D3nniz

        Inserting a 1911 into your pants like this seems to be the perfect way to disable the thumb safety and have the grip safety depressed against the bottom of the “holster”.

    • scaatylobo

      Guess you dont cruise the FB crap often ?.
      There is a video of a rather chubby black man with a larger gut than this guy,he “picks up his belly” and shows that a pistol will actually sit in there = being held by the fat.

  • Nicks87

    What in the…

  • Philthegardner

    The concept is dangerous but hey, at US$12 each, you aren’t gonna break the bank. Plus you have extra money for that gymn membership you always wanted.

  • Steve

    How to carry in case you think Mexican carry is too unsafe, but still don’t want to be rid of all risk.

    • lucusloc

      Just offload the risk onto the guy next to you! Perfect!

      • Steve

        Hell yes. Screw that guy…whoever he is.

  • Otm Shooter

    Hahaha that weapon had a live mag in it? Though I possess the required gut, I shall not partake. Now you can finally conceal your 6″ model 29.

    Just make sure you don’t detonate the driver if you’re riding shotgun.

  • jrod

    When’s the baby due?

  • MeatPants

    Larry Vickers needs to get some slow motion footage of that dudes gut getting bean bagged.

    • Not_a_Federal_Agent

      How about Larry Vickers gets some slow motion footage of Larry Vickers gut getting beanbagged.

      • Joshua

        Yeah, I think LAV has about 50lbs on the guy in the video.

      • Yea tell Larry that. Where do we send flowers:-)

        • scaatylobo

          Send them to Larry,he is not the baddest man on the planet,only he [ and you ? ] might think so.
          And yes,if you spend THAT MUCH TIME with the camera on yourself,you ‘might’ get shots thrown at your skinny butt 🙂

  • lucusloc

    Genius. Now I just need to gain about 200 lbs. Plus I will not have to practice retention anymore. Who is gong to want to grab the gun after they see where I drew it from?

    Now where did I put my BrainBleach?

  • Squirreltakular


  • Edeco

    UMC – under moob carry

  • Me

    1911 guys: I can totally conceal a full gov 1911 and not print!

  • GreyGeek77

    Isn’t that the Pot Belly Carry (PBC) ?

  • Bill

    Click, click, BOOM!

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    Guy’s from the Philipines, What did you expect??