ATI will stop selling the GSG-522

American Tactical Imports informed me that they will not be importing any more GSG-522 firearms. The H&K MP5-style rifle is available in a variety of rifle, pistol, carbine and suppressed configurations. Once they sell out of current stock, or on 31 December 2016, they will no longer be selling them. Magazines and repairs and warranty cover will continue.



ATI said they would not be making any further statements regarding this at this time. Thier notice does state they will continue importing other GSG firearms, including new models next year.

I am not sure what to make of this.  In 2009 ATI settled with H&K after they were sued for copying their design.  Last year ATI and GSG filed a lawsuit alleging that H&K never owned the copyright to the design in the first place.  I have heard nothing regarding the latter lawsuit since I wrote about it in April 2014. I wonder if American Tactical lost the case and have decided to cease selling the firearm.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jose

    First to comment on this post. I have to assume, unless proven otherwise, that ATI decided to stop importing the GSG-522 because they lost the lawsuit to Heckler & Koch; or if they reach some secret settlement. That is something that ATI must state, because, they were the ones who got embroiled in this lawsuit. Even so, I can’t wait to see if they bring the 9mm version of the GSG-MP-40 that is currently offered in .22 rimfire. and bring more of their AK type rifles, in 7.62x39mm as well in .22 caliber.
    That’s it.

    • UCSPanther

      I’d love to get my hands on their 9mm MP40 as well.

      It is the one subgun that I have always wanted. Now, if they would make a both a .22 and a 9mm version of the MP18/MP34…

    • John Shore

      Part of their decision may rest on the success of the Umarex-Walther MP5-22 marketed with the blessing of H&K here in the US; It’s a stouter, better-built near-replica with a metal receiver, and can be found for just under $300 if you look in the right places. The GSG is a nice rifle, but it doesn’t match up to the quality of the Walther-built guns.
      Oh, yes, it would be VERY nice to have a 9mm version

  • Maxpwr

    I don’t see any HK styled firearms on the GSG German web site so they are probably getting out of the business. They still show the MP40 in 22 and AK47 in 22. A 9mm MP40 would be cool, but not going to happen.

  • michael escamilla

    I don’t think that this is a big deal. The gsg 522 is a poor seller and gsg probably wants to focus on other things

    • TheBest

      They’re too expensive for what they are.

  • Big Burd

    so is the article correct so in a whole complete year past 2015 in 2016 they’ll stop?