hickok45 Reviews the SIG MPX Suppressed

The SIG MPX-SD has been making the media rounds not only because it’s a cool gun but because it’s internally suppressed. Thanks to companies like SIG and SilencerCo, the push to make suppressors more readily available is greater than ever. The technology is certainly advancing as well with guns like the SIG MPX-SD and SilencerCo’s Maxim 9 hitting the market. Suppressors present a wide range of possibilities for gun owners from better hunting experiences to preserved hearing to better odds for self-defense.


In the spirit of the SIG MPX-SD’s understandable popularity, hickok45 did his own review. It’s an awesome gun, no doubt about it.

Specs from SIG:

Caliber 9mm NATO, Converts to .357SIG or .40S&W
  Action Type Select Fire (LE/GOVT ONLY)
  Operating System Closed, fully locked short stroke pushrod gas system
  Overall Length (Telescoping Stock) Min (Closed) 688 mm/28.1 in, Max (Open) 808 mm/31.8 in
  Overall Length (Folding Stock) Min (Closed) 653 mm/25.7 in, Max (Open) 838 mm/33.0 in
  Overall Width 52 mm/2.0 in
  Barrel Length 165 mm/6.5 in
  Sight Radius 371 mm/14.6 in
  Cyclic Rate 850 RPM
  Features Easily converts to 9 mm NATO, .357SIG, or .40S&W, User-configurable stock system: telescoping, folding, intergrally suppressed
  MSRP Not Available

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  • The video doesn’t involve the MPX-SD. That is just a normal MPX with a can added on.

    • DNH

      It’s too bad we’ll have to wait for the court battle to end before US civilians can own anything resembling a MPX-SD.

      I understand why SIG is fighting ATF to prove that a muzzle brake (baffle stack) is not a suppressor, but meanwhile I want a MPX-SD in semi-automatic, with a stock and integrally suppressed 16″ barrel (so it can be sold as a 1-stamp gun).

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    This thing looks pretty worthless without a stock.

    • Bill

      Like a MP5K, these pistol caliber mega-pistols bring nothing without a VFG or a stock, and are all the more pointless when similar sized “pistols” are available in 5.56.

      • iksnilol

        Not really, the SAS hold (using a rear mounted sling as a stock) is pretty stable for the ranges a 9mm smg is getting used at.

        • Bill

          You are correct – though I wouldn’t try it while holding it like a pistol. The K I’ve had the most experience with was the PDW version with a folding stock and VFG, which seemed like the most size-efficient of the MP5 family.

  • John

    Note that the Gen 1 MPX in 9mm will likely require a complete new upper to convert to .40 / .357 Sig when those become available.

    • David

      Or if you are Sig, release Gen .6 then release what you should have in the first place as Gen 2.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Dude is getting lazy.

    Clearly it has no attraction as a pistol and it’s foolish to use like that. I wanted to know about the piston/action blowback, not a word said about it. The single most important aspect of a suppressed gun, and not even a mention. I saw a ton of smoke every shot at the ejection port…

    Forgets this ear pro and that doesn’t make the qualificstions for an edit? Lazy.

    • AJ187

      What is he supposed to slap on a stock and become a felon? Geeze, I don’t know what your complaining about with the lack of hearing protection he clearly has when going supersonic. The only thing lazy here is your attention span and this writers attention to details.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      He is showing what he can, its all he can get his hands on at the moment. What else could he have done ?

      I did not think its a great vid, but if the feds let sig sell the good stuff, thats what he would have shown us.

  • David

    This has nothing to do with the SD model….its a regular MPX with a can threaded on. Misleading article.

  • Alfred

    The problem with the MPX is that SIG is not supporting the product. The Sliding stock they make is not available to the general public. Folks have been waiting for 12 to 16 weeks and customer service advises them it will still be 12 to 16 weeks. In other words they have no idea when or if it will be available to the general public. Same for the Magazines. Essentially they are not available to the general public. You get 1 when you buy it and a coupon to buy 3 more, if they ever become available.

    Great gun but if SIG isn’t going to support it, I’d hold off on purchasing till they do.

    • nova3930

      That’s a big part of the reason I’m waiting to get one despite lusting after one badly. That and I keep hoping they’ll make one in 10mm :p

  • Guy

    Katie, Hickock’s video had nothing to do with the MPX-SD. I feel like many of your articles lately have had either misleading headlines or serious oversights that could have been corrected with a simple proof reading.

    • Bodie

      Clearly you didn’t watch the whole video.

    • Martin Frank

      I think she has been absolutely terrible since day one.

  • vs

    shame it doesnt come in 45acp

  • Bill

    Who is this guy and why should I care what he thinks? He does have a badass set of steel, though.

    • TheSmellofNapalm

      He is one of the most respected youtube personalities in the gun community. Do a little research on his channel.

      • wedelj1231

        “Respected” is the wrong word, “watched” is more like it. Hickok45 makes a bunch of videos about a bunch of guns and never says a thing about them that the sponsors don’t want him to say, even when they suck.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Agree with other posters – This has nothing to do with MPX-SD. That MPX-SD press info you posted is really old. SIG doesn’t even know if the current version will be able to convert to .40 or .357 SIG.

  • nova3930

    To answer his purpose question, the one and only purpose of the pistol variant is so we peasants can buy it OTC without begging ATFs permission and then SBR it later…

  • Rick5555

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