Taofledermaus Makes Homemade Reactive Targets

There’s not much more fun than shooting things that explode, and to prove that point YouTuber Taofledermaus decided to make his own reactive targets. According to Taofledermaus, he was put in touch with the Big Blast inventor, and things pretty much snowballed from there. In his video summary he says the biggest problem he had was getting the soda bottles – apparently he didn’t want to buy new ones – but he solved that problem by getting some that were about to be recycled.

If you like watching things explode – and who doesn’t – this should make your day.

I’m almost afraid to ask, but here goes: what have you guys blown away with your guns?

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  • BattleshipGrey

    That’s pretty cool. I should look into getting some of those. $10 isn’t bad. So far, the most reactive target I’ve shot has been used spray paint cans and the small camping LP bottles. There’s usually enough pressure left over to still give a good show when hit. Asparagus cans vs. an AK is pretty impressive too.

  • Geoffry K

    I’m wondering where he got .22 ammo. I haven’t seen any around here in over 2 years.

  • thedonn007

    Whatbi want to know is what PS90 10/22 kit is he using?

    • Brian Fulmer

      Jeff made that himself from an airsoft kit. He’s a madman, in the best possible way!

  • Jeff Heeszel

    These are a lot of fun and we’ll be using them in our future videos. I hope other channels will adopt these since shooting full soda bottles has gotten sort of cliche’. You can put colored powder in these too for even more dramatic effects.

  • Spencerhut

    Wow . . . lame.