RAT Worx Steyer suppressor

RAT Worx has had this AUG A3 suppressor out since 2013, but they brought it out for Bullpup Shoot 2015 and it was on the line, available to all. The interesting thing about it is that the company redesigned the AUG piston system, shortening it down just a bit, and adding a plug into the end opening of it, that is connected to their suppressor. This allows all the excess gas from the operation of the piston system to bleed into the suppressor itself, and thus eliminating any sound that came from the gas tube, a common problem with many suppressed firearms but specifically with the AUG.

This is from their description on the website, including MSRP-

It will work with every Steyr AUG rifle in 5.56 (A1, A2, A3, USR), but is only built for the 16″ barrel.

Due to the many different barrel gas port sizes used on the MSAR series of rifles, we cannot guarantee proper operation of the MSAR rifles if used with this suppressor.

The barrel threads on these suppressors are 13×1 Left Hand, standard threading for Steyr AUG rifles…they will not fit 1/2×28 AR15 Right Hand threads.

Price: $650.00


This is on the line with the RAT Worx suppressor mounted, on semi and full auto. I haven’t shot an AUG unsuppressed, but I will say there was a significant amount of gas leakage coming back at me, not making it uncomfortable to shoot, but just more annoying than anything.

Now, I’m well aware that sound is one of the worst systems of measurement, but just as a comparison between the two kinds of suppressors out there for the AUG, this is the difference.

Then this is a video from RAT Worx showing how to put everything together, look at the parts about the gas system that bleeds into the suppressor.


Some rails the company had out for the AUG as well.


A cut open view of inside the actual suppressor, showing how the gas system bleeds into it. This has had a good amount of rounds through it, and RAT Worx cut it open to see inside and try and learn from it.


A look up of the modified gas system. The part midway from the whole tube back, is what goes inside the AUG rifle.


The suppressor and gas adaptor fully put together on the rifle.


A close up look at the suppressor.


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  • Michael R. Zupcak

    These guys make Red Jacket Firearms look like a rednecks garage. And, frankly, under that rapist Will Haden, RJF pretty much WAS a rednecks garage.

  • claymore

    If the barrel lengths are equal and the same round is used how can one firearm be “Louder” than another? In the third video at the beginning.

    • Gas system, how clean the gun is, silencer used, whether the silencer is dry or run wet.

      • claymore

        He said it’s a noisy firearm WITHOUT the suppressor. Your other points are moot when I was saying all things being equal without a suppressor.

        • iksnilol

          Maybe it seems louder due to the muzzle being closer to you? Though that would mean all bullpups are louder.

  • John

    Very cool. I wonder if this will help a Tavor 5.56 version along.

  • iksnilol

    That’s a pretty smart idea. Could probably work for other guns as well.

  • Don Ward

    I was hoping this firearm company would have one more T in its name.

  • Brett

    An AUG is high on my collection bucket list. So with these guys and Manticore, it seems less likely to be just a safe queen.