Manticore AK and Scorpion highlights

Manticore had some interesting AK and CZ Scorpion developments out for Bullpup 2015, some were in prototype form and others are currently out for sale. Either way, most of what you see here will be out there in the near future. Some of them are still in the prototype stage 3D printing and thus in polymer, as I found out by folding back one of the buttstocks on the AK and Sven, the owner of Manticore shouts out, “Be careful! That’s plastic!”. But all was good and nothing was broken at the end of the day.


AR telescoping, foldable buttstocks are nothing new to the AK platform, but this is Manticore’s entry into the market. Unfortunately this one doesn’t lock into the stowed position, just the extended one.


Manticore’s rear sight picatinny rail mount replacement.


The inside of the stock is cut out and hollow to save space and weight, this might change on a later model through testing. In addition this is an unfinished prototype, thus the bright aluminum.


I’ve heard many a comment about Manticore’s ALFA rail system in which the company has the looks down pretty good. But does the reliability under stress and severe heat from extended amounts of shooting hold up though? These retail for $325 on Manticore’s website.


One of their own designs of an AK folding stock that is meant to be extremely rugged and sturdy. This one does lock in the stowed position.


Current Scorpion stock design, this one is still in polymer so couldn’t get a great feel for it. It collapses at various positions, similar to an MP5 stock. Also notice Manticores own selector switch to replace the stock selector.

IMG_5224 IMG_5225 IMG_5227 IMG_5228


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  • Bronezhilet

    I’d love to be able to showcase my designs at a show/shoot like that, but alas the laws prevent me from doing so.

  • Rick5555

    I really like what Manticore produces. As well as, Sven seems like a really nice person and quite humble. Manticore innovates some cool and functional stuff. They have a bright future ahead of themselves. Please convey to Sven, to make an Aluminum Bolt Release Button for the Tavor. Maybe even redesign it some too.

  • Manticore makes very cool, very innovative, but also kinda expensive stuff. I’ll dig it but probably won’t dig any cash out of my wallet for it.

    • Giolli Joker

      Kinda expensive?
      I might be wrong because I’ve never handled one of their products, but from what I’ve seen online their price is usually lower than competitors with comparable quality.

  • Yimmy

    Manicure makes good stuff at a great price. I really enjoy the upgrades to my CZ scorpion. Thanks for all the work Sven!

    • Blake

      Oh auto-correct, what would we do without you?

      • TomOakheart

        Pft, LOL.

  • Giolli Joker

    Uhm… I really like the dual tube AK folding stock… it looks as though as the rifle itself.

  • Patrick M.

    That Scorpion stock is awesome